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Home » All season Kumho road venture at51 tire review 2022

All season Kumho road venture at51 tire review 2022

Kumho Road Venture AT51

The Kumho road venture AT51 tires are a good choice for those who want an all-season tire for their family vehicle. The road venture AT51 is commended for its high grip in both wet and dry conditions, and it has key features that make it an excellent choice for many vehicles.

There are various other brands of tires in the same price range as the road venture AT51, but few match the high heat tolerance as these tires do.

Also, the Venture AT51 tire is a great go-anywhere, do-anything tire. It provides a smooth ride on any terrain. It has high-performance limits and offers good fuel economy but can sometimes be noisy. If you need a tire that can get you through tough weather, the Venture AT51 may be the right choice for you.

In addition, the construction and design of the Road Venture AT51 tire make it provide exceptional road grip and handling while withstanding the stress of everyday driving.

Also, utilizing an eco-friendly rubber compound, the Venture AT51 performs at a high level in wet and dry conditions, including temperatures below freezing. It also has low noise and vibration levels to keep you comfortable on every journey.

Kumho Road Venture AT51 review

What makes Kumho road venture at51 unique?

For a well-rounded tire, nothing beats the Road Venture AT51. The Kumho Road Venture AT51 is a strong no-frills tire used on some of the largest SUV and Truck applications available. The tire offers excellent wear in all conditions while providing you with an all-year-round performance.

Also, the AT51 is an all-season tire that performs well in most weather conditions, including snow and slush. The tire’s thin tread design and wide circumferential grooves allow water to easily clear away before things get too slippery.

In addition, the Dual Soft Chamfer Tread design provides a quiet and comfortable ride while maintaining consistent and even traction.

Kumho road venture at51 features

What are the features of the tire? It is important you know the features as they contribute to the performance of the tire.

  • Circumferential zig-zag groove

The Kumho road venture AT51 tire circumferential Zig-Zag groove is made for the long haul. In other words, you’ll have a hard time finding a tire that handles better than the Kumho.

What’s the point in spending all day on the road if your car sounds like it should be towed back home? With the Kumho, you’ll never have to worry about that happening to you again.

With 50% more biting edges than a traditional tire, the Kumho road venture AT51 tire circumferential Zig-Zag groove enables exceptional handling in dry and wet conditions.

  • Stone ejector

The venture AT51 tire has a rugged appearance with a stone ejector feature and all-terrain construction paired nicely with a quiet ride and good traction.

The road venture AT51 is an all-terrain tire that can handle highways and travel off-roads. With its attractive sidewall and some of the best traction you could ask for in a tire at this price point, this Kumho is a true contender among the other midclass tires on the market today.

  • Bead design

Also, the venture AT51 tire bead design is matched with Kumho‘s patented rubber compound to provide a comfortable and quiet ride. Thanks to the special siping pattern on the tread surface, it delivers excellent handling and cornering in wet conditions.

  • Tread design

The Kumho AT51 has a tread design that offers a great ride on wet and dry streets. The vertical grooves channel water away from the contact point, so driving in rainy conditions is safer.

Its new tread compound provides excellent traction in all weather conditions, even off-road. This ensures you enjoy your road trip all the time. Also, the tread pattern of the venture AT51 tire is designed to deliver the best possible traction in rain and snow. All with the help of advanced water drainage that prevents hydroplaning and aquaplaning.

Also, the AT51 tires deliver extreme performance with an optimized tread design for excellent traction on wet and dry roads. It has asymmetric tread blocks, a wide circumferential groove, and a continuous center rib for enhanced handling capability and resistance to hydroplaning.

  • Siping technology

The road venture AT51 tire sipping technology is an advanced design that maximizes grip and tread life. The sipping grooves and sipes work in tandem to increase cornering grip, improve wet weather traction, and speed up the drying process so you can keep on moving.

Not only do they have many tread grooves and a few blocks, but they also have random sipping holes that help give them good wear and better grip ability. The sipping groove depth between the block and diamond groove blocks helps increase load capacity and reduces hydroplaning.

  • Sidewall construction

The AT51’s unique 3-ply sidewall gives you maximum sidewall strength and flexibility. This tire is designed for comfortable performance and stable handling on the highway. The advanced compound provides improved traction and longer tread life, while the Optimized Balance Graduation design balances good wear and fuel efficiency benefits.

Kumho road venture at51 review

With all the tire features, you should be so sure it will perform greatly on different road surfaces. Can we be so sure about that? Let us find out.

Performance on a wet road

The Venture AT51 tires provide wet road performance and responsive handling with a design that maximizes carrying capacity, versatility, and stability. They complement the Kumho range of light trucks and SUVs, including Sorento, Optimo HDX, Sportrak EX, and k2.

Also, the venture AT51 has combined modern design and advanced technology to create the best possible performance for everyday driving.

It features circumferential grooves that remove water from the tire’s path and long diagonal grooves at the edge of the tire to completely clear away water from the tread area. It ensures superior handling when driving in wet conditions.

In addition, the tire meets the needs of most drivers in most weather conditions. The innovative tread design helps maintain optimal contact with wet road surfaces to achieve better handling while maintaining a quiet ride. If your vehicle requires a load rating, you may want to consider upgrading to the Kumho premier AT51 tire, which features a higher load rating.

Performance on dry road

The venture AT51 is a high-end touring tire that offers performance and comfort for your road adventure. This tire is ideal for the driver who drives on dry roads and highways. The tire’s tread pattern design provides longer wear and resistance to hydroplaning.

The towing ability, stability, and cornering balance of the tire help you drive confidently, and the rubber compound provides super-strong wear-resistant protection against stone damage.

Also, the tire delivers great traction and performance as it combines the ruggedness, tread life, and on- and off-road traction of a full-size off-road radial tire with a comfortable on-road ride. With its performance on a dry road, you can tell it is built for trucks and SUVs.

Performance off-road

The Kumho road venture AT51 is a light truck tire that offers off-road performance. The tire’s signature groove direction helps provide excellent traction on gravelly, muddy, soft, and snowy terrain. Its fast mud evacuation also delivers good water discharge capabilities for high mileage driving.

It is designed to deliver better all-terrain traction and handling in mud, snow, or rocks. It offers enhanced comfort, stability, and control, so you can tackle the rough stuff with ease. The deep tread pattern provides surefooted traction for your daily commute and weekend adventure.

In addition, It is an off-road driving tire that has been developed for optimal performance on gravel, light snow, and hard-packed surfaces. The iROAD Technology allows for enhanced control, wet traction, and handling on paved and unpaved roads. This tire has been developed with a high silica content to improve durability in harsh conditions and a more rugged tread design to withstand the elements.

Kumho Road Venture AT51 price

The Kumho Road Venture AT51 is a long-lasting set of tires designed to hold up light truck and SUV usage. The 60,000-mile tread life rating on this tire is pretty unheard of in the industry and means that you will be saving a bundle by buying these instead of some of the competitors. The Kumho AT51 gives you comfort and versatility at a great price.

You will spend hundreds of dollars to get the tire, and the price varies based on the marketplace you are buying the tire from, as many sellers such as Walmart, tire track, and Amazon.

Kumho Road Venture AT51 fuel economy

Kumho Road Venture AT51 tires deliver better fuel economy, offer great stability and handling, and are more puncture-resistant than almost all other premium all-season tires. That’s why so many people choose the Kumho Road Venture AT51 as their go-to tire.

Also, it is a budget-friendly towing tire for most full-size SUVs, 4WDs, and minivans. Great traction on wet road surfaces and highways and high resistance to irregular wear make this tire ideal for use under heavy highway loads.

Kumho Road Venture AT51 size

The Kumho Road Venture AT51 is a nice low-cost tire that offers above-average fuel economy. You can find this tire in 14-inch sizes that would fit many small cars, but you can also find it in 15-inch sizes that might work fine on minivans, SUV or truck applications.


The tire is perfect for handling a variety of road conditions; the Kumho Road Venture AT51 tires feature strong and durable sidewalls, plus an optimal balance of control and ride comfort. All details and information is given a great warranty that they are all fact and got no problem when you purchase them. Its innovative tread design offers an excellent grip on the road thanks to its extra-strong shoulder blocks and intricate grooves, creating a stable base to resist hydroplaning.