hankook optimo h725

Hankook optimo h725 review – Winter or summer tire?

The Hankook Optimo h725 is genuinely an excellent tire every driver needs for the best road performance. It’s on the top lineup of Hankook tires, and one of their best tires made so far. Letting you drive with better road comfort at high speed, smoother traction on snow and ice, durable design for maximum mileage, and many more than this tire can offer.

If you are searching for the best tire at a great price, the Optimo h725 is the one to get. The affordable tire offers robust performance and fits various classes of vehicles.

Also, the tire features both Energy Saver Technology, and as a result, has been labeled the most fuel-efficient tires to date. Introducing a new silica compound and NanoProcomp technology has proven to increase fuel efficiency by as much as 7% under certain driving conditions.

In addition, it is an all-season premium touring tire that combines comfort, durability, and performance into a quality tire at an affordable price. Also, the tire features a Multi-Hexagonal Polymer Matrix (MHPM), which gives it more flexibility in high heat while adding rigidity for low noise and long tread life.

Optimo h725 features

hankook optimo h725

The tread pattern of  Optimo h725 is a second-generation high-efficiency design that includes vertical and even circumferential grooves. The primary function of the grooves is for breaking water through optimum drainage performance.

Also, the Optimo H725 has a long interlocking center and intermediate buttons that allow it to provide shorter braking distances and better stability. The shoulder geometry maximizes the stiffness of the shoulder blocks while resisting irregular shoulder wear.

Furthermore, the Optimo H725 also offers four wide main grooves to easily displace water from the contact patch, as well as an abrasion-resistance tread compound to promote more extended wear and better fuel economy.

With an aggressive shoulder block design, this tire features an asymmetric tread pattern that helps with gas mileage and reduces road noise. At the same time, the 3-ply carcass provides the excellent ability in wet weather conditions.

This strong carcass with an optimized tread pattern and increased shoulder stability ensures the tire can withstand rough road surfaces. The comfortable highway ride makes it an ideal choice for long-distance driving.

All the features make the dynamic handling, and cornering properties provide a safe and secure driving experience in any weather condition.

Optimo h725 review

Performance on wet roads

Many factors impact the overall performance of tires on wet roads: the tire design, tread pattern, and tread compound. The Optimo h725 tires are designed to deliver superior driving performance on wet roads and provide long-lasting tread wear as it boasts of the three features.

It may be challenging to find good tire performance on snowy roads and damp sloshing puddles of mud and water when winter comes. But after testing Hankook’s new Optimo H725 on several tracks, it proved that even in tricky conditions like wet roads and constant rain, it can still provide a powerful grip.

Performance on dry roads

The Optimo H725 is a high-performance tire that has been designed to give drivers superb all-around performance on dry roads.

Also, Optimo H725 tires have a new polymer compound, which can offer the driver more grip, more stability, better performance, and fuel consumption on a dry road. In addition, they also boast of low noise levels even at high speed.

Performance on snow

The Optimo H725 is not a winter tire but still works well in snow, slush, ice, and other wintry road conditions. The tread design with sipes provides enhanced traction on snow and ice. This is one of the best choices for drivers looking for a tire that works year-round in all seasons.

Also, the H725 features a high kerf density that offers more biting edges to provide relentless traction on snow-covered pavement. However, since the kerfs are the first to fade away as the tire rolls on the ground, traction will diminish significantly.

Benefits of using the Optimo H725

The Optimo H725 is much better than most Hankook tires, even the h724. The tires are great on just about anything you put them on. Gravel, sand, snow, or pavement, they always seem to perform excellently.

The Optimo line of tires from Hankook has been around for a short time, but they have been improving on all grounds in that time, which makes them keep getting popular with customers’ reviews and recommendations.

Should you buy Optimo H725?

If you’re looking for a tire with excellent gas mileage, the  Optimo H725 is a good choice. But if you don’t care about gas mileage and want the best tire available, go with the Hankook Kinergy gt.

If you’re looking for a reliable tire that prioritizes comfort, more extended wear, and value for money, the Optimo H725 is an excellent choice.



The Hankook Optimo H725 is a high-performance summer car tire that combines exceptional value for money with outstanding driving performance. It is ideal for both light-duty and commercial vehicle use.

The H725 features an exclusive Hankook patented Slip Assistance Sidewinder Technology (SST), which allows the driver to steer with less effort by improving steering response at low speeds, reducing steering torque, and improving turning radius.

The result is a more comfortable drive with reduced fatigue on long journeys. For maximum safety and control in wet or oily road conditions, the H750 Radial Version is equipped with a reinforced bead that stays secure under heavy loading.