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8 Best ATV tires for snow 2021 – Perfect for snow road?

Best ATV tires for snow

For those planning to ride ATVs in the snow season, it’s important to find the best ATV tires for plowing snow. It’s quite vital, so you can be sure that you will always remain safe, especially on a snowy day or having a snow performance.

The best ATV tire for snow is one that delivers the right grip and traction you need to remain comfortable and stable on the road. It has to possess all the features that can withstand or stand up to the demand and challenges of driving on an icy or snowy road.

As you may know, riding ATVs on snowy roads in place of direction requires different tires than the normal all-terrain vehicle tire. So, this post will help you pick out the top-quality ATV tires for snow so that you can easily select the right one and go on with your plan of enjoying a snow adventure with your friends or family.

Top ATV studded snow tires

Best ATV tires for snow

1. Full set of Sedona Rip Saw 26×9-12 and 26×11-12 ATV Tires

The Sedona Rip Saw ATV tire is a radial design with great belts for durability, traction, and safety. There are four sets, and each boasts spear-shaped tread blocks for enhanced traction, road deflection grooves to channel away water for wet traction, and high-speed stability.

The power compound construction of the tire utilizes an all-rubber compound in the sidewalls and underlug area for increased puncture resistance. The Sedona Rip Saw ATV tire was designed for a smooth ride, with added traction for mud, sand, and snow.

Also, the tread pattern provides exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions. It is not surprising to know they provide great traction in the snow, off-road, and on-road. With its deeper lug tread pattern, you can be confident of better traction and longer wear on hard-packed sand and soft soils.

Furthermore, the Full set of Sedona Rip Saw features a unique tread pattern that gives you the traction and stability to conquer any challenge. An innovative tread compound delivers excellent traction on both wet and dry trails, while its high-density rubber works to soak up bumps and vibration.

In addition to exceptional running comfort, you’ll have a great tire that’s ready for all outdoor adventures.


  • Great rubber compound for superior traction in all weather conditions
  • Deep and shallow grooves to distribute snow-gripping abilities
  • Rip Saw offers extra traction and enhanced stability across multiple terrains
  • The right choice for high-performance applications
  • Aggressive rubber compound
  • A deep center ridge that improves stability and helps minimize irregular wear.
  • Extra rubber to provide better puncture resistance


  • It is very expensive.


2. Maxxis Snow 2 Ply ATV tire

The Maxxis Snow 2 Ply ATV tires are specially designed to get you through the harshest weather conditions. The tire has high-quality tread and sidewall materials that handle any on or off-road conditions.

Also, the Maxxis Snow 2 Ply tires feature aggressive, non-directional tread patterns to shed mud and cut through snow and slush. They are available in both sizes and widths to suit most riders’ needs.

Moreover, the advantage of the tire is that it is extremely rugged and dependable, making it an excellent choice for your ATV in snow conditions. It has a tough two-ply rating to keep you rolling in the roughest landscapes.

In addition, the tread pattern has been optimized to perform well in deep snow while still providing the grip necessary to get you over loose terrain and slippery bridges. Its EnduraFlex sidewall provides good puncture protection, and its unique center lugs are reinforced for extra durability.

Also, the Maxxis 2-ply Snow Steel Radial tire is ready for anything Mother Nature throws at it. The tire will take all-terrain riding to a new level of excitement and performance. It is all that you need for your comfort, balance, and great performance on snowy roads.


  • Great design for snow use.
  • It is made of high-quality rubber.
  • Boasts of top-notch features.
  • Great consideration for all terrain.


  • It has no significant setbacks.


3. ITP Blackwater Evolution Radial Tire

The ITP Blackwater Evolution Radial tire was designed to improve the handling of today’s ATVs on the snowy road surface. The tire is constructed with a slick tread design and an all-around comfortable ride from a progressive profile. They offer driver stability, a responsive feel, and added traction in all types of terrain, including mud, snow, rocks, and trails.

The Blackwater Evolution tire is the go-to tire for serious mud and extreme terrain hunters. These tires are designed to get you through the thickest of conditions and take the harsh situation in grand style. With the Pro tread compound, you are confident the tire can hold on to its shape no matter how deep and muddy your trip gets.

Also, the tires are engineered to provide a cool, quiet ride and long wear. It features an eight-ply tread compound for long-lasting durability and optimum traction. One of the good things we love about the tire is that it gives you a smoother ride with less rolling resistance.

Furthermore, it is an understatement to say that everything about tires is not one of the best to consider for snowy terrain. It was indeed constructed to handle the roughest terrain with its class’s most reliable tread design and puncture resistance.


  • Unique non-directional tread design
  • Sidewall Armor
  • Tough Tread rubber compound offers exceptional wear and abrasion resistance for extended tire life.
  • Balanced handling
  • Awesome traction while maintaining a smooth ride


  • It is just one tire and not two, as most buyers are misled by the picture.


4. Sedona Mudda Inlaw Radial Tire

Sedona Mudda Inlaw Radial Tire is a more durable tire with a unique tread design that looks like knobby tires but works like a radial. This new design reduces punctures by gripping better, even when in wet or muddy conditions, and it has better gas mileage.

The patented single central tread groove makes it very comfortable to walk on without slipping, which makes it great for snowy terrain.

Also, the Sedona Mudda Inlaw Radial Tire provides exceptional value for an SUV or truck owner and offers a smooth ride. It has all the same great features as its legendary rival with an added plus. The luxurious tread is resistant to damage and comes with a guaranteed mileage warranty that will get at least 70,000 miles out of your tire.

In addition, the rugged tire comes with a sophisticated tread design and aggressive sidewall for a tough look that’s also quiet and comfortable. The square knob pattern at the outer edges of the tread blocks provides confidence for all-season dry handling and wet traction from three widely spaced central ribs.


  • Ultra-strong carcass
  • An aggressive mud tread pattern
  • Tread design wraps down sidewall deep paddling traction
  • Self-cleaning
  • Adequate grip and traction on snow roads


  • None


5. Kenda K299 Bear Claw Tire

The Kenda K299 Bear Claw Tire is made for light trucks, SUVs and 4 x 4’s that require a rugged tire for off-road use. The 6-ply sidewall construction provides many of the same benefits you get from premium tires on dry roads.

It boasts of longer-lasting tread life, less road noise, and better handling. It has an offset center groove which delivers more biting edges to dig into the terrain for aggressive off-road use. This aggressive tire is made for those who need more traction on dirt roads, in snow, mud, and other challenging conditions.

The K299 Bear Claw tire offers unique, stylish looks and a long-lasting tread life. It features large sipes to help channel water away from the tread compound. Also, it has a deeply grooved pattern for superior traction on wet pavement.

In addition, the Kenda Bearclaw K299 is an aggressive directional tread tire that combines excellent handling and cornering in wet and dry conditions, which makes it perfect for snowy areas.

Furthermore, it is most drivers’ choice because they are made with a special nylon thread that helps these tires resist damage from screws, nails, glass, and other debris found on the highway. If you have had problems with punctures in the past, then Kenda Bear Claw tires are your answer.


  • Positive traction on soft surfaces such as mud tracks and dunes.
  • Great traction and grip on wet and snowy roads.
  • Amazing responsiveness to steering and handling.
  • Top features which contribute to prolonging its lifespan.
  • It makes driving fun and comfortable.


  • It has no setback


6. Duro HF244 Desert/X-Country Tire

The Duro HF244 Desert/X-Country tire is an all-purpose tire that can provide reliable performance in both on and off-road conditions, making it a great choice for sport utility vehicles, minivans, and RVs. The large tread blocks allow for excellent traction through mud and snow, while the deep tread grooves help to reduce noise.

Without a doubt, with all the features of the tire, the HF244 tires are the perfect accessory for those planning a trip off the beaten path or through the desert. It boasts a premium rubber compound that’s engineered for excellent handling on all terrains.

With its features and design, there was never a wrong issue or problem to consider with snow terrain. It has all it takes to beat off the challenge of options of slippery roads, which thus ensures you have the smoothest ride and performance at all times.

On all fronts, the thing about tires is such a good bargain for anyone that lives close to a region with high snowfall. Also, the tire features a deep lug pattern for increased traction and an aggressive sidewall that provides additional reinforcement, which makes it a great bargain for any driver.


  • Ultimate traction and performance for all off-road driving conditions
  • Premium rubber compound
  • Reliable performance on snow
  • The super aggressive shoulder tread pattern
  • Aggressive sidewall that provides additional reinforcement


  • We’ve got no significant setbacks with the tire.


7. Kenda K587 Bear Claw

The all-new Kenda K587 Bearclaw was designed to be the toughest off-road tire on the market today. The aggressive tire features deep, wide grooves that allow for superior mud displacement. Also, it has a large shoulder lug that grips the terrain under all conditions and provides an aggressive appearance.

In addition, the Kenda Bear Claw has a unique tread pattern. The Kenda K587 Bear Claw tire is the perfect solution for Jeeps that love too off-road. With sporting a seamless band and unique tread design, this tire uses All-Terrain technology to provide unprecedented off-road performance.

Also, the 587-bear claw has two rows of lateral tread blocks, three rows of diagonal blocks, and a strong shoulder block design to provide additional traction in snow conditions. Furthermore, the deep tread pattern has an aggressive shoulder tread that provides excellent bite in all conditions.

Not many tires can handle snow conditions, just like the Kenda K587 Bear Claw does, as it helps to ensure your movement on the snow surface is smooth. It also has a design that helps resist hydroplaning, which ensures you don’t have difficulty with balance.


  • Good snow traction
  • Smooth handling and road responsiveness
  • Perfect for hard-packed surfaces
  • Tough and durable


  • On-road performance is questionable


8. OBOR Ripple ATV Tires

The Ripple ATV Tires have an off-road tread pattern to get you through all types of terrain. The tires are built toughly and engineered specifically for the rugged demands of ATV riding by providing exceptional durability.

Also, it has an aggressive slick tread pattern and deep grooves, which provide excellent traction on all terrains, which is a step above other tires in its class. Furthermore, the Ripple ATV tires provide enhanced traction for a smooth and quiet ride.

In addition, it has all that is required to be considered for snow terrain. The Ripple ATV tire is made with a deep V design which gives you the traction needed to tackle any terrain, such as sand, mud, and rocks. Its triple tread lugs maximally infuse the tire’s casing with solid silicone lubricants for increased sidewall strength.

Furthermore, the tire has a deep knob that helps with fast, responsive handling and resilience in sloppy terrain. It can easily handle any terrain conditions and retain its shape and condition with the help of the open lug tread pattern, which helps enhance self-cleaning.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Center tread block design
  • Provides fast, responsive handling and resilience in sloppy terrain
  • Great braking power in snow and muddy terrain


  • None


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ATV tires for snow buyer’s guide

Best ATV tires for snow

There are plenty of factors to consider when buying ATV tires for snow. You need to know the tire composition, tread pattern, and other features that can benefit you the most. Below are factors that can guide you in making the right choice for your next set of tires.

Rubber composition

The rubber composition of snow tires is different from that of other tires. Tires are designed for snow purposes and come with special rubber that helps handle cold temperatures without any hassles.

The rubber has the ability to stay soft and pliable when the weather temperature drops so that you can get the right traction and grip to experience the best driving performance. The tires for the snow season will never stiffen, unlike regular tires that will stiffen in cold weather and also experience a reduction in traction.

Tread depth and pattern

Most tires that are designed for snow boast deeper tread depth and pattern. That is the reason they can perform well on snow or slippery surfaces. The deeper tread and pattern help improve the traction and also reduce the snow build-up.

Also, the tread pattern or grooves plays a great role in preventing hydroplaning through the means of pumping water through the tread. As long as it can prevent snow buildup, and pump away beneath the tire, you can be assured of solid contact on the ground.

Biting edges

Most tires that are perfect for snow roads come with a series of zig-zag grooves that are seen all over the tread of the tire. They act as the biting edges, which help to grip the road in snow or ice and ensure the traction and grip are firm.

Frequently asked questions

Do I Want Studded or Studless Snow Tires?

Studded tires are the best for snowy roads, but due to the damage they can cause on the pavement, they are not a good choice. That is the reason most people stop using studded tires and opt for studless tires that have the capacity to handle snow conditions.

Is it right to use a regular ATV tire for snow?

It is important that you get the right tire for the perfect performance. So, you are advised that you should get the right snow tire because its rubber component is different from that of the regular tire.

Can snow tires stiffen?

Snow tires come with the ability and features that make them retain their shape and condition during cold weather conditions. So, this helps to prevent stiffening, which occurs with other tires.


Choosing the best snow tires for ATV is such a great task for some and not for others. However, it is never a good experience to make the wrong material of choice, which is the reason we have here on this page some of the top ATV tires you can consider for the snowfall season. Also, we have some vital things you need to consider above before purchasing.