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Achilles atr sport 2 review 2022 – A good one for all season

Achilles atr sport 2

The Achilles ATR sport 2 tire offers comfort and strength for any sporting activity where speed counts. The tire features great grooves to work in both wet and dry conditions for smooth rolling performance on any surface, and the tread design enhances traction to grip the road. It is made of a high-quality compound that delivers high-performance handling with a comfortable ride.

Additionally, the ATR Sport 2 is an ultra-high-performance tire designed as original equipment on luxury sport sedans and coupes, high-performance luxury pickups and CUVs, and high-end compact sports cars and SUVs. 

It also offers new tread compound technology that reduces rolling resistance for enhanced fuel economy, making the tires pound for pound more fuel-efficient than conventional performance tires.

In addition, with the performance of the atr sport 2 tire, it is obvious it is an ideal tire for drivers who want outstanding dry handling and traction, along with versatile all-season performance in mixed wet weather conditions. 

It also features a silica tread compound which helps it get an edge on wet and greasy roads. The tread’s pattern was designed to provide grip even during extreme acceleration and braking so you can feel confident when cornering, passing, or handling unexpected surface changes.

Even when it comes as a summer tire, it still has all it takes to deliver great in the winter season which makes it an all-season tire. 

In addition, the ATR sport 2 tire is designed to provide the comfort, durability, and performance of a high-end tire at an affordable price. The tough tire features four circumferential grooves in the tread to ensure that water drains away from the centre of the tread, providing better-wet weather handling. 

Also, it has a non-directional tread pattern and the natural flexibility of the casing helps eliminate irregular wear, leading to longer tread wear. With all that the tire can offer, it is sure a top-quality tire with a great valve.

Achilles atr sport 2

What makes Achilles ATR sport 2 unique?

The ATR Sport 2 tire’s unique layering technology brings a unique performance advantage. The tread compound and tread pattern combine to substantially reduce the drag force. Its design also provides increased sidewall stiffness which contributes to the reduction of cornering forces.

In addition, the tire delivers great performance, safety, and all-season comfort in a value-price range. It has an all-season tread compound and high-tensile steel belts that promote longer wear at lower costs. 

Also, with the Multi-Cell Technology in the sport 2 tire, you are sure to get quiet and comfortable driving while still giving you excellent traction control in any weather condition.

Is Achilles ATR sport 2 tires good for your car?

The Achilles ATR Sport 2 is the perfect all-season tire for sedans, coupes, and station wagons. The main selling point of this tire is that it can handle a wide range of temperatures due to its ability to change between winter and summer treads depending on the temperature.

If your car needs a solid all-season tire, you may want to consider the ATR Sport 2. Also, the tread of the tire provides sharp handling and braking in wet and dry conditions, as well as good traction on snow and ice. A combination of lightweight, low rolling resistance, and a high level of tread life put the ATR Sport 2 at the top of its class.

Achilles atr sport 2 features

  • Directional tread design

The Achilles ATR sport 2 Tire features a directional tread design that delivers superb grip and slips resistance in all conditions. For customers looking for a tire that performs exceptionally well every season, the Achilles ATR sport 2 is a game-changer. The directional tread design helps wear evenly, resulting in up to 35% longer tread life and enhanced traction.

Also, the directional tread helps to deliver the highest level of performance for the driving enthusiast. It comes standard with the tread pattern to keep you comfortable on dry, wet, and winter-weather roads in your vehicle.   

In addition, there is no need to compromise on quality or performance when you select these tires. Every Achilles ATR sport 2 tire is carefully put together by professional technicians who are committed to your safety and satisfaction.

  • Radial construction 

The Achilles ATR sport 2 makes use of an exclusive, robust radial construction to provide the stability and reliability that are so important in a high-quality tire.

  • dB quiet construction 

The Achilles ATR sport 2 is the first tire to feature tire dab noise-reduction technology. Made for driving enthusiasts and ‘quiet’ sports car owners by delivering enhanced performance characteristics and a more refined on-road driving experience. 

Therefore, with the all-new tire dab technology, your vehicle will be completely silent on the street.

  • Four circumferential grooves

The Achilles ATR sport 2 tire has four circumferential grooves to evacuate water from the contact surface of the tire. This helps maintain stability and control even in wet, slippery conditions.

Also, the circumferential grooves help provide enhanced ride comfort by widening the contact patch in the transition curve area, enhancing dry handling performance and wet braking capability. 

  • Solid center rib

The Achilles ATR SPORT 2 is made with a cambered center rib and silica rubber compound that provides a balanced, quiet ride with great handling. Its Unique sidewall configuration helps for better stability, its self-cleaning tread pattern also reduces the buildup of dirt and grime for longer tread life.

  • 3D sipes

Its 3D Sipes is an advanced technology that has a carefully positioned pattern of grooves to increase the contact area with the road and enhances handling and braking on dry, wet, and snowy roads, and in all types of weather conditions.

Also, the 3D sipes design helps to ensure effective water drainage and ice resistance. The high-quality imported rubber used and the de-acceleration grooves contribute to its improved braking to ensure a safer driving experience.

Achilles atr sport 2 review

  • Performance on dry road

For those seeking a sports performance tire with excellent dry road handling, plus the outstanding ride and quiet comfort of an all-season tire, the Achilles ATR sport 2 tire is an ideal tire choice. 

A highly competitive alternative to all-season summer tires (such as the Achilles ATR sport), the Achilles ATR sport 2 tire is designed for drivers that require a high level of dry traction without sacrificing ride quality or everyday comfort.

  • Performance on a wet road

The new Achilles ATR sport 2 tire provides ultra-high performance in wet weather conditions. Inside its blackwall casing is a silica tread compound and puncture resistance breaker which make it especially durable.

Also, the latest iteration of the ATR sport 2 brings forth a new tread compound and profile to increase performance, while still maintaining spectacular stability on all roads.

In addition, the tire represents a big step forward for both wet road performance and durability on short or soft courses. Its four circumferential grooves help to give immediate and excellent water drainage to assure you of great performance.

  • Performance off-road

Achilles ATS Sport 2 tires are perfect for the off-road driver that wants more confidence out of their vehicle. With advanced technology that has amplified the capabilities of the ATS Sport, it can easily conquer the trail with a long tread design and severe weather paddle system. The ATS Sport 2 is the choice for drivers that want excellent value without sacrificing performance and grip.

Also, the tire has a self-cleaning ability, which means it can handle all the mud and dirt on the road and still maintain its shape and condition. 

Alternative to Achilles atr sport 2 tire

There are some alternatives to the Achilles ATR sport 2 tire that you can consider on the market today.

Forceum Octa High-Performance All-Season Radial Tire

The Forceum Octa is a great tire designed to meet the needs of drivers who live in cold or wet climates. The Forceum Octa is made with a new high-performance compound that improves shock absorption, making the ride quieter and smoother. 

Also, it has a design and construction that helps it keep its shape when it gets hot or cold, so you still get fuel-efficient performance when temperatures drop or increase. 

In addition, its traditional design also helps improve traction and grip to keep you safe as you drive through snow or ice. It is made to provide you with unmatched performance in all weather conditions, whether you’re driving through snow, rain, sleet, or ice.

Kumho Ecsta PA51 All-Season Tire

For drivers who want good road handling and the ability to handle all weather conditions, the Kumho Ecsta PA51 tire is an excellent choice. It is an all-season tire that features a tread compound that is both long-lasting and fuel-efficient. It performs well in a variety of weather conditions, including snow, ice, and light rain, with minimal road noise.

In addition, Kumho Ecsta PA51 is a tire that provides an excellent blend of all-season traction, handling, and road manners. Also, the tire delivers solid performance while being reasonably priced and wears with expected longevity.

Furthermore, the Kumho tires are designed with the environment in mind as well as a safe, smooth, and quiet ride. They are developed by Eco Technology and materials that include Ecorep™ technology, silica-based tread compound, 3D Active Noise Cancellation technology, and side angle grooves that give extra grip and traction on all road surfaces.

Starfire WR All-Season tire

If you’re searching for a tire that handles well in wet, snowy conditions and also provides a quiet ride and long tread life, the new Starfire WR is for you. The great tire is built for all-season driving, with exceptional control and handling on wet or snowy roads.

It also has advanced tread technology that helps improve traction when the weather turns unpredictable. No matter the weather, your peace of mind is on the call with the all-season Starfire WR tire. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the snow, in the rain, or on dirt and gravel – this multi-tread bar tire will get you home safely.

In addition, the Starfire WR A/S tire and all-season tread provide good traction, a smooth ride, and enhanced treadwear in most weather conditions. The Starfire WR A/S tire is also up to 40% quieter than competitive all-season tires, making it a great choice for driving in wet or dry conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Is Achilles ATR Sport 2 all season?

It is a directional all-season tire that delivers the best performance in all weather or road conditions. The tire has all the features that make it meet or exceed the expectations of all-season tires

How long does Achilles ATR 2 last?

It all depends on your handling. On average, the tire should last up to 5000 miles before it shows a sign of weakness or one that will warrant you getting a replacement. 


The Achilles ATR Sport 2 tire is a premium all-season tire developed for performance vehicles. It performs way of competitively in wet and dry conditions, a type of providing a quiet, ultra high performance and comfortable ride. Being an all-season tire means the ATR Sport 2 will perform on surfaces other than snow, such as wet or dry roads, or in light snow conditions. 

The concept for the ATR Sport 2 was to balance high-speed road handling with a comfortable ride. For these reasons, we recommend the ATR Sport 2 if you are looking for a sporty tire that handles an item or model well all year round.