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Home » Experts revelation on Hankook Optimo H724 tire 2022

Experts revelation on Hankook Optimo H724 tire 2022

Hankook Optimo H724

The Hankook Optimo H724 is a T or S speed-rated all-season tire that combines the features that make it fit perfectly for sporty coupes, sedans, minivans, and passenger SUVs. You can’t overlook the tire for many reasons, and the quiet operation with a 110,000 km limited tread-life warranty is a prominent reason.

The Hankook Optimo h724 tire p235/75r15 xl is a perfect choice for touring, and its outstanding performance makes it easy for any driver to take up and road adventure with grand style. From the look at the tire’s construction, you can boldly say it will make every ride fun and exciting.

So, without further talk to avoid any form of hype, let’s share some of the tire features that make it come on top of other tires you can consider for touring.

Optimo H724 features

Hankook Optimo H724

  • Lateral groove design

The Optimo H724 is blessed with a lateral groove and multiple circumferential chutes that support the tire to deal with water on the pathway efficiently. It makes it so easy for you to ride your vehicle with the tire on a wet road with the confidence that it can handle damp road challenges.

The groove removes the water beneath the tire and ensures you find it smooth to move on wet road surfaces. Its responsiveness in this area makes its traction and grip reliable for most drivers.

  • Tread block design

The tire comes with a computer-optimized tread block that boasts multiple points of siping for maximum traction on a slippery road. The rate at which the tire handles wet roads could make you think it is a winter tire, but it is not. It can perform exceptionally but not with some premium tires.

The block design makes it a super strong tire that stands up to highway demands. It helps the tire to move smoothly on any road and ensures you get the right balance and stability for all road adventures.

  • Five pitch based design

The contact patch of the tire boasts a 5th pitch-based design that helps the tire to create less noise on the road as the tire patch comes in contact with the road. Noise could make you lose interest in adventures, but the feature makes it easy for most drivers to decide on choosing the tire because of its quiet operation.

  • Solid center rib

Not all tires can sure keep your car or vehicle balanced whenever you are driving. Some show a sign of weakness with balance whenever you move on an uneven road surface. The story is different from Optimo H724.

The tire center rib design helps to enhance the tire’s treadwear, and it also helps to give the stability and fast responsiveness you need at low and high speeds.

Optimo H724 review

The tire comes with a mind-blowing treadwear life span that makes it a choice to consider for a long time. It is best for drivers that see tire acquisition as a good investment.

Apart from buying the tire because of its design, you will surely get to love it for its performance. The tire can deliver only the best in any condition. Convenience, ultra high performance and comfort are good reasons. You also need to consider the tire. It helps to provide the safest ride you ever love to have as a driver.

Performance on a wet road

The tire’s performance on a wet road is so good that it can move on wet roads without any problems. It has a sipe and groove, which helps to ensure the tire can move smoothly in damp and slippery conditions without you feeling any form of discomfort.

Also, the tire is not the type that you have to struggle with your movement on a wet surface. Some tires can make you lose control of car handling, and I once experienced ran through terrain filled with water in a day. Another option is dynapro ht for you.

Performance on dry road

The Optimo H724 performance on a dry road is top-notch as it is the primary reason it was created. It handles all road challenges both during cool and hot weather conditions. It moves smoothly on dry terrain and ensures you enjoy every minute you spend behind the wheel.

Also, the cornering, braking, and handling on dry roads make the tire an excellent choice for all-road adventures. Furthermore, it gives you the balance that you need to make all your driving fun and exciting.

Performance on off-road

The tire can perform greatly off-road and all thanks to the tread design and pattern. The tire can move on loose soil, rock, or mud area but it still doesn’t perform significantly compared to the performance of an off-road tire. Another option to consider is the Hankook Ventus s1 noble.

Frequently asked questions

How silent is the Optimo H724 tire?

The tire gives the road noise, which means it is not the type that should be regarded as a noisy tire, unlike those that make an unpleasant sound whenever you drive on highways.

Does the tire come with a tread that can handle mud?

The tire is not one that you should consider for mud conditions. It is not suitable for muddy areas because it lacks a mud ejector.

Is Optimo H724 very responsive?

For whatever reason you choose to get the tire, responsiveness is a significant factor. Most drivers opt for the tire, and it has never failed once with its performance on all roads.



Do you want to know more details or information about this tire? This page account is for you! We can guarantee that we can provide you with reviews, great quality,  durability and value of this product. The Hankook Tire Optimo H724 is one of the best all-terrain season tires for a truck, minivan, or other cars on the market. It provides excellent traction and handling in all weather conditions, making it a great choice for both daily driving and light off-roading. If you’re looking for a tire that can provide great security, it is an excellent choice for every driver that needs one top-notch tire that can handle all toad conditions, either in cold or hot weather seasons. It is an all-season tire, and it delivers nothing but the best on all fronts. Also, it has excellent treadwear, which makes it a tire you will use for a more extended period.