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How to open a car door that won’t open from the outside or inside?

How to open a car door that won't open from the outside or inside

A lot of folks find themselves locked out of their cars. Either the door won’t open at all, or maybe it closes a little too quickly, and as soon as it hits the frame, it slams shut. Then the challenge is how to open a car door that won’t open from the outside or inside. There are some things you can do depending on what’s going wrong.

Your best chance of opening a car door that won’t open from the outside or inside is by using the right tools, doing a good inspection to find out the cause, and using this article you will know the right or appropriate method to solve the problem. However, the first step is to discover why the car door has refused to open.

How to Get a Car Door Open That is Stuck? If you can’t find the latch, then you can try to turn the latch with a screwdriver. Alternatively, you can ask someone to hold the door for you. Make sure that the latch is properly rotated. If it isn’t, try pulling the handle again to see if the door latch is loosened.

Another way to open a stuck car door is to use a slipknot. This method works on older vehicles with a vertical post. However, it should be noted that it can damage the lock post if not done correctly. The difficulty level of this method will depend on the type of vertical post.

If the door latch is loosened but the door is still stuck, you can lubricate it. Using WD-40 will also clean out any rust or dirt from the mechanism and lubricate it.

Why will the car door refuse to open?

There are many problems and reasons why the car door will refuse to open. If you have tried to pull the handle, push the button, or open/close the door with nothing happening, the following below will help identify possible reasons and solutions.

Having a car door that won’t open can be extremely frustrating and stressful. It can become worse when it’s cold outside or the door is stuck in the closed position. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to this problem. The first thing you should do is to determine the cause. If you can’t identify the cause, you can call your mechanic.

Loose connection

A car door that won’t unlock is a typical problem. The most common cause of this issue is because the car door and the car body are not connected well. If there is a loose connection, the door will not unlock.

Once your car door has jammed or damaged connection, it will cause your car lock to stay unlocked. The cause could easily be traced down to a damaged connection to the car door latch. Whosoever is doing the diagnostic work should check all internal and external connections, the interior lock switch, and the door lock cylinder.

  • Solution

Once you have been able to detect the issues, you can start fixing the trouble with your car door. You can reach out for the right tools to fix it. However, some might require that you remove some part of the car door, and if you do not know how best to do this, you should get the car to your mechanic to do the job for you.

Dirt and dust accumulation

Sometimes, if you touch the hinge connection between your door your car frame, you will notice dirt or something oily. It is common in this area, and constant cleaning of this area will ensure a little buildup of dust and dirt.

However, failure to constantly clean this area will accumulate dust and dirt, and it can easily get the car door stuck at some point in time.

  • Solution

You should check if the reason for the frozen lock is caused by dirt, and the use of spray lubricant will help resolve the issue. Also, you can get the right solution by using greasing on the lock or hinge. The regular WD-40 will be a perfect choice for this task.

Once you are through with applying the lubricant, you can clean the hinge surface and ensure you get rid of the dirt.

Damaged door

If there is any chance that you get your car door damaged due to an accident or any other thing, it can affect the operation of the door and make it get jammed. In the wake of an accident, there is little to what you can do.

  • Solution

The right thing to do is to get your car to your mechanic to help you fix the issue as soon as possible.

Broken lock

If you have a broken lock in your car door, it will be so difficult for you to get through. Even if you use the remote control and the lock is bad, it will still be difficult to get through.

  • Solution

Once you have noticed that the car door lock is bad or damaged, you should get to a locksmith for the perfect solution. It is not something you can do all by yourself except if you are an automotive professional.


Due to a security feature included in some vehicles. Most modern vehicles are equipped with technology that makes it difficult to unlock the doors unless you have your car keys. If you have your keys with you at all times, you won’t have this problem.

Someone may have attempted to access your automobile without the keys if it has been deadlocked. You can easily resolve a deadlock situation if you have your keys with you. When there aren’t any, however, things get complex. If this is the case, you should seek expert assistance.

To traverse the exact sort of lockup your car’s model includes, you’ll need the assistance of a professional auto locksmith.

The car door won’t open after an accident?

It’s never a good feeling to be locked out of your car after an accident. With your door bent, your striker plate protruding, and handle useless (maybe even destroyed), you may struggle to get into your own car. The best thing you can do is to call your mechanic and have the issue fixed.

Most likely, the car has to be towed to the mechanic’s workshop if the mechanic can’t get through with the opening at the point of the accident.

How to open a deadlocked car door?

Anyone who uses a car knows the inconvenience of not being able to open the door with your key. This can happen if you lock your keys inside the car and have no other way to get inside, or it can happen when you lock your keys in the car, meaning there’s no way to unlock the door from the outside.

We have watched in the movies how some people find it easy to open a car door using tiny metal or wire. The chance of getting the door open with that method is slim. However, if you get anyone who can do it, you can try it out.

However, the right thing to do is to call your locksmith, and they will get over to provide the perfect solution.

How do you open a stuck car door latch?

It takes just a few minutes to do this if you ever want to give it a trial.

Step one 

Check the door latch near the handle on the side of the automobile door that won’t close; it should be locked in the closed position.

Step two

Place a screwdriver between the locked door latch’s legs. Any screwdriver that fits between the latches can be used.

Step three

Pull the exterior car door handle.

Step four

While the exterior door handle is being pulled, push the screwdriver against the left leg of the latch.

Step five

Use the screwdriver to carefully push the latch upwards into the final unlocked position.

Step six

Then get the car door closed to ensure the latch has been properly reset.

Can you open a car door with a screwdriver?

Yes. You do need to insert the screwdriver all the way into the slot in the door handle until it is touching the inner latch mechanism all the way through. You can then pull the latch knob out to pop open the latch with just enough force.

Why is my car door handle not working?

Your car door handle could be broken, so make sure you check it first before replacing the lock cylinder. Has someone been messing with your car, or did you just park your car, and the door falls open when you push it?

It could be a problem with the latch or your door lock mechanism. The thing is, there may also be a problem with the physical mechanics of the car door handle itself, which makes it rather difficult to diagnose.

What causes a car door not to latch?

The latch on a car door allows you to secure your vehicle from the outside. By pressing the release button on your door handle, you give it permission to unlatch and open. At times, however, the latch’s locking system can fail because of rust or corrosion or because it was never properly secured into place in the first place. Your door will no longer easily open or lock as designed when this happens.

Also, some common causes might be:

The catch is dirty and needs to be lubricated.

The remote release is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

The door panel is misaligned, and it may need to be adjusted, or the hinge pin may need re-installed in its correct keyhole.

How do I unfreeze my car door latch?

To unfreeze the latch on your car door, you will need to find a way to take the latch mechanism apart. A section controls the latch within the door frame that has a rod running through it. You will have to get the rod moving in order to unlock your door.

In most cases, you will be able to do this by blowing hot air into it or by utilizing compressed air. Once you have that released and the latch freed up, you can use it to manually unlock your car door. When you get back in your vehicle, make sure that there is enough heat coming from your vehicle’s interior so that the latch does not freeze again.

Will rubbing alcohol unfreeze car doors?

Yes, rubbing alcohol can melt ice and if it does, rub the door down with a rag, make sure that it is not damp, and then just spray some on the door edge itself or put the rag on the door, then rub it open. That should do it but always check with your mechanic.

Rubbing alcohol can unfreeze car doors. Rubbing alcohol is extremely flammable and should be handled with care, so it does not contact a heat source. The rubbing alcohol will thaw the door lock and enable you to access your vehicle.

How do you keep car door locks from freezing?

If you live in an area where the temperature gets really cold, you have probably experienced that it is more difficult to open your car door if the lock freezes. This can be quite irritating. Luckily, you can take a few simple steps to avoid the situation and keep your door from freezing.

Sealing your car doors from the elements is a must if you want to prevent ice from building up and possibly freezing your locks shut. The best thing is to use a car cover on your car as it will prevent direct exposure to the ice.


A car door that won’t open is a frustrating and potentially dangerous situation. How to open a car door that won’t open from the outside or inside? You can find out the right solution to the question on this page. We have got you covered on this page.