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What experts says on Hankook Optimo h426 tires 2022

Knowing more information about this Hankook tires kinergy gt? This page is for you! Hankook is happy to announce the release of a new ultra-high-performance passenger tire that provides significantly enhanced driving performance even on wet and snowy roads. The Hankook Optimo h426 tires are the perfect choice for today’s modern vehicle.

With different sizes available from 15 to 20 inches, you’ve got no reason not to consider the Optimo h426. It has thousands of recommendations from drivers across the country, showing the tire is good for what it does.

The tire is undoubtedly one of Hankook’s grand touring all-season tires designed especially for sports cars like sedans and coupes. Apart from the attractive appearance, it gives the proper handling needed for the best driving performance.

Also, it is a symmetrical touring tire and it comes with a low-profile tread pattern, twin steel belts, and 3D waveform siping. The impact of the three features on the tire is outstanding wet performance, confident handling on different roads and grip on all surfaces.

Optimo h426 features

Hankook Optimo h426

Five pitch design

The tire’s construction boasts a five-pitch design that helps in optimizing the lateral grooves or the tire to reduce noise production whenever you drive on any terrain. The noise issue is not something you should bother yourself with, as Hankook perfectly sorts that out with this tire.

Also, Optimo h426 tires are made for your vehicle’s performance and safety. If you want to lower your standard tire pressure, they offer a 50% longer tread wear life, which means fewer miles between rotations. Also, it has a rubber compound that resists separation at high temperatures for high mileage.

Tread compound

The Optimo H426 tire comes with tread patterns made of medium and high-content rubber. The compound has been developed to address the increased demand in the field for high-performance passenger tires. Also, the base compound reduces rolling resistance and improves wet grip.

The tread compound combines the traditional high mileage characteristics of a silane-coupled EPDM rubber with environmental compatibility and low rolling resistance of fluor elastomers. It helps to broaden the lifetime of the tire unit without sacrificing performance.

Two wide steel belts

The Optimo h426 also comes with two wide steel belts that absorb shock on the road for a comfortable ride. It makes the tire an excellent choice for SUVs, Sedans, and some heavy pick-up trucks. The feature helps the tire with maximizing the amount of traction that is provided by the tread.

Also, it is responsible for the stability of the tire whenever you are driving at high speeds. Since it comes with a higher diameter than some other tires, it offers more contact areas with the road. Vibration can affect your balance and stability, and the feature helps to deal with that perfectly.

Stiff bead filler

Sometimes, people can be so bold that a tire is the absolute best, and they may or may not be correct. But if I were to make any such statement, it would have to be about the Optimo H426 stiff bead filler.

Though the basis of this assertion is simple, understanding it does require some care on my part. In all those years I’ve been driving around in Toronto, I’ve used plenty of tires.

Yet, nothing compares with the memory of travelling over my first pothole in a new set of Optimo H426.

The feature makes it one of the best to consider for challenging road conditions. It helps to offer improved steering and handling in any situation to ensure you remain in control of your vehicle and also stay comfortable anytime you have to drive along rough roads.

The Hankook Optimo H426 all-season tire is a great option for those on a budget. It offers good value for the money, with features that are important to many people. The tire has an all-season design, which means it will work well in any weather condition. Additionally, it is affordable to buy, making it an easy choice for anyone looking for a good all-season tire.

If you’re looking for a powerful all-around wheel, look no further than the Hankook Optimo H426 Radial 215/45R17 87H SL. This wheel is perfect for vehicles that need a lot of power and traction. It features a durable construction and offers great value for your money. Plus, it’s easy to get on the road with this wheel.

Optimo h426 review

Performance on a wet road

The company claims that this tire is specially designed to give you confidence during the harsh rainy season. Is it that great? Indeed, it has the tread pattern and design to help deliver the proper braking and handling on wet roads.

So, if you have to put the tire on a wet road, you don’t have to worry about performance, as you’ve got a tire that can handle all conditions perfectly.

Although it doesn’t have sipes to get rid of water beneath the tire, it thus has a tread that is solid to keep firm contact with the road surface.

Performance on dry roads

Hankook introduces the Optimo h426, a brand-new tire designed to dominate sub-zero weather and dry roads. The Optimo h426 claims performance superiority over its competitors through a combination of enhanced traction control systems.

It comes with specially engineered tread patterns, full-depth sipes, and grooves, as well as additional super-stiffening ribs for optimal firmness. Features such as these make the Optimo h426 on dry roads the preferred option for drivers in need of reliable winter weather driving performance.

The Optimo h426 is designed to dominate in sub-zero weather and dry roads. It produces superior performance over its competitors through enhanced traction control systems.

It comes with specially engineered tread patterns, full-depth grooves, and additional super-stiffening ribs for optimal firmness. Features such as these make the Optimo h426 on dry roads the preferred option for drivers in need of reliable summer weather driving performance.

Performance on snow

Winter won’t stand in the way of your driving with this winter tire. Hankook Optimo’s h426 performance on snow is top-notch. The patented Wet Grip compound and siping pattern help provide enhanced wet traction performance for safety during adverse driving conditions, such as rain and snow.

The Optimo h426 winter tire keeps you working without having to slow down. The tire features a tri-compound tread design that allows you to maintain traction even in the wettest conditions.

This Optimo h426 has a unique tread design to optimize performance on ice by dispersing water and snow for enhanced traction. The patented Z-shaped self-cleaning channels reduce snow accumulation for improved grip.

With wider studs for better traction in deeper snow, Optimo h426 on snow is an excellent choice if you need to tackle slush, packed snow, and packed ice all winter long. Also, kinergy st is a good option for snowy roads.

Noise control

The integration of Hankooks Optimo technology in this tire helps in the control of noise. The different profile designs and optimally positioned ribs along the tire sidewall effectively lower sound while maximizing stability and ride comfort.

Also, with season-long UV protection, the Optimo h426 remains free of cracking or other degradation caused by exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

Furthermore, the Optimo H426 utilizes a sponge material to help reduce road noise compared to the H425. You’ll notice a reduction in interior sounds, like wind and engine noise, which results in a quiet driving experience. For silent operation, Optimo h725 is also an option for you.


The Optimo h426 tire is designed to provide excellent driving comfort. The tire’s tread pattern has crumple grooves that add a practical stress dispersion function, which reduces road shock and vibration, leading to a smooth ride and longer tire life. Its distinctive continuous groove enhances wet performance for excellent handling even in wet and dry conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Is Optimo H426 a good tire?

What more can we say of a tire that offers the best performance on all fronts? It is just the best you can ever consider for all-season use. It has good dry traction and handling, and the braking and responsiveness of the steering on wet roads are top-notch.

Are Hankook kinergy gt tires directional? 

The Hankook kinergy gi tires are directional, which means they have a tread pattern engineered to send water in one specific direction when the tire is moving.

For this reason, Optimo H426 tires are perfect on the right and left sides of vehicles separately; using them on both sides simultaneously will cause water to be sprayed at an angle across your vehicle’s path. Optimo H426 tires also carry a 60,000-mile warranty from minimum wear under usual driving conditions.



Hankook Optimo h426 tire is specifically designed to give you the best driving experience while saving you petrol. This tire especially comes with tangential solid and radial rigidity, and this means that the tire can be used safely in wet and dry weather conditions. It also delivers good handling, and the control is excellent on both dry and wet roads.

The tire balances economy and comfort while giving an excellent performance on the road. This is genuinely the tire for all seasons. Enjoy a comfortable drive from spring to fall with our ultra-light and challenging tread pattern.

All-season tires are known to wear like winter tires, but Hankook maximize wear life with its latest tread compound design in high-density silica rubber. Be safe when the temperature drops in winter, knowing that your wheels won’t slip with Optimo h426’s ultimate ice traction capabilities.