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Best 14 ply trailer tires 2022 – Perfect tires for your trailers

14 ply trailer tires

If you have trailers that you use for personal or commercial purposes, you will surely have to do all it takes to keep the trailer in good condition. One of the things is getting the perfect tires that fit the trailer. So, on this page, we will take you through the list of the best 14 ply trailer tires that you can consider.

When choosing a tire trailer, there are a number of things you need to consider before making a purchase. Choosing the wrong trailer could end up costing you thousands of dollars and even endanger your safety. 

However, the HORSESHOE Skid Steer Loader Tubeless Tire comes on top of the list of the best 14 ply tires for the trailer due to its features and design. 

Top pick

1. HORSESHOE Skid Steer Loader Tubeless Tire

2. Radar RA1 Commercial Truck Tire

3. Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Premium Trailer Tire

What makes 14 ply tire the best for your trailer?

You might be curious why we are so specific about 14 ply for your trailer tires. The ply rating of the tire helps you to know the number of rubber layers you have on the tire. The common tires have an eight-ply rating, which means they have eight layers of rubber.

However, the common tires can never support the weight of a trailer, which is the reason you need to consider tires that have greater numbers of rubber layers. The higher the number of ply, the tougher and stiffer the tire will become. 

Also, a higher ply rating tire indicated that the tire has a greater load range, which is the reason you get to see that trailer tires are built differently. So, this is the reason it is appropriate for you to consider 14 ply rating tires for your trailer. 

Best 14 ply trailer tires

You don’t have to struggle with searching for the right 14 ply tires because we have you covered on this page. We have a list of the top 14 ply tires that you should consider with the guide and the information you need to make the right choice.

1. HORSESHOE Skid Steer Loader Tubeless Tire

The HORSESHOE 10-16.5 14 ply skid steer loader tubeless tire is engineered for maximum load capacity and even wear life. It guarantees smooth operation in all applications, which makes it a great choice for trailer.

The 14 ply radial tire provides the greatest stability and performance possible and also ensures durable sidewall protection while resisting damage from rocks and roots. 

Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, the Horseshoe 10-16.5 14 Ply Loader Tubeless Tire is designed to give you maximum versatility beyond comparison. 

Also, its construction boasts an aggressive tread that will allow you to tackle all types of jobs, including digging, transporting, excavating, landscaping, logging, and more. It is constructed with the most advanced technology in rubber-mixing techniques combined with heavy-duty polyester cords. 

In addition, the tire offers excellent puncture resistance with a durable case-hardened steel belt under the tread, great load-carrying capacity, and long tread life. 

It will help you work more efficiently on your projects by saving fuel and money through increased stability, lower rolling resistance, and better treadwear.

Furthermore, the HORSESHOE’s proven one-piece bead design gives you a super strong connection between the tire and rim. It allows the hold up to 5230 pounds load capacity. 

Therefore, the tall shoulder on this tire is sure to grab hold of the terrain on every job, and the open tread pattern gives you great traction both on and off-road.


  • It delivers superior performance.
  • Great traction on and off the road.
  • Perfect for all weather conditions.
  • Super strong and durable to support a heavy load.


  • Fairly expensive


2. Radar RA1 Commercial Truck Tire

The Radar RA1 Commercial Truck Tire is designed for longer tread life, improved wet weather traction, and enhanced load stability. The tire also features angled grooves to provide ice resistance, while angled shoulder lugs enhance traction on the highway.

Also, the tires are precision engineered to be the perfect blend of performance and durability for your workday. Its tread pattern allows you to travel on wet, slippery, and cracked roads without any issue. 

In addition, the tire features a unique 1-piece polyester casing that provides better sidewall puncture resistance and allows for more flexibility to ensure that you always get where you need to be without delay.

Furthermore, the Radar RA1 is a heavy-duty, high-performance, and high-mileage radial tire designed specifically to handle all of the demands of modern-day dump and garbage trucks. It boasts 6175 pounds maximum load capacity, which makes it ideal for demanding applications. 

Also, its non-directional tread pattern offers no limitations when it comes to rolling your truck in any direction. With a 60,000-mile limited tread life warranty, the Radar RA1 is sure a safe haven for all commercial and personal use. 

The tire also commands a medium-high void ratio tread design that ensures a smooth ride and helps maximize tire life. Built for maximum load capacity, the Radars have a proven four-rib design with reinforced sidewall construction that provides enhanced stability and strength.

Furthermore, the tire is perfect for heavy truck use with great handling for maximum performance. Also, it has anti-scrub technology, heat shield technology, and heat resistance which all contribute to the long-life span and performance of the tire. 


  • It is perfect for heavy truck use.
  • It boasts anti-scrub, heat shield, and heat resistance technologies.
  • Delivers a comfortable and quiet ride.
  • The Rim Guard is designed to protect your tire’s sidewall & wheels.
  • Deep tread is designed to resist gouging and cutting.


  • Expensive 


3. Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Premium Trailer Tire

The Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Premium Trailer Tires are specifically constructed of exceptional quality and value for bigger trailers and RVs. Also, the tire offers a longer tread life, lower road noise, and reduced overall weight of your trailer.

The tire features a tread and sidewall that offers the best-in-class cut and chip resistance. The inner bead is reinforced with steel cords, resulting in a lighter-weight tire that deflects impact energy and compresses less than other tires in its class.

In addition, the Premium Trailer Tire has a 50,000 Mile Limited Warranty, and it has 7160 pounds maximum load capacity. With a 14 ply rating, there is enough strength to handle any task. Also, the tire features side belts for added traction in wet conditions with stiffer polyester tread compound for heavier loads.

Furthermore, the tires boast a steel belt reinforced with a high-tensile steel bead wire and a steel outer bead ring for added strength. It also has a long-lasting tread that gives it a smooth ride and extended tread life. 

One of the good aspects of the tire is that it has an all-purpose tread made with the needs of professional performance in mind. Also, the ST has great traction on wet and dry roads, as well as in off-road environments. 


  • Uni-shield technology for balanced tread wear.
  • Block tread technology to prevent punctures.
  • Replaceable steel casing for longevity.
  • Perfect for on and off-road performance.
  • Strong and durable.


  • Expensive


4. Double Coin FT105 Fuel Efficient Trailer

This innovative trailer was designed with fuel efficiency in mind. The efficiency starts with the aerodynamic front shape and low chassis height and follows through with a tandem axle design that improves ride stability while decreasing rolling resistance.

Also, the design incorporates a deep tread and shoulder tread to provide a smooth ride even when fully loaded. It uses P-C3 technology to resist undercut and tearing. Also, it can withstand high ground pressure and is used mainly for carrying heavy loads such as cargo and utility trailers.

In addition, the tires are designed to save you money. The low rolling resistance design means less energy, less fuel consumed at the gas pump, and less money spent on maintaining your trailer.

Also, the FT105s are equipped with a flatter tread design and pattern. It works well in wet conditions, and the flat tread design gives the tire the ability to run twin wheels with low ground pressure, making it easy to pull on most surfaces, including soft dirt roads and gravel.


  • Super strong and durable
  • Outstanding traction and grip
  • Ensures excellent treadwear performance while providing excellent fuel economy
  • Highly responsive with great handling
  • Advanced tread compounds and internal construction provide low rolling resistance and longer mileage.


  • It is expensive.


5. Mastertrack UN-ALL STEEL Tire

The Mastertrack UN-ALL STEEL is an ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT tire designed for trucks that requires the highest level of durability. Each tire is made with a unique steel belt to provide remarkable strength and longer tread life.

The tire combines lightweight, super-strong compound and low rolling resistance to give a superior performance at speed, in corners, and on smooth roads. 

Also, the new construction concept with a full black sidewall, available in a wide range of sizes, allows for a combination of colors and designs to suit your taste.

In addition, the Mastertrack UN-All Steel tire gives you the ability to rotate your tires every 5,000 miles for maximum tread life. The enhanced tread technology of this master track steel tire allows for sidewall flexibility. 

Furthermore, the Master Track UN-ALL STEEL tire comes with an enhanced rubber formula for resistance to cracking, chunking, tearing & hard braking.


  • Great tread design
  • Delivers excellent performance
  • Perfect for all road surfaces
  • Strong and very durable


  • None

Best 235/80r16 trailer tires 14 ply

There are many types of tires that can be used on a 235/80r16 trailer tire. The most popular type of tire for this tire size is the 14 ply tire. This type of tire was designed to provide good grip and performance on slippery surfaces.

Different types of trailers have different needs when it comes to tires, so it is important to research the specific tires your vehicle will need before planning your trip. For example, a small SUV might need a wider tread than a large truck, or a luxury car might require high-grit tires. By knowing what type of tire your vehicle needs, you can plan accordingly and save money on your trip.

What is the Best Type of Trail Tire for a 235/80r16 Trailer Tire?

One common problem with using old or low-quality 235/80r16 trailer tires is that they tend to give a poor performance on difficult terrain or smooth roads. To avoid these problems, it is important to choose a new or higher quality tire for your vehicle. This way, you will be able to enjoy smooth rides and a great grip on tough terrain. Different factors such as wheel diameter and surface roughness will affect how well a particular type of tyre performs on different surfaces. Make sure you do your research before choosing any new tires for your ride!

What are the Different Types of Trail Wheels?

When looking for an appropriate wheel size for235/80r16 trailer tyres, it is important to consider the wheel circumference (CC). A CC greater than 18″ allows for increased traction on wet surfaces while providing better handling in dry conditions; however, larger CC wheels may not fit all trailers]. It also helps if the wheel has spokes that are evenly spaced around the circumference – this ensures good durability over time and prevents potential vibration during braking operations].

How to Choose the Right Trail Tire for Your Trailer?

In order to choose the best 235/80r16 trailer tire for your trailer, you first need to decide the size of your vehicle. This will determine the size of the tire that will fit inside your trailer.

Depending on the type of trail tire you are using, you may also want to consider the width of your trailer as well. In order to find this information, please consult a Trailer Tire Size Chart or an article about Trail Tires for trailers.


Best 14 ply tires buyers guide

When buying 14 ply tires for your trailer, there are important things that you need to know or consider. They are very important to help you make the right decision. 

  • Load Capacity

Each tire you see out there on the market has its own load capacity. Considering you have to haul things in your trailer, it is important that you get a quality tire. So, when getting a strong tire, you need to consider those that have the capacity to support the weight of your trailer and the purpose of using it.

Most of the 14 ply tires we have above come with their load capacity so that you know what they can support. You need to check so that you don’t overload the tire. Overloading will lead to improper performance, which can affect the lifespan of the tire. 

  • Speed rating

The speed rating helps you to know the optimal speed that the tire can easily maintain over time. It helps you to know the control and handling of the tire. With it, you can know the fastest speed a tire can handle before it no longer performs at that same level. 

The speed rating of the tires is represented in alphabetical letters. Each letter signifies the speed of km/hr to let you know the capacity of the tire.

  • Brands

When getting a tire, the brand of the tire is also worth your consideration. There are different brands out there on the market that offer quality tires that can deliver the best performance with your trailer. However, getting a tire from a trusted brand or frontier in the industry is the right thing to do.

You can check online for reviews and recommendations as well. Some brands claim to offer what they don’t, and most buyers get disappointed in whatever they get. To avoid any form of disappointment, you need to do your research very well and make the right decision. 

  • Price

The price of tires varies, and some factors contribute to it. A single tire price will surely be different from the one offered in sets. Also, the design and quality of the material contribute to the price of the tire. 

However, most 14 ply tires don’t come cheap because of the amount of rubber used for construction. You need to spend more to get a quality one. The list we have above is a great consideration for any driver looking for a top-quality tire. 

  • Features

The features of the tire are what make up the tire. So, you need to carefully do your findings to make the right choice. Some features include tread design, groove bead belt, and many more. You just need to check and ensure the tire you get has all the features required for it to perform greatly.

  • Warranty

It is essential that you know the warranty of the tire you are about to get. The warranty lets you know how long you are covered under the manufacturer’s protection. Some do not give a warranty, and they are not a good option for consideration.

As long as the tire gets damaged because of manufacturer defects, you can return it for a replacement.

  • PSI

The pressure you have on the tire is also one of the things you need to consider. Each tire comes with the rate of air pressure they need to perform excellently. So, when getting the tire, you need to know the psi so that you don’t end up over or pumping the tire with air.

Frequently asked questions

Is it appropriate to use lower-ply tires on trailers?

There are ten ply, 14 ply, and many more that you can use with your trailer. However, the choice is on you to select the right tire that is best for your trailer. However, you should opt for 14 ply and above for your trailer to get the perfect performance. 

Does Goodyear make a 14 ply trailer tire?

The Goodyear Unisteel G14 RST trailer tire is one of the 14 ply tires from Goodyear that you can consider. The brand produces all kinds of trailer tires, and it’s left for you to make the right choice.

What load range is a 14 ply trailer tire?

The average load range for 14 ply trailer tires is 4000 and above. There are some that have higher load capacity, and it is a plus to have them on your trailer. Getting those with a high load range will help to ensure your trailer can handle heavy loads. 


Tires are an important factor in the performance of your vehicle and should be chosen based on the specific needs of your trailer. By choosing the right tire size, tire type, and price, you can ensure that your trailer is run safely and efficiently. Additionally, getting the best value for your tire can save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you are on the lookout for the best 14 ply trailer tires, we have got you covered. Also, we will share some other ply tires such as ten ply, 16 ply, and others that you should consider. There are more tires, but we have only five on this list for you to choose from without regret.