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5 values of Atturo trail blade xt tires

Atturo trail blade xt

Atturo Trail Blade XT is an all-season performance tire that uses a hybrid tread design that has proven effective for tackling mud, snow, and rock. The pliable rubber compound makes this tire ideal for aggressive driving, whether off-road or on the street.

The Trail Blade XT is the new touring tire from Atturo featuring new technology and designs. The new tread pattern features wider outside lugs to get you over any obstacle, tough shoulders to dig down on slippery surfaces, and the new side tread design provides traction on all terrains.

This tire is great for any type of rider and can be put onto any vehicle. Also, the aggressive all-terrain tire has a unique blend of high and low tread block grooves that complement its generous shoulder lugs for superb cornering grip and side bite.

While its fortified polyester carcass allows for excellent stability and handling through all types of terrain, in addition, the Trail Blade XT features a rugged compound for maximum traction, long-lasting tread life, and exceptional handling in wet or dry conditions.

It is the ideal tire for hard-core off-roaders who want high performance on the trail with the option to run on the highway when needed.

You should, with all confidence, get off the pavement and into the dirt with the atturo trail blade xt tire. It is designed for all-terrain driving, and it easily handles hard-packed, loose dirt, rocky tracks, muddy trails, and snowy roads.

It also comes equipped with an aggressive tread to provide efficient traction in any weather hazard or driving condition. If you are interested in an off-road tire from Atturo, the blade at tire is the best option.

Without much to say, let’s check out the features of the blade xt. The features are the makeup of the tire, and it helps in becoming familiar with the tire.

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Atturo trail blade xt features

Atturo trail blade xt

1. Tread design

The innovative tread design of the atturo trail blade xt is optimal for mud, snow, or rocky terrain. The angled side lugs provide straight-pull puncture resistance, while the central lugs with their asymmetrical cross-section extend outward from both the center and the side lugs.

It then allows for even force application to rocks, roots, and ruts while increasing traction. The signature Xtra traction tread pattern on the xt is designed to provide maximum traction in any condition, dominating even the most difficult trails.

The Trail Blade XT delivers superior traction and ultimate flotation in mud and snow with its unique multi-directional, radial tire tread design. The highly versatile Trail Blade Xt can be used on any terrain, whether you’re off-road, on a muddy trail, or in deep snow.

2. Sidewall construction

The trail blade xt tire sidewall construction combines a three-ply polyester cord bead with an ultra-tough tread compound to lift the tires to the next level of durability and performance.

In addition, the new atturo trail blade xt tire features sidewall construction with Advanced wall construction for maximum tread durability in rugged terrain.

Also, it uses sidewall lugs in place of traditional aramid belts for reinforced side puncture resistance. It allows more sidewall rubber for increased tread longevity rather than using lots of belt material, so you get better tread mileage.

3. Large shoulder blocks

The trail blade xt tire features our new shoulder blocks that help provide a smooth, predictable ride on the highway and off-road. They also improve the tire-to-ground contact patch by 10 percent for off-road performance.

Whether you’re driving your truck, SUV, or UTV through the roughest trails, blasting through the dunes, this extreme-duty pneumatic tire will keep you on the move.

4. Alternating horizontal and vertical sipes

The patented siping structure allows water to flow away from the tire’s surface for improved movement on a wet road. The well-built sipes in the tire tread pattern bite into the dirt and give excellent traction in various driving conditions.

The alternating horizontal and vertical sipes on trail Blade XT tire bite even harder. They’re protected from road impacts by an extra-thick rubber sidewall, so they’ll last longer.

With the help of the sipes, you get to enjoy good traction and grip on wet and snow-packed roads. Also, it contributes to dampening the noise that comes from driving your car on any road surface.

5. Center blocks

The all-new trail blade xt will give you better traction and grip in wet and muddy conditions. This mud tire boasts a set of large center blocks to help provide that extra traction in off-road conditions.

The tires come with a tread pattern that works amazingly well in mud and snow, offering superior traction and longer life. The trail blade xt is a great mud tire for lifted trucks.

Atturo trail blade xt review

Atturo trail blade xt

So, now that you have got to know the tire’s features let’s check out some of the ways the tire performs on different roads.

Performance on a wet road

The Trail Blade XT is the perfect tire for aggressive exploring during wet road conditions. The all-terrain tread design with deep lugs and siping provide outstanding traction on all types of terrain.

Also, the Trail Blade XT handles excellent on dry surfaces, making it the one tire to tackle both wet and dry trails.

The center of each block has a punched-out oval shape, which allows water to channel around the contact area under wet conditions. Wet weather performance is further enhanced with siping, which cuts grooves into the grooved tread blocks for better water displacement.

So, it is one of the tires that perform greatly during winter as it has the power to cut through the snow with its bite. With the tire, you don’t need stud during winter.

In addition, the trail blade xt tire features a unique tread design that helps shed water and increase traction for more predictable performance in all weather conditions.

Performance on a dry road

The Trail Blade XT tread design delivers maximum tread contact for low rolling resistance on dry roads. Its great tread design combines deep, wide tread blocks to give you a confident dry road grip on the highway.

The tire is highly responsive to control, handling, cornering, and it makes the tire a good choice for dry road conditions irrespective of the weather.

Also, it has the design to handle any dry road irrespective of how good or bad the road is. It is such a good investment for anyone.

Performance off-road

The atturo trail blade xt is an ultra-aggressive tire for off-road use. The all-terrain tread pattern and solid center rib provide excellent traction on any terrain, while the large side lugs provide superior cornering and handling.

So, you can move ahead confidently in almost any off-road situation. Also, the atturo trail blade xt features an aggressive tread pattern that provides off-road handling and minimal road noise.

The tire maintains its smooth, quiet ride with a special compound while offering exceptional traction in mud, dirt, snow, or sand.

Also, it has a self-cleaning ability. It combines advanced tread design and outstanding braking with cornering traction to deal with your toughest trails by pushing your riding further than ever before.

What does Xt on tires mean?

They simply mean they are hybrid tires. They are a perfect blend of AT and MT with on and off-road capacity. The tires are perfect for crossovers, SUVs, and some other sports cars.

They are very aggressive in their design and have features that make them solid to handle tough conditions without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

What load range is the Atturo trail blade xt?

The load ranges of the tire are C, D, E, and F.

Are XT tires good in the rain?

With multiple sipes from the horizontal and vertical angles, you can tell that the tire can handle any challenges with driving in the rain.

It has good braking with great traction on wet and snow roads. So, you’ve got nothing to worry about if you are using the tire on a wet road.

Are XT tires good for snow?

Yes, they are good for snow. They come with the tread design and structure that makes them perfect for snow conditions. They can move on any terrain, and a snow-packed area is not an exemption because it has the sipes and treads designed to handle the road.

Are Atturo Trail Blade XT loud?

The tires are very loud on highway if you are driving for  a longer miles. However, the noise is mild compared to some other tires from its competitors.

Best Atturo trail blade xt tires?

atturo trail blade xt 285/70r17

atturo trail blade xt 275/55r20

atturo trail blade xt 305/45r22

atturo trail blade xt 235/65r17


The atturo trail blade xt is a super aggressive tire, and it’s unstoppable in the mud! It was tested by AKA and completed the Rubicon Trail in one piece. It features a great design with a reinforced sidewall and bead area to conform to Enduro demands.

The extra-wide tire profile and blocky knobs will roll through anything in your path. It is suitable for any weather condition because it’s non-studdable and has a tread compound that keeps it flexible under cold conditions.

Gravel, mud, or snow? No matter what the trail throws your way, the atturo trail blade xt tire delivers outstanding performance over a wide range of conditions.

The blade xt bite and mud traction combined with acceleration and braking traction make it the perfect no-nonsense tire for cross country trails, woods riding, and cyclocross racing.