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Is Michelin pilot sport 4s tire better than super sport?

Michelin pilot sport 4s

The Michelin pilot sport 4s is Michelin’s response to creating a better replacement for the pilot supersport. You can tell from the design and features that it is an ultra-high-performing tire that will match any demand from any road surface.

This pilot sport 4s review will expose all you need to know about the tire if you ever find yourself in the market with the need for a new tire. It is designed for sports cars, and it delivers unparalleled driving pleasure.

For every driver who loves road adventures, it is the right tire to consider. It has exceptional steering with precise and accurate directional stability, which makes it deliver exemplary performance without sacrificing your comfort and safety whenever you drive with the tire.

The tire is outstanding on all fronts, and it is costly because of its astonishing performance on all terrains. The truth remains that only a few premium tires out there in the market can perform to the standard of pilot sport 4s tires.

Michelin pilot sport 4s features

Michelin pilot sport 4s

Now, let’s check out the real deal about the pilot sport 4s tire. There is more you need to know about the tires, and you are about to get to know them without restrictions.

  • Tread design

The tread design of the tire boasts a compound that is strong to handle any challenging condition. It has a rubber that helps in enhancing the handling and the braking of the tire. The tire has both wet and dry rubber compounds that help ensure the performance on the two surfaces is solid.

Also, the tread design has a computer-moulded variable compact patch 3.0 that helps optimize the pressure distribution across the contact patch. The design helps to improve the wear performance of the tire, which lasts longer too.

  • Silica wet compound

The wet silica compound is situated in the center of the rib and the inboard shoulders, which is the secret to the tire’s ability in handling wet road challenges. It helps to ensure you can drive smoothly on wet roads with good handling and braking.

  • Acoustic technology

The acoustic technology is also included in the construction of pilot sport 4s. It plays a significant role in dampening the sound to ensure the tire is quiet on the road. Not all models come with this sound-absorbing foam, which is why most drivers opt for the pilot sport 4s above any other.

Michelin pilot sport 4s review

Performance on a wet road

It could be a cause of worry for anyone considering the tire is a summer tire, but it has got some fantastic features that make it ideal for you to use on wet roads. It has the proper handling and braking with the help of traction and grip from its durable tread pattern and design.

It is not a choice to consider for the winter season because you will do a lot of damage to the tire than better. The traction on icy or snowy roads needs improvement.

Performance on dry roads

It is designed for dry roads, and it can perform at any length irrespective of how cool or hot the weather condition turns out in the day. It has all that is required to move smoothly on dry highways, thereby delivering the proper performance every driver needs to claim they had fun.

Using the tire gives peace of mind. The comfort, convenience, and stable condition of your car are always one reason you should opt for it. It is not a good one for off-road because it lacks the qualities of off-road tires except if you intend to damage the tire.

Michelin pilot sport 4s tread life

With the 30000-mile treadwear warranty, you can tell that the tire doesn’t have the rating compared to some of its competitors, but it thus has a long lifespan that will serve you for a longer period. The tire has rubber bars that help you know the level of the wear but only get to reveal itself once the tire starts to wear down.

Michelin pilot sport 4s sizes

There are different sizes of the pilot sport 4s options out there on the market. It is important that you choose the right tire for the size of your rim. Getting the wrong tire, even if it is a quality one, will affect your performance.

To its name, you’ve got 34 new sizes, which means the pilot sport 4s has a total of 76 sizes. You need to ensure you check the width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter before you choose any of the sizes on the market.

Michelin pilot sport 4s price

Whatever is built with high-quality material is known to be expensive, and that is the same with pilot sport 4s. It comes expensive, and it is worth every penny you are spending on it.

It has that is required to justify its price, and its performance is topnotch for you to overlook. With hundreds of dollars, you can acquire this tire from any local store or online store.

Does the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 have rim protection?

Yes, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 has rim protection. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is fortified with bumpers that provide a strong layer of protection between your car and the curb. It has a rim guard system that will run along the bead and the sidewall of the tire to ensure extra protection from rocks and road debris.

What is the recommended tire pressure for a Michelin Pilot sport 4S?

The correct tire pressure for the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S depends on which type of vehicle you are driving. Add 15 pounds to the recommended pressure for your car, truck, or SUV to get the recommended pressure for your Pilot Sport 4S.

The Michelin Tire Pilot Sport 4s is recommended to be inflated to around 35 PSI. More information on specific tire sizes and pressure should be in your car manual and you should read it to know the right one for you.

Why is the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S so good?

The Pilot Sport 4S has been selected by thousands of experts, including Car and Driver, MotorTrend, and Automobile Magazine, as the best premium all-season tire. With unparalleled performance in wet and dry conditions, the Pilot Sport 4S outperforms its competitors by maintaining traction on all roads.

Michelin pilot sport 4s temperature range

The Michelin pilot sport 4s is said to show a sign of weakness or less vibrancy with performance under weather conditions below 40F. Also, at a temperature below 20F, the tire will likely develop surface cracks in the upper sidewall and tread area if flexed.

Michelin pilot sport 4s vs super sport

Michelin makes it known that the Pilot sport 4S tire has a 9% longer tread life than the outgoing Pilot Super Sport. So, it means you have an extension to the treadwear life shelf of the tire compared to the super sport. So, if you are looking for a tire that lasts longer, you should opt for the sports 4s.

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Is Pilot Sport 4S worth it?

There is no controversy about the fact that pilot 4s is worth every penny you spend on it. If you are looking for a high-performing tire, it is just the right deal for you. The tire delivers the right level of grip, traction, and handling, which makes the tire amazing on all fronts.

How long do Pilot Sport 4S tires last?

The tire can last you more than a year if you are not a heavy user. It has good treadwear miles of about a 30000-mile warranty, which is enough to carry you through one year or more. You start to see the wear as the tread of the tire starts to wear down.

Is Pilot Sport 4S all season?

The tire is one that you can always rely on for all-season use. It delivers proper performance on dry road, wet and icy or snowy roads. The steering responsiveness, handling, and braking are pleasing to give you the confidence that you need to drive in any season.

The movement of the tire on the highway is smooth and perfect for the best driving performance. It doesn’t make noise, and the balance and stability it gives on all road surfaces are second to none.

Is Pilot Sport 4S loud?

Whatever Michelin has done to this tire, they have got to receive credit for it. The Pilot Sport 4S construction boasts technology that helps in dampening sound and vibration from the road whenever the tire is in motion.

Can you drive a Pilot Sport 4S in winter?

The tread pattern of the tire gives it the ability to cut through snow to some certain level, and so, considering if you can drive with the tire during winter, yes you can, but it must not be used frequently during winter because it is a super-performing summer tire. The pilot sport 4s cold-weather performance makes it a great choice for winter.

Are Pilot Sport 4S comfortable?

If comfort and convenience are all you ever need for a tire, then you’ve got the right to spend your money on the Pilot Sport 4S. Its ability to keep the car in a stable condition under any circumstances is its secret to keeping you convenient and comfortable.

No driver has ever complained about the performance of the tire, and if you are the type that loves road adventure, the Pilot Sport 4S is there to give you the performance you will always love to have over and over again. Looking for a comfortable tire from other brands Falken wild peak ht is the best option.

Is the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S good in the rain?

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S has excellent tires for the rain. First, they’re not exceedingly expensive. Second, they’re not too loud in the rain like some other summer tires. Third, they help keep your traction with a good grip on dry roads as well.

Alternatives to Michelin Pilot sport 4S tire

MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport Performance Radial Tire

The MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport is a high-performance tire that is compatible with specific makes and models of performance sedans. It delivers excellent handling, responsiveness, and a smooth ride. The MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport Tire features High-Performance Sports Technology (HPS) that provides a more comfortable, confident ride in all weather conditions.

The plus-size tread design gives you the ultimate grip on dry and wet surfaces, while the high-tensile steel belt and tread compound provide strength and durability. Engineered to outperform, the tires feature a unique diagonal tread design to enhance steering response, a unique tread compound that provides a soft comfortable ride and reduces resistance for better fuel economy.

Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Radial

The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Radial is among the most advanced high-performance summer tires available today. They have been specifically designed to deliver high levels of performance, safety, and driving comfort for your vehicle. The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Radial has a strong lateral force resistance capacity and excellent acceleration on wet roads. It also has a very good quietness factor, although it is not the quietest.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 is for everyday performance in all conditions. The new generation tire has been completely redesigned to meet the highest standards, with a more precise steering curve, improved contact with the road, and lower rolling resistance. Its complex treads and advanced materials provide safety and stability in all driving conditions.

Michelin 39527 Pilot Super Sport Performance Radial Tire

The Michelin Super Sport tire comes with innovative technology that provides a smooth, quiet ride and extraordinary performance. This tire features an asymmetric tread pattern and the design helps prevent irregular tread wear and cupping, which leads to extra traction and longer tread life.


The Michelin pilot sport 4s tire is all that you need if you are on the search for an ultra-performing tire. It is built with a system and technology that ensures you enjoy a quiet ride on all the terrain. For every road adventure with a tire, you’ve got a positive thing to say.