Professional mechanic revelation on Hankook kinergy gt tires

The hankook kinergy gt tires are designed for the drivers of sports cars, sports sedans, and sporty crossovers. Hankook has incorporated a unique 2-ply hybrid construction in the tire to enhance ride comfort further, lateral stability, handling response, and wear life.

The kinergy gt superior traction and control are made possible by three things: the advanced micro-silica compound, precision siping, and the unique trigonous design. Also, it is a tire that enhance efficiency and performance due to high mileage, excellent fuel economy, low rolling resistance, reduced hydrocarbon emission, and extended tread life.

Also, the Hankook’s Kinergy GT comes with a revolutionary design that makes it perform better than all of the other tires on the market.

It has abilities that no other tire has ever had before, such as a low rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency, and even distributing weight more evenly throughout the tire. Also, it balances forces all around the tire so that there is less stress on each spot of the tire. 

Kinergy gt features

hankook kinergy gt

Tread pattern

The kinergy gt has a wide tread pattern for excellent wet grip and braking. While the outstanding cornering stability provides you with a safer drive. Also, the innovative tread pattern of the kinergy gt gives you supreme damp and dry grip on every road surface. 

Furthermore, the groove design creates channels between the main grooves for water to easily flow away from the contact area between the tire and the road. It thus makes water dispersal effortless, thereby ensuring a steady grip at all times.

In addition, a high number of biting edges boost lateral grip under extreme cornering conditions so that you can rely on an exceptional level of control at any speed.

Three Dimensional sipes

The kinergy gt three-dimensional sipes form a division line that brings the tire tread into focus and puts the tire’s technology on display in your vehicle.

The meshing of three-dimensional blades and staggered sipes maximize wet traction while maintaining a quiet and comfortable ride. It is the first tire in the industry to feature this three-dimensional structure sipes. 

Angled tread block

The kinergy gt h436 is a tire with fuel economy design and it helps to offer perfect all-season performance. It features angled tread grooves that are sculpted to channel away water and angled in sequence so that the tread blocks maintain straight contact with the road surface.

The kinergy gt features a bold, fresh design that makes an unmistakably bold statement. The hu-tech steering angle tread block alignment maximizes stability and reduces road noise for enhanced comfort. 

Also, the tread design dramatically improves wet traction with an innovative, robust 3D pattern that flexes with the contour of the road without sacrificing your comfort on paved road. 

Angled grooves

The new Kinergy GT is for sporty drivers who demand the best performance in all seasons. The tire comes with a vertically staggered groove structure and sipe size, increasing block stiffness to help reduce tire noise, body roll and enhance traction. 

The design of five wide circumferential grooves enhances cornering stability while directing water flow for outstanding wet-weather performance.

Asymmetric tread blocks provide dynamic lateral grip for acceleration and braking. While the vertical grooves with rear-facing edges provide exceptional straight-line braking performance and dry cornering stability

High grip silica compound

With its high grip silica compound, the kinergy GT is a tire on a mission. It offers a smooth, quiet ride with an angled tread block that tackles rain grooves safely and effectively in wet or dry conditions.

With Hankook’s Smart Slip Control Technology, hydroplaning is minimized, which enormously helps to improve handling on wet roads.

Jointless full cover reinforced belt

The kinergy gt Jointless full cover reinforced belt is a flat belt that supplies tires with less tension. It has steel cords that provide rubber compounds of high tensile performance and uniform thickness. Compared to the joint belt, it has three times higher strength and 1.5 times longer lifetime.

Wide steel belt layer

Wear-resistant steel-belted radials are available on most kinergy gt. They provide 25% of additional wear resistance in the tire’s sidewall to ensure you have to use it for a longer time.

Equilibrium carcass line

Material is not easily deformed, and once it is deformed, it will recover. This is not about the durability of the tire carcass but the sidewall in its entirety. Today, there are a large number of tires in the market with varying performance and seamless design.

However, the kinergy gt tire makes a better product in all areas. The tire has significantly improved by improving the stiffness material, rolling resistance, and rubber formulation.

High-stiffness bead filler

It is responsible for the steering responsiveness of the tire. It is super solid and tough to ensure the tire delivers the proper performance you need at all times. The tire can perform at any level with this feature, making it a good option for excellent and harsh weather conditions.

kinergy gt review

Performance on dry road

The dry performance of Kinergy GT tire shows strong braking and good throttle response, and the stability is also excellent. The performance of the tire on dry roadshows that it can offer stable handling for driving on highways and continuous cornering on high-spirited driving.

The tire is a strong performing and reliable tire that makes driving a pleasure. The Kinergy GT will help you get the most out of your vehicle, thereby allowing more excellent performance.

Performance on a wet road

When the roads are wet, it is essential to be in a car that will not move uncontrollably. This is where the  Kinergy GT comes into play as a fantastic all-season performance tire. It comes with a new patented technology that helps this tire have more traction and braking ability on wet roads.

It also offers excellent handling for those trying to avoid collisions. With its ability to handle wet weather and the added benefit of having a quiet ride, drivers will always enjoy the satisfaction with choosing this tire.

Performance on snow

Although the Kinergy gt is not a reasonable consideration for low-temperature conditions, it still performs significantly to ensure you don’t lose your control and balance whenever you have to drive over a pathway that is filled with snow.

The tire performs well during summer, but its traction needs improvement if you have to use it on a slippery or icy road surface. The Hankook Optimo H724 is another option to consider for snow road. 



The hankook kinergy gt is the best tire that many motor vehicle drivers in the world loves to use with their cars. When you are about to replace your tires, kinergy gt h436 will be a good choice.

It gives an all-season performance because it has a high level of traction and keeps its stability when you drive it on wet roads or snow roads during a rainy day.