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7 reasons StabiliTrak light come on and how to turn off stabilitrak

How to Turn off StabiliTrak

The StabiliTrak is an electronic device designed to help cars drive smoother. It automatically senses if your car is trying to roll over and then uses the electronic control system to help make sure your car doesn’t roll over. Most drivers don’t need to turn on StabiliTrak, but how to turn off StabiliTrak might be a challenge to some.

If your Stabilitrak light comes on intermittently, it may be time to look at the source of the problem. If you suspect that the power cord is the issue, you should replace it. If you’re not sure whether the power cord is the cause of the problem, head to your nearest store and ask a salesperson. There’s no shame in admitting that you can’t fix the light—but at least you’ll know where to find help if things don’t work out.

How to Fix a Stabilitrak Light that Comes on Inconsistently.

Stabilitrak is a light that comes on intermittently. This can be caused by a number of things, such as an overheating battery, a low voltage in the system, or a broken wire. To fix a Stabilitrak light that comes on intermittently, you will need to:

1) Remove the battery and replace it with a new one

2) Check the power cord and plug it in correctly

3) Check the light switch for proper operation

4) Fix any broken wires

5) Repair the lightbulb

The StabiliTrak can be on or off. To turn off the Stabilitrak:

  • Press the traction control button on the steering wheel and release it immediately.
  • Press and hold the control button for a short period. The service traction control warning indicator light will turn off as a result.
  • Take note that the turning off is not the same for all cars.
  • Check your car manual on where to locate the traction control button.

As you know, that the StabiliTrak is a handling system that helps keep your vehicle on the road. It uses sensors to monitor your steering wheel position, acceleration, and braking to help you when you are on a slippery road or the driver in front of you makes an unexpected stop.

It is a dynamic stability enhancement system and has two modes: On and Off. When the vehicle starts to enter the skid, StabiliTrak senses the skid and slightly reduces engine power. It enables the tires to regain traction and avoid wheel slip.

What is StabiliTrak?

what is stabilitrak

StabiliTrak is a car electronic stability control (ESC) system. It helps to maintain your vehicle’s directional stability on low-traction surfaces, during high cornering, and when driving in adverse weather conditions such as snow, rain, and ice.

The system features sensors that detect when a skid occurs via data from the ABS (antilock braking system), throttle input, and traction control systems.

For example, suppose you are driving on a slippery surface. In that case, the system will automatically apply the brakes individually to one or more wheels when needed, helping to correct the skid and keep you centered on the road. StabiliTrak is available on a wide variety of car models.

Importance of StabiliTrak on cars?

Without StabiliTrak, drivers may experience a “runaway” feeling when the vehicle begins to drift. This is because the front wheels are not steered in the same direction as they travel. You may feel as though you are losing control of the vehicle.

If you were to take your hands off of the steering wheel and no longer be touching the pedals, there is nothing that would keep the truck from continuing to turn or skidding until either it stops or you regain control by applying pressure to the brake pedal and/or steering wheel.

The StabiliTrak uses sensors at both ends of your vehicle to detect when your vehicle starts to lose traction on one or more tires. So, it helps provide directional stability by applying a corrective force on your steering wheel and/or reducing engine power through an electronic throttle control system.

How does StabiliTrak work?

The StabiliTrak is a suite of technologies that use sensors, sophisticated software, and a power control module to help keep your car in its lane. It is designed to enhance curves, slushy roads, wet roads, and other challenging conditions.

It operates only when it senses danger through the use of electronic sensors. The sensor helps to monitor driver input and road conditions, then automatically helps the vehicle recover to stability if it detects a loss of control. It is in charge and monitors the steering wheel and pedals and can apply individual brakes or reduce engine power as needed.

Why does StabiliTrak light come on?

how to turn off stabilitrak

StabiliTrak is already monitoring how you drive and will turn on if it senses a difference in how you are driving. The StabiliTrak light will come on when you lightly press the gas pedal and start getting closer to an object in front of you. Below are reasons the light will come on.

1. Front suspension stabilizer [lifter]

The StabiliTrak light comes on if one or both of the vehicle’s front suspension stabilizer bars do not move. This means something is wrong with the stabilizer bars (called the Lifter). Any sign of failure to the lifter will cause the activation of the StabiliTrak, and the light will be seen on your dashboard on one of the gauges.

2. Brake switch

If a vehicle has a faulty brake switch or sensor, the StabiliTrak light will arrive. Also, it will come on as a secondary indicator if the anti-lock braking system, traction control system, or electronic stability control system has been disabled.

On some models, the StabiliTrak light may flash briefly when you start your vehicle or if there is a problem with the StabiliTrak system, such as a bad steering wheel speed sensor.

3. Misfiring engine

It could be a misfire in a single cylinder, a stalling engine, or another problem. With any of this, the StabiliTrak system light comes on to alert you that there may be an issue with your vehicle’s driving dynamics.

4. Bad ABS sensors

The StabiliTrak system uses ABS sensors to monitor vehicle steering inputs and take corrective action when needed. The StabiliTrak system turns on a yellow light on your instrument panel when activated. This lets you know the system is working to help keep the vehicle in its current position. So, if there is an issue with the sensor, the light will always come on.

5. Bad fuel pump

The StabiliTrak light comes on for different reasons, including bad fuel pump. So if the light comes on, one of the things you should check is the fuel pump.

6. A defective throttle position sensor

The StabiliTrak light will come on from time to time if there is a faulty throttle position sensor. The light will come on when it detects a problem with the throttle position sensor or yaw sensor, based on diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) stored in the powertrain control module (PCM).

Other components that can cause this code include the exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR), the oxygen sensor(s), camshaft sensor(s), crankshaft/camshaft position sensors, ignition coils, and spark plugs.

7. Old or defective spark plugs

The StabiliTrak Light comes on when the stability control system is not working properly, and one common reason is old or defective spark plugs. If the plugs are not firing correctly, the engine will lose power or stall completely.

Another possible cause of the problem could be a faulty ignition coil. This car also controls power and engine performance, especially at high speeds. One more issue could be a broken steering pump belt. This is one of the reasons why StabiliTrak Light comes on too.

StabiliTrak sensor location

The StabiliTrak sensor is fastened to the car’s underbody between the front strut towers, although sometimes it can be located in other places, depending on the model.

Also, to locate the StabiliTrak sensor, you will need to open your hood. You will need to locate the ABS module on the driver’s side of the car and find where the wire harness is plugged into it.

The location varies, and it is different in different cars. So you should reach out to the car manufacturer’s manual and get to see where the StabiliTrak sensor is located.

How to fix StabiliTrak?

If you want to six the StabiliTrak light, you should get to know why the light came on in the first place. The light will never come on in the first place for no reason. So, making the findings to know the reason is the first thing to do.

Once you get to know the reason, you can go on with fixing it. If the cause is something you can fix, you should then do it.

  • Switch off the car
  • Press the ESC on the steering, and it can be located somewhere else with your car. Revert to your manual to locate where the ESC is located.
  • Long press it while you switch on the car
  • Keep pressing for a few minutes and leave it.
  • Then press at the interval and switch off the car.
  • You should then switch on the car, and the light will be off from the dashboard.

That method should work for most cars. However, if the light fails to come off, you might have to get your car to the mechanic as it might result from something that could be worse and needs quick attention.

How to reset service StabiliTrak light?

If the StabiliTrak light comes on, it indicates a hardware or software problem with the car. You can solve the problem by pressing the traction control button on the handle. On the other hand, you can follow your automaker’s procedure. This is no different from the steps below for some cars.

However, you must run the necessary diagnostic tests before resetting the StabiliTrak light service. Your system only communicates with troubleshooting lights. Here are some simple steps you can take to get the process started.

Step 1: First, press the StabiliTrak button manually if it is disabled due to some weather conditions. After making sure that the system is ready for use, complete the steps

Step 2: turn your car steering clockwise to see if the light will come off. If it does come off, In this case, your vehicle does not require any additional maintenance. But if not, follow the third step.

Step 3: Turn off your car, wait 15 minutes, then turn on the car. Ensure that the DIC message indicating that your vehicle no longer needs to be repaired is gone. Contact a professional repair shop or local car dealer if the message persists.

The most important part is long-pressing the traction control button before and after switching on the car.

How to Turn off StabiliTrak?

How to Turn off StabiliTrak

There are many ways you can turn off the StabiliTrak light on your own if the cause is a minor issue. However, if it is not a minor issue, it is advised that you get the car to the mechanic to fix it and switch off the lights. What are the things you can do?

  • Drive for some minutes

The light will come on when it notices you are losing control of your car. So, driving slowly and being in control can get the message back to the sensor that all is in good condition. Once the message has been passed, the light should go off.

So, driving slowly for a while can solve the issue, and after driving for some miles, you should get to the mechanic as soon as possible.

  • Use the traction control button.

For several reasons, the light might choose to come on. So every car has a button that you can use to switch off the light manually. You should locate ESC on your car steering, and it can be different with your car.

After starting your car, look for the ESC, ESP, or DSC switch, press it, and hold for three to five seconds. If you can’t locate any of those, you should check your car manual to locate it IB your car. Once you do, just press for some minutes.

Once you do, you should switch off the car and leave it for 15 mins or more than switch it in. The light should go off, and if it doesn’t, you need to get it to the mechanic for further observation.

  • Total car scanning 

Recently it took a long time for me to service my car, and then I got the maintenance check light with StabiliTrak light on, and it refused to go off after servicing the car. I had to take it to the mechanic, where a complete car scanning was done.

The cause was known, and the mechanic was able to get the light off with his tool. So, it is the best option and should not cost you more. Driving with the light one doesn’t seem safe to me, and it shouldn’t be for you too.

How to fix StabiliTrak on different cars

If you want to disable Stabilitrak on your particular vehicle, here are some instructions:

1. Silverado

Steps to troubleshooting the Stabilitrak system on a Chevrolet Silverado include checking tire air pressure and tire alignment. To avoid false readings, regularly update the vehicle dialogue. Using the scan tool while reviewing dashboard warning  lights messages may resolve issues. Use the OBD-II interface to clear codes and reset the system.

2. Ford

You can turn off Stabilitrak in your Ford by following these steps:

  1. Press and hold the “M” button until the “Driving Mode” screen appears on your dashboard display.
  2. Select “Stabilitrak” using the up or down arrows on the steering wheel.
  3. Press and hold the “+” button to turn off Stabilitrak, or press it twice if you want to turn it back on again.

3. Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s Stabilitrak system is a safety feature that helps you maintain control of your vehicle if it begins to skid. It automatically applies brakes and reduces engine power to help keep you on the road. In some cases when you are driving, you may need to turn off Stabilitrak in order to deal with an emergency situation.

Turning off stabilitrak can be done by pressing the hazard lights button twice. This will disable the system for about one minute. You can also turn off Stabilitrak by pressing the brake pedal twice and holding it down for two seconds.

4. Toyota

Turning off Stabilitrak is a simple process that can be done in a few minutes. All you need to do is find the switch that controls it.

The first thing you want to do is locate the switch that turns off Stabilitrak. This can be a little tricky, as Toyota doesn’t make it very easy for you to find. Once you’ve located the switch, it’s time to turn it off!

Shutting down Stabilitrak is an easy process, but there are some things that you need to know before doing so. For example, you should never shut down Stabilitrak while driving or if the vehicle is moving at all because this could cause serious damage or injury for both yourself and others around you.

It’s also important not to turn off Stabilitrak when driving over steep hills or through deep puddles because these conditions could cause issues with your car’s stability control system and make it difficult for other drivers around them as well (which could lead them into dangerous situations).

5. Jeep

If you have a Jeep, you’re probably familiar with Stabilitrak. It’s a system designed to help drivers stay in control by keeping the vehicle on course when it would otherwise be inclined to veer off-road or swerve. But what if you want to turn off Stabilitrak? Here’s how:

Turning the Stabilitrak (the stability control system) off is a simple process on a Jeep.

Step 1: Turn on your vehicle and put it in park.

Step 2: Push the Stabilitrak button at the bottom of your instrument panel.

Step 3: Push the RESET button until you hear two beeps, then release it and wait for another set of beeps.

Step 4: Push the RESET button again to turn off Stabilitrak.

Service Stabilitrak cost

You can repair or fix your StabiliTrak or traction control system between the range of $ 80 and $ 190.

Sometimes your car has a Service StabiliTrak problem with a missing sensor. This can mean saving up to $ 250 to $ 400 on purchasing a new sensor for your car.

If the Service StabiliTrak warning light has no apparent reason, thoroughly inspect it before taking action. You should not always drive with the light on. This requires you to get help from the nearest auto repair shop or dealer.

Is it safe to drive with StabiliTrak off?

Yes, it is safe to drive with StabiliTrak off. Stabilitrak maintains vehicle stability while braking and while cornering in adverse road conditions, but it is not a substitute for safe driving practices. Always be prepared to stop quickly and safely in conditions such as ice and snow or rain and wet roads.

What causes Service Stabilitrak light to come on?

How to Turn off StabiliTrak

This Check Engine light indicates either a problem with the ignition coils or a misfire, which could cause poor gas mileage, engine stall, or rough idling. Some possible causes of this malfunction include old or defective spark plugs, a clogged catalytic converter, or faulty fuel injectors.

If the plugs are not firing correctly, the engine will lose power or stall completely. Another possible cause of the problem could be a faulty ignition coil. This car also controls power and engine performance, especially at high speeds. One more issue could be a broken steering pump belt. This is actually one of the reasons why StabiliTrak Light comes on too.

Also, bad fuel pump, faulty ABS sensor, brake switch, bad fuel pump, and many more are the common reasons the light will come on. And when it does, you need to get your car to your mechanic to run a check on your vehicle to detect the fault and provide a possible solution.

What causes traction control to malfunction?

Traction control was developed to help drivers maintain full control of their vehicles on wet and slippery roads, especially when going around corners. Malfunctioning traction control will cause the vehicle to suddenly stop the rotation of the tires, making the vehicle difficult to steer, with the potential of spinning out and crashing.

Many times, traction control malfunctions due to faulty sensors. The tire pressure sensor monitors the air pressure in each tire and sends a signal to the computer for analysis. A warning message will be displayed on the vehicle’s centralized display if an issue is detected. Also, look for problems with the throttle position sensor.

This sensor allows the computer to monitor how far open the throttle is and works in conjunction with the brake pressure sensor to deactivate traction control if you step on the brake pedal when using this function.

What is traction control?

Traction control is a vehicle safety system that helps you maintain your grip on the road. You’ll find it on higher-end vehicles and in some of the most advanced models, including many SUVs, sedans, and cars. More common in modern vehicles, traction control monitors how fast each wheel is spinning in relation to the others.

If one is turning faster than the others on slippery roads or when driving up an incline, the stability system kicks in to slow down that wheel automatically so that none of them spin out of control.

How much is it to fix traction control?

The costs to repair traction control differ depending on the vehicle’s type of repair, year and model, and labor prices in that area. The number of hours the technician puts into diagnosing your vehicle will also impact the price. The average cost for repairing traction control is $200-$300, but you can shop around for better pricing as well as request a quote for an accurate price quote.

How does traction control work?

Traction control is a safety feature used in all vehicles that have four or more wheels. Traction control works by measuring data from each wheel and if any one of them is spinning at a different speed, the computer automatically cuts power to that wheel to reduce traction loss.

It works in a way to prevent spinning and sliding. Related in concept to antilock brakes, traction control systems use sensors to determine when one or more wheels are spinning faster than the others, apply the brakes to that wheel, thus stabilizing the car.

It does this by adjusting the power delivered to the wheels, specifically when one or more of them is slipping. There are several systems on today’s cars – some available on all four wheels and some only on specific conditions, such as exceeding a pre-set maximum vehicle speed or when cornering.


If you want to know how to turn off the StabiliTrak lights, then you are just in the right place. We have all the right information you need on this page. Also, we cover some other aspects you need to know as we are concerned about serving you with the best information.

When fixing a Stabilitrak light that comes on intermittently, it’s important to use a booklet and cordless drill to fix the light, check the light’s voltage and lamp, check the light’s canopy, and check the light’s switch. If everything else fails, you can use a heat gun or thumb heater to fix the light.