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5 uniqueness of Atturo trail blade at tire

Atturo trail blade at

The Atturo Trail Blade AT is an all-terrain tire designed for light trucks, SUVs, and sporty cars. It combines a high-traction outsole with a smooth-riding crown for a quiet, comfortable ride on or off the highway. The trail blade AT tire comes with a unique tread pattern that gives you performance in any season.

It can be used wet or dry on both paved and unpaved roads. It has an all-season tread compound for good grip in snowy conditions.

It is a long-lasting all-terrain tire designed to handle the most extreme off-road conditions too. Thanks to its robust tread pattern, large cut resistance blocks, and deep lugs, it provides remarkable traction in all weather conditions.

In addition, it delivers outstanding off-road performance on both light trucks and regular passenger vehicles weighing up to 6,500 lb and delivers exceptional on-road handling in all weather conditions.

This exceptional AT tire comes with atturo’s patented 3D-Bite edges that grab rocks, holes, and roots along your adventure path.

Also, the 3D-Bite edges are specifically designed to bite into the terrain for added stability and control. Plus, the super-light wire beads keep the tires extremely lightweight.

In addition, the tire still has a smooth ride on-road, with superb handling, and it provides incredible cornering control in all conditions.

The deep-tread tire’s tall block patterns create a rigid tread that slices through snow and slush from the first mile, while its aggressive shoulder knobs cut through the ice to aid your stop.

Also, its puncture protection reinforcement helps combat repeated road hazards, while the tall sidewall tire offers a comfortable ride.

Atturo trail blade at

Atturo trail blade at features

What are the features of the tire? The features are the parts that make up the tire and make it a great fit for its performance. You must know the features as it helps you get familiar with the tire.

1. Tread design

The tire tread design of the Atturo trail blade delivers aggressive looks and off-road capability with its all-terrain, symmetric slant-bar tread pattern. And with the right tire pressure, the tire offers increased cornering and handling stability.

Its tread design is built for rough terrain. The Atturo AT is ideal for driving on dry rocks, dirt roads, and mountain paths with an aggressive tread pattern. The designers of the AT tire wanted to offer drivers more advanced traction that works well at moderately steep grades.

Also, the aggressive tread design boasts self-cleaning lug channels providing excellent traction, control, and handling. It makes the tires perfect for pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans, and minivans, providing strong performance where you need them most.

2. Sidewall construction

While aggressive looking, the sidewall design enhances traction and steering response on- and off-road. The tread pattern consists of a vertical centre rib for a quiet ride on paved surfaces, while the lateral grooves channel away water for a smooth ride on dirt trails.

The outer shoulders of this tire are deep and wide, with an interlocking tread pattern. This design provides excellent grip in hard-packed conditions, which is very important when racing or riding off-road.

Additionally, the sidewall of this tire is made from steel cords, which gives it torsional rigidity and flexibility.

3. Belt plies

The Trail Blade AT tire belt provides the traction and ride you need on the trail and keeps your wheels secured and stable.

Unlike standard truck and jeep tires, trail blade AT tires features an innovative belt construction with deep 1.5-inch tread patterns that give you more power for off-road exploration.

4. Bead filler

The Atturo bead filler is made of high-tech rubber that will hold up to mud and rocks and not harden or break down in the elements. The inserts are installed easily in the tire compound and maintain the integrity of the tire.

5. Siping technology

The Atturo trail blade at the tire groove provides aggressive tread to tackle any on-road and off-road riding conditions. The tire sipping technology helps you drive through snow, mud, and another soft terrain with ease. Also, the sipping lines cut across the tread blocks in a criss-cross pattern, breaking up and smoothing out the tire’s footprint on the trail.

The result is a more uniform contact patch with the ground, enabling increased grip and better handling performance. Its enhanced performance is most noticeable during technical off-camber manoeuvres where the sipping cuts into the edge of the tread block.

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Atturo trail blade at review

What is the performance of the tires on different roads? How well will the tire perform on a dry road, wet, muddy road, snow-packed road, and many more? Let’s find out below.

Performance on a dry road

The Trail Blade AT tires features a special polyurethane compound and a non-directional tread pattern that delivers superior dry road for automobiles and trucks or a kind of SUV.

The Trail Blade AT tires also comes equipped with an enhanced sidewall guard and a 3-ply rating to help protect your vehicle’s expensive wheel rims from damage.

Also, its robust tread design helps to tackle all types of surfaces. With large shoulder lugs for confident stability and aggressive side steps to enhance stability on the highway, the Trail Blade AT’s unique tread design delivers dry traction.

In addition, it boasts great responsiveness, which makes it easy for you to control your car for the best performance you ever desire. It is a great tire to invest your money.

Performance on a wet road

The Trail Blade AT tires feature a large footprint and sipping for superior traction, and the tread has been designed to channel away water for enhanced wet road performance.

Also, it delivers ultra-high performance on wet roads. It has a wide tread design width and a tire height to keep a good footprint height in off-road conditions. The Trail blade uses a groove design for better traction in muddy terrain.

It also provides excellent traction in mild climates and superior braking on wet roads. It features a polyester-reinforced tread compound with a 60,000-kilometer service life rating and an asymmetric tread design with open, straight grooves that allow water evacuation and prevent hydroplaning.

Performance on off-road

For rugged off-road abilities, the Trail Blade AT tire has thick shoulders and biting edges for outstanding traction and control in tough terrain.

This aggressive off-road tire is designed to stand up to rugged and unpredictable conditions. Plus, it offers a load range capacity to carry heavier loads for better endurance on the trail.

Additionally, the Trail Blade AT is an all-terrain performance tire. It features block-lifting tread patterns for the ultimate off-road traction while offering on-road performance for easy handling. For perfect off-road performance, you should consider Atturo Trail Blade AT.

How long do Atturo Blades last?

The Blades AT tire can last up to 30000 miles and above. It all depends on how you get to use the tire. Some can last more than that under the mild application.

Once you don’t overuse or abuse the tire, you have a higher chance of using it for a longer period.

What Ply is the Atturo Trail Blade?

12 Ply and it thus gives the tire all that it needs to support both light and heavy loads.

Is Atturo AT tires loud?

They have a block design that helps in dampening the noise. So they are not as noisy as some other tires on the highway.


Question about what Atturo Trail Blade AT Tire? In this category of page, you will know all every content or information about what type of tire brand or model Atturo Trail Blade is, including its review, something about the season tires and the value of their durability. As a driver, nothing can compare to this tire!

Whether it’s mud, sand, snow, or any other tough road conditions, the Atturo Trail Blade AT tire has you covered. With its aggressive tread pattern and internal tire shield for puncture protection, this versatile all-terrain tire is built to tackle any tough terrain.

It has an advanced tread compound that helps to deliver optimal handling and grip, while an advanced 3D quilt pattern excels at dispersing the forces created under hard cornering and braking.

It then allows greater responsiveness and control on any road. And because Atturo cares about your safety, the Trail Blade A/T features a contoured shoulder design that delivers a faster response to steering inputs and produces higher turning capability for added safety and control.