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Home » Can you install a sunroof in a car? 4 DIY ways to install

Can you install a sunroof in a car? 4 DIY ways to install

Can you install a sunroof in a car

Sunroofs are a great way to add some style and extra protection to your car. If you have any kind of convertible, it’s especially important to have a sunroof that can retract to protect you from the elements. If this a possible thing to do, how then can you install a sunrooof in a car?

Most of the time, you will only need a car sunroof motor kit and some additional tools installed by experienced professionals for a successful installation. It’s very important to get the right materials for your vehicle. It is best you allow the experts to do the installation if you have little experience on how to install a sunroof on a car.

What is a sunroof?

Can you install a sunroof in a car

What is sunroof? A sunroof is a great way to bring air and light into your vehicle. Most modern cars are now equipped with this type of feature. It is great to have, especially in hot areas where you want the air to flow through your cars.

The sunroof could be called an aftermarket car component, but in reality, it’s more like a window. The only difference is that it’s a transparent (or even in other cases mirrored) part that allows you to see the sky and some elements of the surrounding objects.

Can you install a sunroof in a car?

Yes, you can install a sunroof in a car. If you want to install a sunroof in a car, you first need to find out if your car already has the necessary pre-determined construction from the factory to even be able to fit a sunroof.

Most cars have pre-set holes and grooves where the sunroof will fasten perfectly. But not all cars can take one. If there are no pre-existing places where the sunroof will fit, your best bet would be to get new places and pre-drilled holes for it.

How to install a sunroof in a car?

If you need to install a sunroof in your car, there are a few steps you will need to take.

Step 1: Remove the sun visors and headliner. These are held in place with screws or clips, so you can remove them fairly easily.

Step 2: Cut away the roof lining and roof fabric around where you want to install the sunroof. Use a utility knife to cut along all four sides of the area that needs to be removed.

Step 3: Remove any interior trim panels that block access to the roof framing. In many cases, this will require removing screws from one side of each panel and then pulling it out from its space inside the car body.

Step 4: Install brackets on either side of where you want to install your sunroof using screws or bolts provided by your kit or manufacturer of choice.

You may need more than one bracket depending on how wide your new sunroof will be and how much weight it will support without bending or breaking its frame under stress from wind pressure outside or rain falling down onto it from above (if installed upside-down).

Difference between moonroof and sunroof?

Can you install a sunroof in a car

Well, it’s all about the glass. A sunroof uses an electric-powered sliding glass panel that covers the car’s roof when open. A moonroof is similar, but instead of using glass, it’s made up of a lighter tinted acrylic or plastic material.

The difference between the two forms of auto top access presentation is one of glass type and material and how to operate them. Often people confuse these two terms when searching for a car and want to know the difference.

Both moonroof and sunroof refer to a vehicle’s overhead glass window. A moonroof varies from a sunroof by making one piece of glass rather than two with tints. While they may have slight differences, they both serve the same purpose, which is enjoying the outdoors while you’re inside your vehicle.

Benefits of using the sunroof

To let in the fresh air, enjoy the scenery, and enjoy it more. Knowing the benefits of using a sunroof from your car is very important. A sunroof can serve several purposes, and you will have a great time dealing with your car. The sunroof comes in different types, and their costs differ depending on their functions.

Disadvantages of sunroof in cars

Having a sunroof in your car can have its drawbacks. Some of the setbacks include wind, noise, and leakage. Some cars have a lot of wind noise, and other noises echo within the console when the sunroof is open.

In addition, the amount of wind coming in might also make you cold because it can blow right over the back seat passengers. Also, when opened, it gives room for dust to come into the car. Since these particles are not visible to us regularly, they contaminate our lungs without us realizing it.

How much does it cost to install a sunroof?

Can you install a sunroof in a car

The average cost for a complete sunroof removal is $123-$337. Factors that affect cost include the brand, make and model of the auto, type of sunroof system used by the vehicle, and the location. A full sunroof which includes the sliding panel and glass window, may cost up to $1,300.

Take note that Installing a sunroof will negatively affect the car’s value because of the perceived additional risk associated with that specific modification, so one must weigh the costs versus benefits before making such a decision.

How long does it take to install sunroof on a car?

The average installation time is one day. It is because most sunroof models are car-specific and involve professional installation. However, be sure to talk with your local installer before deciding on a model and approximate installation time.

The process of installing a sunroof is not as simple as one might think. The installation takes several steps, and improper installation can cause accidents, leaks, and other issues that can cause damage to the vehicle.

So, on average, you should expect the installer to have the car with him/her a day to have the sunroof fixed appropriately without any setback. However, it typically takes about 1 hour to install a sunroof using the standard sunroof installation kit. Some vehicles may take longer, and additional parts or tools may be required.

Can you remove sunroof from a car?

You can remove the sunroof from a car if you are sure of what you are doing. Not all sunroofs in cars can be removed. You can remove a sunroof from a car using simple tools and the right procedure.

The removal procedure will vary depending on the type of car you have. Still, generally, the process involves removing parts such as the headliner and windscreen, then removing the roof lining to reach the rails that hold the sunroof in place. So, it will never be an easy task and cost more than fixing a sunroof.

Can you install a sunroof on a car that doesn’t have one?

Sure, you can install a sunroof on a car that doesn’t have one. It’s easier to do that than to remove one from an existing car. Approaches vary, depending on whether you’re working with just the metal shell or a complete body.

But with some confidence, a few basic tools, and a surprising amount of time, you can add this fun feature to your next project. However, you should get it to the expert for safety and security reasons to do the installation. It will cost you some amount of money, but it is worth it in the long run.

Can sunroof be added to car?

Can you install a sunroof in a car

Yes, a sunroof can be added to your car. There are two ways to add the sunroof. One is the built-in sunroof, and the other one is a removable sunroof. The former one is a brand-new design, and after being installed on your car, you can enjoy the shining sun day from any place of your car.

The old (removable) one is only used to replace a broken or old one. A sunroof is a fairly common option that many people like to have in their cars. It creates lighter and makes it easier to enjoy the ride on warm days if they’re not stuck in a dark car with no air circulation.

To add to your car, just check if your car has an opening that could make a sunroof addition feasible if you have enough space and the right openings, you can add a sunroof too.

Can a dealership install a sunroof?

Sunroofs in today’s cars are a common manufacturer option for customers. Still, not all dealers offer sunroof installation on new cars because of the specialized training required and the cost of the machinery involved.

So, new and used car shoppers should know that if they want a sunroof installed, they may need to bring their car to a special shop because there are only a handful of dealerships nationwide with the expertise to install sunroofs.

If any dealer says they install sunproof, you should do your findings to ensure he is right about it. You can ask for proof and confirmation from previous customers he worked with. It is a delicate task, and you do not want to end up damaging your car due to installing a sunroof.

Is it expensive to install a sunroof?

The average price of a sunroof installation is around $1,000-$1200. Although this is high, it does not include any additional hardware or brackets that may be necessary for your particular model. For example, if you have a non-chambered hatchback, you may need to choose the correct bracket for your model.

The pricing of installing a sunroof also varies based on location, dealer, and the tools used in the installation. Also, the state you are doing it in might be a factor too. However, whether you are doing it in a local shop or a factory, it doesn’t come cheap.

Does sunroof weaken car?

There is a common myth that sunroofs weaken the structure of your car. It is unclear where this myth came from, but some experts believe it to be false propaganda spread in the early years of rolled-steel bodies, which may not have been as strong as modern aluminum.

However, modern cars are made up completely of different materials and are built with durability in mind. So, whether you drive a car with a sunroof or without one, be rest assured that it doesn’t weaken a car.

Do all sunroofs leak?

The answer is no, not all sunroofs leak. The best way to determine if your sunroof will leak is to examine the design and construction of your automobile. There are basically two different types of designed sunroofs with methods to keep them from leaking:

  1. Inline or fixed roof – This is a roof that does not tilt or slide back at all. It consists of a front glass panel and a plastic cover that mounts on top of this panel.
  2. Slide-back roof – This type of roof has a front glass panel rather than a cover on top. And you can slide to open and close.

So, to keep the inline or fixed roof from leaking, you need to ensure you clean the surface often and ensure water doesn’t stay on the surface for so long. Also, for the slide back, you need to ensure your installer uses a splash guard to prevent water from getting into the car. Closing it during snowfall or raining periods will also prevent water from getting into the car.

Sunroof installation near me

You should go with the simple way of locating the right dealer around you if you are planning to install a sunroof in your car. You can do that by searching around, asking your neighbors, or surfing online to find reliable and trusted dealers around you. Searching on Google is still the best option for me.

Sunroof installation cost near me

The cost of sunroof installation varies based on many factors. The best way to know the cost near you is to walk straight to any dealer shop and make your findings. The model of your car is also a factor that can influence the price.

So, once you get to the installer shop and after several inspections and research, you should get a price range for your car.

Is sunroof illegal?

In most states, a car’s sunroof is illegal. Sunroofs are generally illegal in the US due to safety regulations, but there are some cars on the market right now that can still have a retractable sunroof. There is a minor exception. So, your best bet is to call your local police department or the DMV and ask if there are any laws in the state you live in regarding a vehicle with a sunroof.

California law requires all vehicles to have a one-piece windshield for safety reasons. Some sunroofs (also called moonroofs) are not only illegal but also unsafe. If your vehicle was manufactured with aftermarket or modified sunroof, it is illegal and can compromise the integrity of the roof structure.

Panoramic sunroof installation

One of the most popular convertible roof options on the road today is the panoramic sunroof. This open-air experience provides the feeling of an outdoor environment in any weather. With a full-length glass roof and side glass panels, significant interior light is added to the car’s cabin. The panel’s position can be adjusted so that it does not obstruct your line of vision.

If you’re looking to add a little style to your car or truck, a panoramic sunroof is a perfect option. To install a panoramic sunroof, you need to get a qualified installer.

But before you choose a professional installer to install a panoramic sunroof, many factors should be considered. Make sure the installer you choose has been factory trained by the sunroof manufacturer and has experience installing these units. Factory training is critical since improper installation can cause leaks and premature sunroof failure.

Aftermarket sunroof installation

Installing an aftermarket sunroof is a complex process that requires the right tools, technical skills, and patience. You need to get the right installer to get the task done in the right way. Any mistake with the installation can lead to damages to the car.


If you are searching for an answer to the question can you install a sunroof in a car, I am glad you have found the right answer here. You should get a good installer to get the task done for you. A sunroof in a car can be very useful, but it is also important to choose the right sunroof.

The more popular types are fixed and sliding sunroofs. A fixed sunroof doesn’t open, and the sliding one does. Take some time to learn about each of them to better decide which type you want to install on your car.