What experts says about Hankook dynapro ht rh12 tire

If you are looking for tires that will keep your car stable in all situations, then the Hankook Dynapro HT is the best option for you. It is getting difficult to choose the right tires for your vehicle especially if you don’t have much information about the tire to select in the market.

The Dynapro HT is an all-season high-performance tire made for SUVs, trucks, and vans. It offers reasonable control and fuel efficiency while also having a tread life of 80,000 miles. The dynapro ht tires put up good scores on-road tests, and they get the nod from experts. It is becoming a familiar brand in the U.S. because of its versatility, quiet tread, and confident handling. 

The tires provide good traction on wet roads, but some drivers note that they are not as capable as top brands on uneven terrain or snowy conditions. The dynapro ht rh12 offers the proper traction that makes it an excellent choice for a winter ride.

So, our focus on the ht will be on the rh12. So, without much deliberation, let’s check out what makes the tire one of the best all-season tires for you to consider. 

Dynapro ht rh12 features

hankook dynapro ht rh12

The Dynapro HT RH12 has all the features you’d want in an all-terrain tire. Its construction makes it deliver well in off-road applications, and it is capable of providing traction and longevity on wet and dry roads.

The tire tread design with staggered shoulder blocks helps in enhancing handling in wet and muddy conditions. 

The tire’s wide tread offers optimal traction in most weather conditions, thanks to its deep sipes and large square-shaped outer blocks that form tubeless beads. Also, the circumferential grooves help evacuate water that comes into contact with the tire’s tread pattern.

The reinforced under-tread protective layer

The dynapro ht rh12 Reinforced under-tread protective layer has been developed to strengthen the tread region of the tire, providing a level of protection that is ideal for the requirements of 4×4 vehicles. 

In addition to adding cutting-edge technology and quality to the tire, the reinforcement layer helps protect against punctures that can occur by broken strands. Also, the layer helps in reducing road noise and improves comfort.

Tread compound

The dynapro ht rh12 offers outstanding traction in diverse applications, particularly during light to medium duty off-road driving. The tire features a potent tread compound with a specially devised block pattern that provides superior traction on wet, dry, and slippery surfaces.

High-tensile strength sidewall rubber

Some tires tend to lose their shape and structure upon impacts, which affects the tire’s lifespan. The story is different from the dynapro ht rh12. The tire has high tensile strength sidewall rubber that plays a significant role in keeping the tire in good shape.

Irrespective of the impact or rigor you expose the tire, the feature will help restore the tire’s shape and structure. It helps in ensuring the tire lasts longer.  

All-season purpose optimized cap tread

The dynapro ht rh12 walks straight into the heart of most drivers that love excellent performance without sacrificing their comfort and confidence to drive anywhere. The tire has an all-season purpose optimized cap tread that contributes to the performance of the tire. 

It makes the tire environmentally friendly with its optimized compound that provides long mileage, prevent chips, cut and abrasions, and also helps in improving the braking performance of the tire. So, you can be confident of using the tire anywhere anytime. 

Dynapro ht review

Performance on wet road

The Dynapro HT uses a unique pattern structure that provides excellent traction on wet surfaces. The sharp longitudinal grooves evacuate water effectively to provide superior traction and prevent hydroplaning. 

In addition, the grooves help with accelerating, braking, and cornering with confidence. Also, whenever the tire rotates, the sipe forms four continuous lines to bite into the road surface to ensure you get maximum grip and traction for good performance.

Also, it has been designed to reduce braking distances on wet, dry, snowy, and icy roads.

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Performance on snow

The dynapro ht tire is an excellent tire for light off-road use. The tire handles ten inches or more of snow and retains a decent amount of grip on snow-covered roads. Though not designed to be used in extreme weather conditions, the tires do well below zero temperatures. For other consideration, dynapro atm perform well on snow. 

Performance on dry road

The tire performs excellently on a dry road. It can go up to any length to deliver the best performance, even when the weather seems to be hot. The tire features help it provide the proper grip and traction needed for the best performance.

Apart from the fact that it keeps the car or vehicle stable and in good condition for you to enjoy every ride, its silent operation makes it appealing to all drivers. The steering responsiveness, handling, and cornering are superb, which is a reason to consider the tire for all kinds of road adventures.

Performance off-road

If you consider using it off-road, you might be ready to get a new tire soon. It can handle mild off-road use but not a severe one. It is never designed for off-road but still can deliver the best performance to take you out of any off-road mess. Also, dynapro hp2 thus performs greatly on off-road. 


The treadwear tells of how long you have to use the tire before getting a replacement. As it stands, Hankook gives the dynapro ht rh12 a 70,000-mile treadlife warranty for P-metric models, Which makes it the perfect choice for daily commuting.

Those that use the tire occasionally get to use it for more than 24 months. Its tread depth is deep, and it takes time for it to wear off. 



The Hankook Dynapro HT tire is a passenger car tire suitable for high-performance driving and handling applications. It delivers a smooth and quiet ride, responsive handling, and enhanced wet performance for a safe and enjoyable drive on all road surfaces. The tire features a dimensional groove design for low noise, excellent water dispersal performance to ensure minimal hydroplaning