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Can a nail puncture a car tire? 6 ways to avoid nails in tires

Can a nail puncture a car tire

Tire punctures are an everyday problem that many drivers face and people need to know about. It is caused by a nail, screw, or piece of debris puncturing a tire and can lead to massive accidents, which is the reason one needs to be attended to instantly. But can a nail puncture a car tire? This article will help you answer your question. There are solutions provided below, which are great benefits for you to repair nail puncture in tire.

Yes, a nail can puncture a car tire and lead to an unpleasant situation in which some can claim one’s life if it leads to an accident. Most tires are made of a rubber compound that is soft and easy for nails to penetrate. So, once the tire runs on nails, it has a higher tendency to get into the tire.

The damage the nail will cause depends on many factors such as the age and condition of the tire. For tires with thick tread, the damage will not be as severe as tires that are worn out with no tread. So, on this page you get to know more about what to do if your tire gets punctured by nails.

Nails in tires vandalism

Can a nail puncture a car tire

Nail In Tires vandalism is a form of property destruction where tires are deliberately punctured or slashed, usually by a nail or sharp object. This can be an act of public protest or an act of vandalism, depending on the nature, motivation, and context in which it occurs.

Also, nails on tire vandalism can cause big problems for you. Nails thrown into the tires of a vehicle will cause the tire to likely to become damaged and eventually need replacing. Even worse, the driver may lose control of the vehicle, potentially causing a collision. There were more than 20,000 incidents of nails being thrown into tires.

Damaging a tire on purpose is a crime, but it’s also a tough one to solve. Most motorists are victims of tire vandalism because the culprits have little or no chance of getting caught. So, if you have noticed your car is a victim of vandalism, you should report it to the nearest police station.

However, you can make use of a car dash camera to monitor all other activities that go on around your car whenever you park it and not anywhere close. It is a device that will help you keep a close tab and expose whoever is doing the evil task.

Signs you have a nail in your tire

Can a nail puncture a car tire

There are several signs you have a nail in your tire. You can hear rattling around, or you may see the nail itself sticking up out of the tire. Sometimes there will be an audible screeching noise that occurs when the car is accelerated, which also indicates a puncture in the tire caused by a nail. It’s best to take your vehicle to a mechanic or tire repair shop as soon as possible to repair nail puncture in tire.

  • Losing air pressure

It’s hard to see a nail puncture, but if your tire is losing air pressure and you notice a sudden drop in your vehicle’s performance or handling, it could be that one of your tires has a nail embedded in it.

  • Difficulty with balance

If you are losing your balance when driving and find yourself holding the steering wheel tighter, you may have a nail in your tire. It might also be that you are hitting potholes more frequently or do not have sufficient tire pressure.

  • Strange noises

When you hear a siren or screeching sound while you’re driving, you may wonder if you have a nail in your tire. Steering wheel vibrations indicate a nail is most likely the problem. Missing tread or distorting of the tire can be caused by blowouts or bad tires, but usually don’t cause any noises.

Can you drive with a nail in your tire?

Can a nail puncture a car tire

You should be fine with driving a tire with a nail. Tires with nails in them do not lose pressure as fast as you would think. The nail will just make a small leak in your tire, but it won’t get any larger. Driving on a tire with a nail in it will not damage your wheel or weaken your wheel in any way.

However, it’s better to drive to your mechanic and have the nail removed, then fix the tire by patching or plugging it. If you feel safe driving with it, then you can still drive some miles, but if you start hearing sounds or noticing signs of imbalance with your car, you should pull over to fix the issue. 

How to avoid nails in tires?

Can a nail puncture a car tire

Nails on tires can be a dangerous situation. They are sharp, they can go through your tire, springing a leak and destroying the rest of the tire. If you have ever had a nail in your tire, you know that feeling when it gets to a certain point and your car starts to shimmy. Below are ways to avoid nails in tires.

1. Invest in steel-belted tires

You can invest in steel-belted radial tires. These types of tires will help prevent nails from going through the tire. They can save you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs that are incurred when a nail becomes lodged in the tire, causing damage to it.

Also, steel belted radials provide better protection for punctures, which not only saves money but also helps save on wear and tear on the tire itself. In addition, remember that you can slow down your speed when driving over a bridge or other roadway. This will allow you to stop easily should you come across an object on the road that needs some attention from your vehicle’s driver.

2. Avoid driving where punctures are likely to happen

You should avoid driving where punctures are more likely to happen, such as places that have a lot of nails on their roads (e.g., near construction sites) or where a lot of drivers break their lights and throw glass onto the road.

It’s impossible to prevent nails, screws, and other sharp objects from being strewn on the roads and highways. But you can better protect your car or truck against tire punctures if you stay away from certain areas of town.

3. Inspect your tires monthly

Before mounting your tires, take a few moments to inspect them for embedded nails or sharp objects. You can find these in your tires with a simple hand-held metal detector. Look for a spike or nail that may have punctured your tire, but is not visible from the surface.

It is important to do this regularly as you may drive over something unexpected and not realize it. It only takes a couple of seconds and could save you hundreds of dollars in repair bills if you catch it early.

4. Protect your tires with tire sealant

Protect your tires with tire sealant. The tire sealant is an easy DIY product that fixes punctures in your tires caused by nails or other objects. The sealant hardens and fills existing holes in your tires so you don’t develop a flat. Sealant is particularly helpful if you ride your car on a dirt road, or regularly drive on bumpy roads where it can be difficult to locate and remove the foreign object that causes a flat tire.

5. Line your new tires with puncture-resistant strips

Avoiding nails in tires has never been easier, so you can line your new tires with puncture-resistant tire liners. Tire liners, also known as protectors, are thin layers of polyester that cover the top 12 inches (30 cm) of the tire’s tread.

They provide additional assurance against punctures by even the sharpest nails, screws, and bolts. Tire liners are important and valuable protection that can be installed when you purchase a new set of tires, or you can add them once you have removed your old tires. Simply line each tire with tire liners to give yourself a line of defense against the dreaded flat tires.

6. Mount puncture-proof tires on your car

The fastest and easiest way to avoid getting nails in your tires is to mount puncture-proof tires on your car. Puncture-proof tires are also called run-flat tires. These types of tires can run up to 100 miles even if their inner tubes have been punctured. Of course, this depends on each car and tire.

Can a nail puncture a car tire

How long can I drive with a nail in my tire?

You can drive with a nail in your tire for as long as 20 to 30 miles to be safe, but you’d be wise to change it before then. While you can drive a nail into a tire by hitting it with your car, this is not the best idea because of how easily the driver may lose control of the vehicle.

Most vehicles can be driven up to 20 to 30 miles with a nail in the tire. The decision to drive or stop and repair the tire should be determined by the location of the nail and the size of the hole. With run-flat tires, you can always cover 100 miles after any puncture, but that is never possible with regular tires. 

Is it safe to drive a car with a nail in the tire?

If you have a flat tire due to a nail puncturing the interior tread, there may be concerns about driving with a flat tire for long distances. However, in many cases, it is safe to drive a vehicle with a nail in the tire.

The primary concern with driving on a flat tire is that it may increase your risk of an accident. If you have already sustained damage from driving with a flat tire or if you have been concerned about driving on a flat tire, you should stop driving the vehicle as soon as possible and avoid continuing to drive on low tires.

Sometimes it takes a while to notice, but it is safe not to drive the very moment you notice as your chance of having a blowout is high with the tire. Just get to your mechanic to remove the nail and fix the tire. 

Of course, you might not notice a quick flat on the tire as long as the nail is there, but that doesn’t mean the tire is safe to use.

How do you temporarily fix a nail in your tire? Or how to repair nail puncture in a tire?

There are a couple of ways to fix a tire with a nail in it. The first way is to get a gummy patch kit and scrape your sidewall a little so you can place the patch on your outer sidewall and glue it over the nail.

The second way is through the use of plug-in kits. You need to get the kit from your local store and insert it into the sealant before you push through the hole in the nail puncture. You can read my post how-to plug-in tires

However, the two temporary methods are safe for you, and combining the two will give you the rest of your mind. Also, you need to remove the tire from the car to do any of the methods. Furthermore, you should allow your mechanic to do the task for you. 

Is it better to leave a nail in your tire?

No, it is not. However, since there is no immediate threat of a flat tire, you can decide whether to remove the nail or leave it in. Of course, if you know you’re going to be crossing rough terrain soon, it’s probably a good idea to take care of the nail right away – don’t want to risk a rip.

If you ever put your safety first, then you should never leave a nail in your tire. It will cause more harm than you might think. 

Will a nail in my tire cause a blowout?

Yes, a nail in your tire will cause a blowout. A nail causes a blowout by puncturing the tire and causing all of the air to leak out of the tire. Without air, your car can’t move, so a nail can be very dangerous.

Sometimes you can experience a tire blowout even though the tire has no damage. However, a nail in your tire can cause a blowout if the nail creates a hole in the tire.

Also, If you have a nail or screw in your tire, it is unlikely that the tire will blow out while driving. The air pressure inside the tire will hold the puncture against the inner surface of the tire.

What can happen is that with a nail or screw in your tire, as you drive, it will slowly damage the inside of your tire, which can lead to uneven tread wear, irregular wear on the tire, and possible heat buildup in the tire area.

We recommend that you replace the tire if you have a nail or any foreign object embedded in your tire. Also, remember if you are going to run over any type of nails, screws, etc. run them over partially first by then finish dropping them as you may damage your tires by hitting them full force.

Can I drive a long distance with a plugged tire?            

It is extremely dangerous to drive long distances with a plugged tire. A plugged tire will drastically affect the handling of your car. The best thing to do is pull over to the side of the road and put on a spare tire, or take your car to the nearest mechanic.

You can’t drive long distances with a clogged tire. The tire must be repaired or replaced before long-distance travel unless you want a blowout and damage to your vehicle.

How much does it cost to fix a tire with a nail in it?

Fortunately, the cost to fix a tire with a nail in it is a fraction of what you may think. Most professional tire service centers will charge $15-$45 to repair a tire with a nail in it, depending on your location. This is the cost of either patching or replacing the tire. The price to replace a tire will vary based on the type of tire and availability of the replacement tire.

Tire protector

Save tires and rims from unexpected punctures with this tire protector. For peace of mind while driving, simply place this tire protector between the tire and wheel to avoid stray nails, glass shards, and other sharp objects.

The protector is made of a durable rubber material to withstand impacts and keep your car running smoothly! Not only that, but you’ll save money since you won’t need to replace any tires or rims.

The Revolution Tire prevention kit is an easy-to-use, non-sticky tire sealant that saves tires from nail punctures, skids, and cuts caused by road hazards. The revolutionary design makes it easy to apply and safe for vehicles with TPMS sensors.

Also, this Slime 10008 Flat Tire Puncture Repair Sealant is a unique way to protect your vehicle’s tires from road hazards such as nails and screws. The kit includes everything required for installation on one vehicle, including two Tire Protectors that wrap around the tire treads and puncture-proof, flexible materials to protect against everyday hazards.

Installation is easy and requires no adhesives or mounting devices, creating a solid and lasting bond to the tire’s surface. In addition, this kit can be used in combination with select WeatherTech floor liners or cargo mat products or it can be used independently to prevent everyday dirt, debris, and snow.

Can a nail ruin a tire?

Yes, it can. It is the second leading cause of tire failure on the road, right after tread separation. If you have a nail in your tire, you must act quickly to fix it. A tire puncture can weaken the entire structure of your tire and render it useless in seconds. This can also lead to serious damage to other parts of your car and even injury if you are driving at the time.


Can a nail puncture a car tire? Tires are exposed to many dangers, such as nails on streets and parking lots, sharp rocks while driving in the desert, small sticks and branches when driving through forests, and other debris that can puncture a tire.

Punctures will cause air to escape from the tire, which decreases traction and dissipates the heat generated by driving. These negative effects can lead to a dangerous situation while driving and expose you to the potential of an accident.