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What experts says about Hankook Kinergy ST Tire

Hankook Kinergy ST

The Hankook Kinergy ST is Hankook Tire’s ultra-high-performance summer tire. It offers the best possible blend of sporty handling, superior grip, and long tread life. The Kinergy ST features a special abrasion-resistant rubber compound that produces less noise and fewer vibrations than tires with conventional compounds.

The tire has a high-performance tread pattern that ensures excellent wet grip and precise handling on dry pavement for a dynamic driving experience. Also, the tire is specifically designed for SUVs and crossover vehicles.

In addition, the construction makes it boasts of siping technology that minimizes the rolling resistance by 10 percent over all other tires in its competitive class.

The good side of the tire is that the construction design combines responsive handling with braking while maintaining long tread life. Furthermore, the tire features a silica tread compound and anti-abrasive under-construction belt for adequate handling on all terrains, excellent fuel economy, and low noise.

So, let’s check some of the features and the performance of the tire on different terrains. The outcome of the tire’s performance should help you in making the right choice when the time comes for you to get a new tire for your vehicle.

Kinergy ST features

Hankook Kinergy ST

Abrasion-resistant tread compound 

The all-new Kinergy ST tire features a newly reformulated Abrasion-resistant tread compound that combats cracking and chunking for enhanced long-term durability even on low-cost steel wheels.

The Kinergy ST tire tread compound was designed for high mileage and efficiency. This tread compound was developed to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions but also helps to deliver a ride that is smooth, quiet, and comfortable.

The whole primary role of the tread compound is to help extend the lifespan of the tire, so you don’t have to buy any tire soon, irrespective of how often you use your vehicle.

Jointless reinforced belt 

A reinforced belt can help resist several different factors that could lead to belt failure and keep your tire running smoothly. Kinergy ST tire is an excellent solution for vehicles where jointless and long-lasting belts are needed while achieving essential targets such as extending oil change intervals.

In addition, the Kinergy ST Jointless reinforced belt was specially developed to solve the noise and vibration problem on the road created by the tire/wheel assembly.

Two wide steel belts 

The Kinergy ST Two wide steel belts are broadly applied to improve vehicle driving performance. The work of the two wide steel belts is to help improve the tread stiffness of the tire for better handling and braking. When other tires find it hard with braking, the kinergy ST shows its prowess with excellent performance.

High-stiffness bead filler 

The Kinergy ST high-stiffness bead filler has been developed for vehicle models requiring high-stiffness performance. It has excellent thermal fatigue strength and good stiffness with superior heat-resistant qualities compared with other tires. The Kinergy ST high-stiffness bead filler is made of non-metallic fillers and unique synthetic rubber, making sidewalls stiffer for improved steering response.

70,000 Mile Warranty

Hankook has announced the Kinergy ST 70,000 Mile Warranty for the ST models. This more extended warranty beats all other tire warranties. Also, it is the first set of tires to receive GTR Certification from TUV Rheinland for their endurance and wet performance features.

Kinergy ST review

Performance on a wet road

The Kinergy ST is a tire designed for sporty driving in light rain and wet conditions. It provides excellent performance through its ability to resist hydroplaning and aquaplaning. The tread pattern design also contributes to good traction in the wet by helping evacuate water from the contact patch and reduce the vehicle’s potential for side slip when cornering.

Performance on dry road

The Kinergy ST is an all-season low-rolling-resistance tire intended for use on family passenger cars. It provides a good fuel economy and a smooth, quiet ride and responsive handling and stable steering response. Furthermore, the Kinergy ST performs well on dry roads, and it handles decently in light snow, but like most Hankook tires, it’s not designed to be driven for long distances in deep snow.

Performance on snow road

The Kinergy ST tire from hankook is a new generation winter tire that promotes a reasonable balance of an improvement in snow performance and wet road performance. The silica filler and uniform silica distribution enable the tire to effectively carry less slush onto the tread surface from the underneath area of the tire under extreme winter conditions. This innovative silica filler allows superior aquaplaning resistance through the wet-winter region of the snow handling curve.

Kinergy ST Noise

The Kinergy ST is a tire with a very low rolling resistance, and that’s why it also has a low noise level. Few people know that this is not just the specially designed tread but the noise-reducing structure of the tire itself.

Performance off-road

The Kinergy ST is designed for those who demand speed in harsh terrain. They’re made challenging for the world’s roughest tracks. The tire all-terrain versatility and straight-line stability allow you to drive through uncharted territory with confidence.

Also, it is a unique tire designed to deliver superb performance in off-road driving and low rolling resistance on-road. It accomplishes this through the use of several unique technologies. You can also try out kinergy gt for off-road use. 



Hankook Kinergy ST is an exceptionally high-performance all-season tire that sets the standard for its class. With a super-tough tread compound, the Kinergy ST is designed for optimum traction in wet and dry conditions and allows drivers to enjoy driving with confidence in a wide range of weather conditions.

The Kinergy ST gives you exceptional durability, fuel efficiency, and high-class performance for your unique driving experience. On the road, Kinergy ST tires set themselves apart from their competition. They had a comfort level similar to high-performance tires but with superior handling, excellent wet weather traction, and no highway noise. Hankook has done a fantastic job here.