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5 simples steps on how to remove a stuck flat tire

how to remove a stuck flat tire

Having a flat tire is enough to spoil one’s day, not to talk of battling with a stuck tire that get stuck to the wheel hub as a  result of rust. It can be frustrating, I must confess. So, I have the privilege to share how to remove a stuck flat tire on your own on this page. Does that mean you don’t need an expert? Yes, you do not need one.

You can remove stuck flat tire by applying anti-rust penetrating spray on the tire and the wheel hub of the car. The spray content will break down the rust particles and makes the tire easy to come off from the wheel. There are other ways which i have discussed below in this article. 

But before I go straight to reveal what you can do, don’t you think we should check out some causes of the stiffness or reason the tire can get stuck?

Why does the tire get stuck?

Tire gets stuck due to one particular reason, and it’s known as rust. The cause of rust on your tire-wheel hub and the holes of the nut is caused by frequent driving through the water pathway.

So, due to water exposure and the quickness of rust formation when water stays longer on metal, the hub is likely to get rust and keep the tire stuck.

Also, when the tires in your car are not rotated frequently, they can get stuck. That shows the importance of rotating tires often. Leaving the tires in the car for months or longer will increase the tire’s chance of getting stuck.

How to remove a stuck wheel

how to remove a stuck flat tire

There are ways you can remove the tire that gets stuck to the wheel hub. I am going to share with you the safe methods. Why do I say safe method? I have tried some methods, and I ended up getting my wrist injured, and in another scenario, I damaged the tire.

So, let’s go through some safe methods to easily remove a stuck tire from the wheel hub.

1. Keep the tire free to rotate

If you want to remove the tire from your car, it is expected that you should lift the car, and I can assume you’ve done that. Before you lift the car, you should loosen the nut a bit when you are yet to lift the car.

Once you have lifted the car, you can use the wrench to remove all the nut lug from the wheel. It will make it easy for you to remove the tire since it is free for rotation.

2. Try rotating the tire

Sometimes, you can easily deal with the stubborn tire that refuses to come off the wheel hub by placing your hand on it to rotate it. You need to exert pressure doing this.

You should rotate in the right direction and then to the left with the motive to make the tire free from the wheel hub. If the cause for the stickiness is fair or mild, you will notice the tire will move while you rotate. Then you can try the rotation many times until you are sure it is a fee for you to remove from the wheel hub.

3. Using a hammer to hit the tire rim

If all your effort with the rotation method proved abortive, you should know you are up for something serious. The next thing is to try hitting the tire to free it. Sometimes I hit a part of the tire with my leg with force, and it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Either way, it is not a method you want to try because you could injure yourself. So, get a thick wood and lay hold of your hammer. You should place the wood on the tire’s rim at the top end and hit the hammer on it with force.

You should hold the hammer with your dominant hand while holding the wood with your second hand. You should apply force when hitting the wood. Doing this for few minutes will get you the result you need.

It might look like a fruitless attempt in the first place, but persistence in hitting the top or bottom of the tire will help to cause separation with the wheel hub. Once you notice that the tire is free, you can remove it with your hand.

4. Applying force with an iron bar

With this method, you need to get a strong iron bar. You will position it in any space you find between the wheel hub and wheel and then push or pull depending on your positioning.

Once you have been able to get a place to insert the iron bar, the rest is history as long as you can exert the amount of pressure required to remove the tire.

5. Apply rust penetrating spray

It might be the last option to settle for. If you find out that the tire is still not showing any sign of getting off the wheel hub, you should consider applying the spray.

There are different types of sprays out there in the market that you can consider. You need to get one that meets your budget.

You should spray the holes of the lug nuts and every other area of the wheel. Allow the spray to spread evenly and settle on the wheel hub. Once that is done, you should find it so easy to remove the tire.

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how to remove a stuck flat tire

Preventing stuck wheels

I am sure you must be familiar with the word that says prevention is better than cure. That’s true with the way you handle your car tires.

It is better to put a measure in place to prevent stuck wheels than to go through the stress of fixing them. Once you have removed the tire from a wheel hub, you should scrub the wheel hub and bolts using a metal bristle brush.

The process will help you get rid of the rust that is causing the tire to get stuck to the wheel hub. Also, you should spray an anti-rust solution on it which will help to prevent the future formation of rust on the wheel hub.

How do you get a flat tire off that is stuck?

You can get a flat tire stuck off from the wheel hub by exerting pressure on the tire once you have removed all the lug nuts.

To do that, you need to remove all the lug nuts after raising or lifting the car with a jack, and then it gives you the freedom to move the tire.

You just need to push the tire on one part of it, apply rust-free spray on the wheel, or use the iron bar to push or pull it. Any of the methods mentioned will help remove the stuck flat tire.

How do you get a tire off that is rusted on?

The best way you can get a tire stuck as a result of rust from the wheel hub is through an anti-rust spray. Once you apply the spray on the wheel, you need to leave and allow it to spread to the whole part of the wheel. It should get east to get off in some minutes.

However, there are some other things you can try such as:

  1. Try soaking the tire with water and letting it set overnight. If that doesn’t work, try applying some WD-40 or similar lubricant around the rusted area and let it sit for a few hours before trying again.
  2. If neither of those options work, you may need to apply heat to the rust so it softens up enough to remove it easily with a screwdriver or pry bar. If this is your last resort, make sure to use caution as any inflamed metal could potentially cause sparks or fire if exposed to open flames for long periods of time (or even just hot water).
  3. If you’re still stuck after all that, there are plenty of other options available at your local auto parts store or online. Just make sure you do some research first so you know what kind of product will work best for your specific situation

How do you get a stuck tire off without a hammer?

Sometimes, you do not have to be aggressive with the process of removing a stuck tire from the wheel hub. All you need is just the right tool and method.

You can gently push the upper part of the tire with your two hands while you exert more force to remove it. It works for me, but not the first attempt will get you the result.

Also, you might want to call for help or get an anti-rust spray to ease and get rid of the rust formation on the wheel so you can easily remove the tire.

How do I remove a stuck lug nut?

Sometimes some lug nuts are so stubborn that you find it hard to remove. With all effort and trial, they still will not come off. In this situation, you should get a mechanic to help you with the task.

Not all can do the task anyway, but those with an advanced wrench tool will find it easy to remove. Using an advanced wrench will make the task easy than using the manual one.

Also, another way is to apply anti-rust spray on the lug nut area and allow the solution to get through to each hole. That should work wonder if the spray solution gets even to all areas.

Should I loosen Lug nuts before jacking the car?

You should loosen the lug nuts before jacking the car a bit if you are using a manual wrench. If you are using an electric wrench, you have nothing to worry about regarding when to loosen lug nuts or not. You should start with using the manual wrench to a certain level to make it easy for you to lose the nut since the tire will be free when jacked up.

Is it OK to lubricate lug nuts?

Some find it as the right thing to do to prevent rust, and I must say it works. I once had an issue with a lug nut I find hard to tighten to its housing due to rust.

All I had to do was lubricate it with grease and then try to screw it in again, and it worked. So, lubricating a lug nut is never the wrong thing to do.

Can you put Anti-seize on lug nuts?

Yes. You can anti-seize lug nuts. It makes it easy for you or anyone to lose and screw in the nuts when you have to remove the tire.

It is a measure that most people use to prevent rust. So saving yourself the stress of battling with stuck lug nut with anti-seize is a good thing to do.

How tight should lug nuts be?

You should be careful when tightening the lug nuts. You can get too tight and break loose, which will cause a lot of issues with keeping the tire firm, and you might find it hard to remove too.

Some nuts require that you don’t go too hard on them as they will get back to good shape once you drive some miles. You should know when to stop as soon you notice the nut is hard on the wheel for safety reasons. You should not push too hard.

Is there a tightening pattern when tightening the lug nuts?

There is no pattern with tightening lug nuts. You should only know the opposite direction to which you loosen them is the right way to tighten the nuts. It is as simple as that.


On this page, I give extensive information on how to remove a stuck flat tire on your own without the help of anyone. You are likely to face this challenge once or more in a lifetime. So, you should know how to deal with stuck tire with the information I have here for you.