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All seasons Kumho Crugen HT51 tire performance

kumho Crugen HT51

Looking for a quality tire designed to protect you in all driving conditions, the Kumho Crugen HT51 is the ultimate in premium all-season tires. The hybrid multi-tread pattern works for wet or dry roads, giving you more traction and better handling than ever before.

Whether you’re driving on mountain roads or the busiest city streets, Kumho tires can give you an added sense of security. Ht51 tires combine quality and value to create the perfect tire choice for many drivers.

Also, the tire is an all-season performance tire for modern crossovers and sport utility vehicles. The IRC rating means it performs well in all weather conditions, including winter. It has a sleek design and comes with four circumferential grooves.

The Kumho Crugen HT51 tire delivers outstanding performance in rugged terrain while offering ruggedly good looks. Also, the Crugen’s aggressive tread design keeps you well planted on any surface, whether you’re heading down the highway, off-road, or over the mountain.

In addition, it has thick sidewall protectors, which help ward off-road hazards and promote longer-lasting tires.

The Crugen HT51 is an ultra-high-performance radial that delivers superior handling, tight turning, quiet ride, excellent stability, and keeping the tire’s shoulder clean. It is also built with a durable steel belt which ensures a low-profile appearance and extra strength to handle heavy loader applications.

Furthermore, the high technology tire incorporates a high polymer tread compound to enhance all-season performance, fine texture shoulder to provide dry and wet grip, sipes to enhance braking efficiency, and unique sidewall construction to resist lateral torsion for excellent handling stability.

kumho Crugen HT51

Why should you buy Kumho Crugen HT51 tires?

The Kumho crugen ht51 tire delivers top-notch handling and braking on both wet and snowy roads. It has a tread pattern that provides solid traction on rain or snow. With year-round use, your tires will wear evenly and remain consistent.

Also, Its innovative design gives your car a sports car feeling, makes you have fun driving without any worry about tire safety.

It creates more comfortable drive performances with some great features, such as silica compound increased handiness; dual compound gives some extra traction, super high traction groove become a better performance in operation on a wet surface.

kumho Crugen HT51 features

The features of the tire are its buildup. They make up the tire and give it the strength and power to perform on any road condition.

Tread design and pattern

The special tread pattern of crugen ht51 tires produces a high degree of traction, especially on wet roads. This distinct pattern provides an aggressive biting surface with many edges to grip the road with less slipping.

It has been developed with a complex manufacturing method using various molding processes and the latest materials available. The pattern is composed of large biting edges with alternating siping, which determines the cross-section structure. With its superb performance on wet and dry surfaces, Kumho crugen ht51 has won a reputation as a high-quality tire that can withstand anything.

3D Siping technology

The siping technology that Kumho has integrated into the crugen ht51 tire creates channels inside the tire that de-bead water, allowing it to flow freely through the tire. This siping technology remains protected under the tread for maximum traction and long-lasting durability.

Now you can experience enhanced grip, better tread wear, less noise, and longer mileage with the siping technology of the crugen ht51 tire.

Sidewall construction

This innovative sidewall design allows optimal contact with the road surface at high speeds, reducing rolling resistance and improving handling.

The Sidewalls provide cushioning to the steel belts or cords that give radial tires their section or sidewall strength. It also serves as the attachment area for other tire rubber components, including tread, liner, and belt edge guards.

The sidewall itself is made up of several components. While manufacturing methods vary based on geographic location, all sidewalls are made up of similar types of parts. Here are Kumho crugen ht51 tire sidewall features.


Also, Kumho crugen ht51 is an ideal tire for all vehicles, including cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, and even RVs. The tire has many different grooves that absorb water effectively to keep the tire rolling straight despite adverse weather conditions like snow, ice, or rain. Moreover, the tire has a special compound that provides increased traction, strong road holding ability, and enhanced safety to the driver.

kumho Crugen HT51 review

Performance on a wet road

When it comes to wet roads, there is nothing more important than a safe, smooth ride. The crugen ht51 from Kumho tires gives you that and more. The tread compound that the crugen ht51 is made from allows for a smooth ride that can outperform some of the best tires in wet road conditions.

Also, The Crugen HT51 tire is specifically designed to conquer wet road conditions. These tires are advanced with a dual silica overwrap which enhances the footprint for improved traction and handling.

In addition, it is an ultra-high-performance tire that brings high technology to the urban driving environment. The Crugen HT51 provides outstanding performance, making it easy to drive smoothly on wet roads.

Performance on a dry road

With seven circumferential tread grooves and tread blocks designed for precise side bite, the Crugen HT51 delivers exceptional traction on dry roads. In testing, it produced quick cornering and a high level of stability at higher speeds and over rough road surfaces.

Also, the Crugen HT51 offers a unique combination of comfort, safety, and fuel economy. The tread pattern design effectively sheds stones from the tire’s path for added traction and safety in dry conditions.

Performance off-road

Kumho Crugen HT51 tire is designed for multiple off-road adventures under any weather situation. Its tread compound helps maintain traction on all types of terrains, including wet ones.

Also, the tire features a high lug-count design that distributes biting edges over a large area to improve biting performance. The Crugen HT51 features an aggressive side-lobe design that improves stability and road-holding capability, improving handling in off-road situations.

In addition, the Crugen HT51 tire will transform your truck’s off-road performance. The Crugen HT51 has great power for outstanding traction, especially off-road. Special high-tensile cords are used to reinforce the sidewalls to make them resistant to stone or nail puncture.

Performance on snow road

If you live in snowy areas of the country, look to the Kumho Crugen HT51 tire for added safety on wet, cold roads. This tire features enhanced snow road performance with a super flexible tread compound that grips slippery surfaces. Its sturdy tread puncture belt surrounded by a reinforced sidewall protector also keeps you secure on rough roads.

Treadwear warranty

The tire can last you for a longer period. It can go as long as serving you for 3 to 5 years under moderate usage. The P-metric has a 70000-mileage warranty while the Lt- metric has a 45000-mileage warranty.

Frequently asked questions

Are Kumho Crugen tires good?

When you search for a tire that can keep you safe in any condition, the Kumho Crugen is the right choice for you. The tire has all the features and comes with a solid design, and is great for all conditions.

How many ply is Kumho Crugen HT51?

The Crugen HT51 has 10 ply

How long do Kumho Crugen tires last?

Depending on the type you get, you should expect the tire to last within 40000 to 80000 miles.


If you want to go anywhere, regardless of the conditions outside, then the Kumho Crugen HT51 is your tire. It’s ideal for sports utility vehicles (SUVs), all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicles, and light trucks. The Kumho Crugen HT51 tire comes with an innovative tread compound specially designed to resist hydroplaning on wet surfaces, regardless of how many straight grooves there are. It also features an offset center groove that improves handling on snowy roads.