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5 uniqueness of Hankook Dynapro AT2 Tire

hankook dynapro at2

The Hankook Dynapro AT2 tire is one of the best options for drivers who want a competitive all-terrain tire with excellent on and off-road handling. You can purchase the Dynapro AT2 in many sizes for many vehicles, so you should be able to find one that fits your ride nicely.

The Dynapro AT2 is the latest tire in the Dynapro series of tires by Hankook. Without a doubt, the Dynapro AT2 is a workhorse of a tire.

It performs significantly on the highway or in the mud and snow. The AT2 has new technology that improves handling stability in wet and dry driving conditions to ensure you are safe at all costs.

Every tire has a different purpose, and each tire is designed to handle specific conditions well. However, the Dynapro AT2 does not just deliver an excellent job in wet and dry conditions alone, and it gives stability and a comfortable ride too in any situation. So, it is one of the best you can consider for all terrains.

The Dynapro AT2 is a tire designed for SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans. It comes with solid tread blocks, making the tire expand and contract even with the highest intensity of braking or turning. This design provides the driver the excellent stability needed on icy roads.

Also, it is equipped with rigid tie bars that act as stabilizers for the tread blocks, thus enhancing comfort and handling. There is more to what the tire has to offer you, and you get to find out from the features and its performances on different terrains below.

Dynapro AT2 Features

hankook dynapro at2

1. Tread compound

The Tread compound of Dynapro AT2 is the crucial feature of the tire. It plays an essential role in providing traction when the tire moves on wet, snowy, and dry surfaces. This tire has a tread compound with better resistance to wear caused by underinflation, overloading, and high temperatures.

Also, the tread compound of the Dynapro AT2 was specifically formulated to improve fuel economy and provide cut and chip resistance on rough surfaces. It helps to extend the lifespan of the tire.

2. Rigid tie bars

The Dynapro AT2 Rigid tie bars are designed to be used to provide additional side-to-side rigidity for the vehicle. They attach between the amount on the chassis and an existing bracket on the chassis.

Also, the Tie bars help stabilize the tread blocks for improved ride comfort and driving in wet conditions, and steps on the edges reduce airborne noise coming from the symmetric tread pattern.

3. Wide multi-directional grooves

The Dynapro AT2 tires have deep, sweeping grooves that help channel away water. This reduces the risk of hydroplaning by allowing water to escape quickly and easily. The feature makes the tire a good one for you to drive in the rain and snow.

4. Three-ply casing

The Dynapro AT2 three-ply casing offers the shock absorbency and resilience to handle even the toughest roads, whether you’re traversing straightaways or taking curves. Also, it helps resist punctures and damage during off-road use.

5. Two high strength steel belts

The Dynapro AT2 is an all-weather truck tire that features steel belting and a tread design that provides enhanced performance both on and off the road. The steel belts are reinforced with two nylon cap plies to improve tire durability and high-speed capability.

Hankook Dynapro AT2 review

How will the Dynapro AT2 perform on different road surfaces? Will its performance be better than the dynapro atm on different terrains? Let’s find out.

Performance on dry road

The performance of the Dynapro AT2 is unquestionable with all the features it has in its belt. The tire can handle all dry road challenges even when the road is hot as a result of the weather condition. It has a tread pattern and design that helps to deliver the best performance on a dry road.

The handling of the road, the responsiveness to steering, cornering, braking, and all are just mind-blowing, which makes the tire the most preferred choice among drivers who know what it takes to have a good driving performance.

Performance on wet road

One could think the tire will fumble on a wet road, but it doesn’t. If you ever find yourself on a wet road or slippery surface, the tire is more than enough to get you out of the situation. It has a tread pattern that helps to resist hydroplaning and also dispel water beneath the tire.

The silica and sipe thus help to ensure that the tire has adequate contact with the road to ensure the grip and traction are effective for the perfect driving performance. The design of the tire doesn’t allow your vehicle to dance around, just like with some tires that struggle with traction.

Performance on snow and ice roads

Even though it was not designed to be a winter tire, it still has the feature that makes it perform mildly on any snow or icy road. It can get you out of any snow terrain as the tread pattern, and wide groove will help to get rid of snow to ensure you have the smoothest movement on such terrains.

Performance on off-road

The tire is not to be considered for off-road use. It doesn’t come with the stone ejector or feature that helps to dispel mud or helps it move smoothly on loose soil. However, the tire still has its way of moving around off-road obstacles and all thanks to the quality of the materials used in its construction.

It can withstand mild use off-road, but frequent use can reduce the wear life and lead to damages of the tire.


The tire comes with a 60000-mile treadwear warranty. It means Hankook has done great work to ensure the tire can serve you for a longer duration. The truth is that most drivers do opt for the tire for this reason.


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Hankook Dynapro AT2 is an all-season high-performance tire created for sport utility vehicles and trucks. It provides excellent handling and traction in dry, wet snow and rain while maintaining the durability and balance that’s needed for any driving condition.