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How Atturo trail blade mt tire handles off-road challenges

Atturo trail blade mt

If you’ve driven on the highway or ventured deep off the beaten paths, you know that traction is important for all of your off-road adventures. That is why the Atturo trail blade MT tire is designed with deep, grooved lugs and three extensive lateral grooves to dig into mud, snow, dirt, and gravel types of specifications of season tires.

The Trail Blade MT Tire for Mud Terrain is an aggressive multipurpose off-road tire set in the LT format designed for use with original equipment alloy wheels in popular SUV cars.

It is well suited for challenging off-road terrain involving deep mud, rocks, gravel, splashing water, and other challenging conditions.

The tires offer superb handling and braking characteristics in addition to an optimum combination of high-speed capability, high flotation level, excellent off-road traction properties, and long life under the harsh value of the category.

Also, the tire is a perfect fit for off-roading applications that have rugged terrain, and the trailing blade MT tire has an aggressive lug design for great traction in tough conditions. It resists stone bruising and cuts down on mud buildup for a more consistent, quiet, and comfortable ride.

The perfect balance of on-road traction and off-road traction gives the all-terrain Trail Blade MT tire the capability to take you to places you never thought possible. This tire is ideal for a wide range of applications and is engineered for both on and off-roading.

So, without much delay, now that you know what the tire’s information is all about on this site and what it can offer you, let us check out the features of the tire.

Atturo trail blade mt

Atturo trail blade mt features

Unstoppable biting tread

The trailing blade MT tire tread design is ideal for desert racing, desert terrain, and moderate dirt trails. It is the ultimate all-terrain touring tire you need for your car.

Mountain tire technology features an aggressive tread pattern for enhanced traction on rugged trails while maintaining a smooth ride over uneven surfaces.

The Bead Socket Technology (BST) eliminates pinch flats and improves push-through puncture resistance. At the same time, its dual Defense Side Wall Protection uses dual-layer nylon fabric to further increase sidewall durability.

The tread on the new Trail Blade MT provides confident traction for off-road adventures. A special 3-dimensional design helps channel water for more efficient mud evacuation and great grip on soft or wet terrain, with its larger lugs preventing punctures, while extra sidewall protection makes it stronger than ever.

Also, the Trail Blade MT combines an aggressive design with a rugged tread pattern for all-terrain performance. It features alternating center lugs, internal drainage grooves, clincher-height casing, and a special compound designed for durability and long tread life.

Its shoulder lugs provide excellent cornering stability, while the angled lug shape improves contact patch contact under angled loads.

Aggressive shoulder block

The MT tire blade features an aggressive shoulder tread design that provides excellent traction on hard-packed conditions, mixed surfaces, or soft-packed dirt trails. The side tread block pattern provides an effective biting surface on loose surfaces.

As the only wire bed mud terrain tire with a shoulder block tread designed to bite into wet, muddy trails, the blade MT tire is an excellent option for riders seeking a fast-rolling tire that will perform in all conditions.

It has a center tread block that helps in enhancing the biting edge grip and reduces on-road noise compared to other tires that make unbearable noise.

In addition, with the help of the shoulder block, the tire delivers lateral grip whenever you are turning to ensure you don’t lose control when driving. Its traction and grip are always top-notch.

Full three-ply sidewall

The Trail Blade MT by Atturo is a versatile off-road tire designed to deliver excellent off-road traction in loose dirt and mud. Its unique combination of tread blocks provides outstanding performance in the toughest terrain, while the tread pattern and extra-large lugs improve gripping ability on hard-pack surfaces.

It is perfect for all you throw at it all, thanks to the ply sidewall construction. The tire can hold on to heavy loads and resist punctures whenever you take it off-road or on rough terrain.

Wide track draining

The tire also features a wide track draining technology that helps eject rock, dirt, mud, water, and more. It ensures that the tire can easily clean itself for maximum grip and traction on the road.

Not all tires have these features, making the Blade MT a dynamic and unique one to invest your money in.

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With the amazing features the tire possesses, it is so certain it will perform greatly off-road. How will the tire perform on other road surfaces? Let us find out.

Performance on a dry road

You can always drive with confidence on the dry road with the new Atturo Trail Blade MT. The tire is engineered for performance, precision, and versatility.

It has a wide contact patch that makes it a stable tire that will increase your cornering stability in dry to soft conditions. This tire’s tread pattern also allows you to maintain control when hitting a dry road, irrespective of the condition of the road or weather.

In addition, it is the best tire for drivers who tow light trailers or carry heavy loads daily. The Blade MT provides smooth ride quality on-road with the help of quality ride design to handle daily driving duties.

It also comes with extra strength at the sidewall, reinforcing bead wires, steel belts for wear resistance, and four large support blocks at the corner edge for enhanced stability.

Performance on a wet road

The Trail Blade MT tire is perfect for driving on wet roads. Its performance is better than similar tires that are only designed to run on dry pavement.

This trail blade MT tire tread keeps you safe on wet or icy roads, providing a smoother drive and improved longevity. This new technology means you can drive on more wet roads and in more severe conditions.

The rubber compound helps to provide exceptional grip in those all-important corners. At the same time, its grooves help to channel away water from the contact patch and offer improved mechanical resistance over various types of terrain.

Also, the aggressive lateral sipping provides a confident footprint with a smooth transition for reduced noise, helping aid in acceleration, braking, cornering, and fuel economy.

Performance off-road 

The Trail Blade MT tire is for those who want to venture off-road and maintain performance and reliability on the pavement. Its shaped tread pattern, along with the outer edges of the tire, features large biting edges.

These edges dig into soft terrains, such as loose dirt, mud, gravel, and grass, allowing you to better grip and handle obstacles easily.

Additionally, the Trail Blade MT is an off-road tire that delivers excellent traction on all terrains, including mud, loose rocks, and snow.

Also, it has a square profile with straight shoulder lugs, an all-terrain tread pattern, a square-shaped outer shoulder sidewall, and large tread blocks that guarantee incomparable durability and stability for your next off-road adventure.

The tire is ideal and perfect for rugged trails, delivering incredible traction on dirt, gravel, and snow. The trail tire’s solid tread, puncture protection belt, and shoulder blocks give you perfect off-road performance with zero compromises.


This page has options for you to find out about the Atturo Trail Blade MT Tire; its reviews and something list that is most important to deal with. Atturo Trail Blade MT is an all-terrain tire for SUVs, light trucks, and vans. It has balanced traction capabilities for high-speed driving with aggressive terrain handling capability.

The tread design is optimized to provide excellent traction in both on-road and off-road environments, while its large tread blocks help create an even footprint for superior stabilization.

It boasts an aggressive, multi-terrain trend for hardcore off-roaders who like to venture far and wide. Its open tread design and other features provide excellent traction on loose sand, snow, mud, and rock. Its large shoulder knob also helps knobs from popping off during side loading.