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Home » Do you need turbocharge? check out this 5 best turbo kit for brz in 2022

Do you need turbocharge? check out this 5 best turbo kit for brz in 2022

best turbo kit for brz

Picking the best turbo kit for BRZ is not only a toss-up to the tosses but also an investment you will find so hard to regret. All brands indeed practice unrivalled engine machine craftsmanship that makes them dynamic, but one must understand that they are never the same. For instance, there are so many different factors to be considered when you prepare to purchase a turbo kit.

Finding the best BRZ turbo kit is not easy if you don’t know who to trust. That’s why I made this article to share with you the best turbo kits and the most important factors to consider when buying your kit.

There are several options for turbo kits for the BRZ. Some are quick fixes, such as the Greddy BRZ turbo kit, BRZ twin-turbo kit, avo turbo kit BRZ, and HKS turbo kit BRZ, but most are more permanent modifications. Also, there is a wide range of prices, and you will need to decide the range you’re looking for. On this page, we compare ten different turbo kits that are the best for BRZ.

Best brz turbo kit

best turbo kit for brz

1. Tomioka Racing TD05-20G Turbo Kit for the Subaru BRZ

Tomioka Racing designed the TD05-20G Turbo Kit for street performance enthusiasts looking to maximize their vehicle’s performance potential. Subaru fans can now enjoy the advantage of a turbocharger’s power delivery by installing the TD05-20G Turbo Kit on their BRZ.

Also, Tomioka Racing partnered with Subaru to develop an ultimate turbo kit for the BRZ. The kit includes everything necessary to bolt on over 350 HP, TD05-20G turbocharger, large intercooler with piping, 2.5″ v-band downpipe, stainless steel cat-back exhaust system, oil cooler, etc radiator with hoses, and clamps.

In addition, Tomioka Racing brings their experience from racing championships worldwide to provide you with a quality, performance-oriented product. With years of engineering bore scoping and dyno-tuning under their belt, they have perfected a turbo kit engineered specifically for the Subaru BRZ. 

Furthermore, the electronic boost control unit is completely programmable for boost adjustments based on boost target, air temperature, and engine speed. At the same time, the massive TD05-20G compressor wheel features a high-efficiency compressor wheel for better flow and thermal properties ideal for high-output builds.

2. TEKKOAUTO Turbo Charger Turbocharger Kit

The TEKKOAUTO Turbo Charger Turbocharger Kit is ideal for vehicles in need of some extra power. This is a high-quality, direct replacement for the factory turbocharger, giving your vehicle that extra boost you’ve wanted with little or no modifications necessary. It’s easy to install and will fit under the factory hood.

Simple and easy to install, the TEKKOAUTO Turbocharger Kit is a powerful and cost-effective upgrade to your vehicle. This simple upgrade replaces the standard turbo with a larger unit for improved response, making city driving more enjoyable. 

Also, the TEKKOAUTO Turbocharger Kit includes all parts needed to install the turbo, along with a CNC machined professional stainless steel water pipe and extra-wide outlet air filter. In addition, the Tekko Auto Turbo Charger Kit can automatically detect the voltage from 80V to 110V and set the proper output voltage to 16V by detecting the input voltage.

3. MaXpeedingrods New GT35 GT3582 GT3582R Turbo Charger

The turbocharger has a 3″ inlet that will allow for a more efficient flow of air into the engine, resulting in a quicker turbo-lag accompanying a huge release of power under high load conditions. The turbocharger is great for running on nitrous or pumping gas. It’s been tested on pump gas and meth injection with an oversized fuel system, making 700-1400hp.

This new Turbo Charger GT35X82XRXS is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with Chrome Coated Turbine Wheel to give customers high-performance products. If you want to get the most out of your supercharged vehicle, you need to get a maXpeedingrods GT Turbo Charger. The new GT series features a larger compressor wheel that can handle supercharged systems up to 20 psi!

Also, the maXpeedingrods New GT35 GT3582 GT3582R Turbo Charger is a hot turbo designed for maximum power and performance utilizing the newest technology and premium materials. The intercooler twin scroll turbine housing and billet wheel-mounted actuators offer excellent boost response and durability.

4. BLACKHORSE-RACING Diesel Turbocharger

The BLACKHORSE-RACING for Cummins Turbo Diesel truck is equipped with the most advanced technology to ensure that your turbocharger runs at peak performance by offering stable, noise-free power delivery. The diesel engine turbocharger has dramatic acceleration and throttle response to virtually eliminate turbo lag. 

It allows the engine to ignite faster, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. Our diesel turbochargers are available for all kinds of models, so you can easily customize these additional diesel accessories. 

Also, the BLACKHORSE-RACING TDex Series Turbochargers are designed with performance in mind while using the latest designs and manufacturing methods. The T-rex Series turbochargers can be used on all makes and models of engines, both diesel and gasoline. 

In addition, it has the capacity to withstand the greater stresses associated with Diesel engines. So, they can be used no matter what kind of engine you have. The supercharger comes from high-quality materials, with a sturdy alloy case and precision internals. For it to last longer, it comes with a cooling system that will keep it in great condition for years to come.

5. Turbo Kit T70 Single T4 Silverado Sierra Turbocharger

The Turbo Kit T70 Single T4 Silverado Sierra Turbocharger is a super durable replacement for the truck’s original turbo. This product will resist impact, boost performance, and improve fuel efficiency. The Turbo Kit T70 Single T4 Silverado Sierra Low-Profile Turbocharger is a great choice for your truck to get more power and improve your gas mileage. 

Also, the construction of the T4 turbo system boasts of using only the highest quality material available today. Its assembly uses the 5th generation of new compressor cover with an integrated seal, a new turbine wheel with significantly less operation time, and a thrust bearing.

In addition, the Turbo Kit T70 Single T4 Silverado Sierra Turbocharger is a true bolt-on installation available only from Air Lift. It increases your truck’s performance and fuel mileage. The unit uses an aluminum air housing with a CAD design and CNC machined billet compressor wheel. 

It features a durable T-70 orifice which provides three times more airflow than the stock orifice. Increase your horsepower, and torque, and improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it hard to turbo a BRZ?

It is not hard to turbo a BRZ. However, not all models support the integration of turbo kits because of the way they are designed. Especially the 2022 model. It doesn’t have room for turbo kits. So, it will be challenging to add a turbo to the 2022 BRZ.

Can you put a turbo in a Subaru BRZ?

Yes, you can put a turbo kit in BRZ to improve the performance of the car. However, you need to consider lots of factors that will make it work, and one is getting the turbo kits that fit the engine of the BRZ model you have. 

Should you turbocharge a BRZ?

If you are racing in a car, turbocharging is an important thing to do. However, the answer to the question is opinionated as you can decide to turbocharge your BRZ or decide not. It all depends on what you are doing with the car. 

Is it better to supercharge or turbo a BRZ?

After doing some research, I realized that turbocharge puts lots of pressure on the car’s engine, which could affect it in the long run. However, supercharging seems to be the perfect option for BRZ.

Is BRZ fast?

It seems the reason most people choose to turbocharge is that it doesn’t run as fast as they want it. So, I can tell that the BRZ is not a fast car, and it is neither too slow compared to some cars. 

Is the BRZ a good track car?

The BRZ is a very good track car once you have it supercharged or turbocharged. You can tell it is designed for a track with its construction and design. If you use it for track purposes, you should be up for lots of maintenance action. 

Do you need to service your turbocharger? 

Yes. Turbochargers are devices that increase the speed of an engine by using an extra air/fuel mixture to produce more power. Turbochargers are often found in cars and motorcycles, and they can be used on both small and large engines.

Turbochargers work by using the energy of the engine to spin a turbine that creates more air/fuel mixture, which in turn produces more power. Turbocharged engines have been known to reach speeds up to 300 mph! Service your turbochargers regularly to keep them running at their best!


If you ever plan on using a turbo charge on your BRZ, you are just in the right place. We have here the information you need if you got a question in your mind such as, “What do you need to turbocharge a car?” We have all that you need to know on this page about the best turbo kit for BRZ. We have chosen just a few of the turbo charge kits that you can consider on the market.