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Can a car last 500 000 miles – Cars that lasts more than 500k miles

can a car last 500 000 miles

A common question for anyone who buys a used car is how long it will last. The answer isn’t quite clear, as many factors contribute to how long you can use a car. Can a car last 500000 miles is the question most car buyers ask dealers.

Can a car last 500 000 miles? Yes, cars can last 500000 miles, but not all cars can reach those miles. There are many cars that last 500000 miles, but the secret is the car maintenance and the performance of how you handle the car. Proper handling of a car will surely prolong its lifespan, comfort seats while driving, safety and you can always get it to 500000 miles if possible. 

The age of your car isn’t the only thing that helps determine its term of overall lifespan. You can do several other things to make sure your car runs smoothly and lasts for 500 000 miles (which some people claim is the end of the line) and beyond.

The truth remains that you’ve got lots of work to do for your car to last that long. Importantly, most of the task rests on you because you have to constantly check, inspect and ensure you do all it takes to maintain the car.

can a car last 500 000 miles

How to maintain a car lasts 500 000 miles?

There is no magic to taking your car 500000 miles. It is a product of hard work, and one has to be diligent with it. So, below I will take you through some of the things you should do to prolong the lifespan of your car.

Can cars last 500k miles? You are just about to find out the real reasons cars can last that long.

Adhere to the maintenance schedule 

One of the secrets to having your car last longer is to drive it all by yourself. Once you give it out, you have little knowledge of how it is being used. But that aside, one of the ways you can prolong the lifespan of your car is through maintenance.

You can never know better than the manufacturer of the car, and that is the reason most cars come with a user manual. The manual is not for decoration as it should guide you on how to use the car.

Go through the manual and read all sections carefully. There you get to see the things you should do regularly to maintain the car. Some manufacturers go to the length of telling you the type of oil, oil filters, and the right things to use on the car.

So, you need to follow the instructions on the last page and ensure you take every part of it to heart. It will help you get familiar with your car. It is the first step to prolonging the lifespan of the car.

Protect the engine

The engine is the life of the car. If your car goes that long, you need to do all it takes to protect the engine. The best way is through regular checks of the fluid in the engine. You should check the car manual and look out for the section of the fluid.

There you get to see the kind of oil your car can use, the viscosity, and many others. It helps you to know the kind of oil you should get. So, once you have the information on the type of oil to get, you should stick to one particular brand throughout the car’s use.

Furthermore, you need to have a particular time to empty the engine and renew it with new oil. Once you have reached 3000 miles, you should ensure you renew the oil.

You should never stop the old oil with a new one as it is not good. You need the engine to be always in good condition, and using good oil is the secret to that.

While using good oil is important Disable Element, you need to always check your oil level whenever you intend to take the car out. You just need to remove the dipstick to take the reading of the oil level in your car.

Driving a car with no oil or low oil is not a good one for your car engine. To last 500k miles, you never want to put too much load or pressure on the engine. So, regularly checking to ensure the engine doesn’t run out of oil is another way of prolonging the lifespan.

Drive your car carefully

One of the things you need to consider is the way you drive the car. The way you use the car is the same way it will respond to you. Any reckless handling will tell on the car and might cost you more money for maintenance.

Driving carefully is a way to prolong the lifespan of a car. You should worry about where you should take the car to and the condition of the terrain too. Just because you know the car is durable and strong doesn’t mean you should subject it to rough handling.

Also, once you drive the car for a long mile, you should leave it to rest for a day or more. Just ensure you warm the engine every morning and do the general maintenance routine.

Get a qualified mechanic

One of the things I have realized with cars is that once you allow one or more mechanics to handle the car, it will start to cause uncontrollable issues.

I got to know this even before I got my first car, and since it has been my habit to have one specific mechanic for your car repair.

You should get a good mechanic and ensure he/she is specialized in your car brand. It will give you rest of mind and assurance that your car is in safe hands.

Give attention to signs and symbols

One of the ways your car talks to you is through the signs and symbols on the dashboard. So, once you notice a sign on your dashboard and you don’t know what it is, you should get to your mechanic.

Never should you assume all is well with the car and leave it. If it is something you can fix, you should do it as soon as possible. However, if you can not fix it, you should get the car to your mechanic to fix the issue for you.

Can a car engine last 500000 miles?

A car engine is expected to last at least 150,000 to 200,000 miles. Some car manufacturers claim that their car engines can last up to 500,000 miles with proper maintenance. That claim is never far from being true, as we have seen and heard of people that use their car for a longer period.

So, a car engine can last for 500000 miles, and it all depends on how you choose to use the car. Ensure you use quality and the right engine oil for the car and always check to replace the oil when you need to do so.

Highest mileage vehicles in the world

Do you know some cars last more than thousands of miles? Some have a record of millions of miles, and I will share them with you. Some make it into the Guinness book of record, and indeed, they deserve it.

Irving Gordon: 1966 Volvo 1800S

With almost 3,000,000 miles on his 1966 Volvo 1800S, Irving presently holds the Guinness World Record for the greatest vehicle mileage on a private car. Irving believes that he travels approximately 100,000 miles every year to vehicle exhibitions, with the longest trip being from New York to Vancouver, Canada.

After achieving the world record, he was interviewed by Popular Mechanics and discussed his vehicle’s upkeep, stating that he replaces the oil every 3,000 – 3,500 miles and the transmission fluid every 25,000 miles. Even more incredible is the fact that his original clutch survived 450,000 miles.

1979 Volvo 245 GL

The 1979 Volvo 245 GL with 1,630,000 km belonged to a Finnish corporation called S.E. Makinen. There isn’t any information regarding this vehicle’s use, but we think it’s travelled around the world a few times and visited some extremely amazing far-off locales.

However, it most likely spent its whole existence crossing Finland as part of a logistical fleet. The corporation has stated that it has done nothing to the vehicle other than “appropriate care,” which, if accurate, tells a lot about it being one of the longest cars.

Chet Belisle: 1983 Lincoln Town Car

Chet was featured on CNN in 2009, and you can now see it on YouTube, where he brags about his 1-million-mile Town Car. His 1.3 million-mile Town Car, with astounding boasts of reaching speeds exceeding 22 mph and never requiring any maintenance.

Chet didn’t drive for a living; he drove for pleasure. He’d drive from his Kansas home across the nation and back several times. He was clearly at ease on the road.

Frank Oresnik: 1991 Chevrolet Silverado

Frank was a steak and seafood delivery man who travelled practically every day from Green Bay, WI to Chicago, IL! That’s a long commute. Unlike the bulk of the folks on this list, Frank did not purchase his brand-new truck.

He purchased it in 1996 with 41,000 miles on the odometer and has driven every mile since then. Frank was able to reach a million miles with the help of an ad guy and a television team, but he would go on to put another 290,000 miles on the truck he dubbed “Old Girl,” and he was still not done driving.


This page belongs to the question of whether can a car last 500 000 miles. And I’ve made sure that there is efficiency and reliability upon reading this article. It shows that truly comes a car can last 500k miles only when some important measures are taken. I have discussed some of the things and tips you need to know above, and I hope you find them appealing when reading.