Nankang conqueror at-5

Nankang conqueror at-5 tire review – All-season tire

The Nankang conqueror at-5 tire is designed to handle the challenges of today’s cars and trucks. The tread compound combined with the wide footprint assist in today’s control, steering, and gripping demands. It is an all-weather, all-terrain tire that can handle anything thrown at it.

It has quality features which makes it super solid to be considered for towing. You can’t overlook the tire for any others if you are into towing business with your truck.

In addition, the Conqueror AT-5 is the ultimate SUV/light truck tire. It performs exceptionally well in all conditions. The unique tread design and siping, and wide grooves provide excellent traction and handling on dry and wet roads.

All SUVs, pickups, and crossover owners will appreciate this tire with their car because of its performance on a dry and wet highway. It has a special rib pattern that helps in delivering maximum traction and grip for safe driving.

Car enthusiasts searching for a tire will allow them to conquer the track, and the road can now find solace with Conqueror AT5 from Nankang.

The tread pattern of this high-performance all-terrain tire ensures superb handling in wet weather and outstanding control on dry roads. The rubber compound used in the tires is designed to improve mileage and make your car even safer.

In addition, the secret to the tire’s performance is in its design, which boasts of a cord traction technology that uses a pneumatic mesh embedded in the tire’s shoulder.

It makes it easy for the tire to overcome any difficult terrain. So, it is no surprise why the tire can perform round the year without any hassles. So, let’s check out the features of this quality tire.

Nankang conqueror at-5 features

Nankang conqueror at-5

There are some vitals or important aspects of the tire that makes it unique. They are the reason it can perform at any level to deliver the best performance. So, what are those features?

Three-ply sidewall

The Nankang Conqueror AT-5 is an all-terrain tire with excellent traction in mud, snow, or loose surfaces. It features a 3-ply sidewall for more punctures resistance. With a larger block pattern on the sidewall area, it provides strong sidewall protection for larger vehicles.

It is one of the reasons the tire lasts longer than others in its category. The protection the tire components have is massive, making it move up any mountain and take up any challenge in grand style.

With the sidewall construction, you can be such a sure impact and abrasion resistance. Also, the tire doesn’t just go flat from puncture, unlike other tires, because the protection is intact.

Circumferential groove

The conqueror at-5 tire boasts of enlarged circumferential groove, and you will see the depth of each groove is deeper than other ordinary tires. So with it, the tire has good wear resistance and good anti-impact capacity.

The groove ensures that you have the performance on wet roads to get rid of water on the road surface. It ensures that you get the right handling, cornering, and responsiveness you need for good driving performance.

Silica compound

Get superior handling and improved wet and snowy performance with the conqueror at-5 tire. The powerful tire has a silica compound that improves grip and traction. It has a great tread design that provides utmost stability and optimal traction in all weather conditions to keep you confident on the road every time you drive.

The silica in the tread compound is responsible for unmatched stability at high speed, sharp handling, and a smooth, quiet ride. So, with these features, you can be confident of using the tire during the winter season. It can handle wet and slippery road surfaces without any issue with balance.

Tread design

The conqueror at-5 tire tread design helps to provide excellent traction and handling on wet and dry pavement. The super rib pattern design provides even wear and ultra-high performance. Also, the tire has an all-season aggressive pattern that gives you the peace of mind that your tires will continue to perform in all road conditions.

In addition, the conqueror at-5 tire offers a dynamic off-road experience for all terrains while maintaining a lower level of noise and smooth ride. The tread design also helps pull all sorts of muck from the road while offering you confidence in handling off-road obstacles.

Nankang conqueror at-5 review

How well can the tire perform on different roads, and what should be your expectation from the tire if you invest your money in one? Let’s find out quickly.

Performance on a dry road

The conqueror at-5 tire dry road performance is for drivers who want great control across all road conditions. The at-5 tire can handle all dry road challenges with the help of the wide circumferential grooves that channel water away from the tire’s footprint.

The conqueror at-5 tire boasts of dry road performance with adequate cornering, braking, and handling stability with its design and features. Also, the tire aims to provide the best riding dry road comfort and long mileage with great dry road performance.

Performance on a wet road

The conqueror at-5 tire is designed to provide safety and stability on wet roads. The unique tread pattern, aggressive shoulder blocks, and large continuous center tread significantly improve bumpy and slippery roads’ safety and stability.

It has features such as the groove and silica compound, which help handle the challenges that come with wet road driving. The features ensure that you drive smoothly on wet and slippery terrains without having an issue with your balance.

In addition, its tread design also helps with reliable water evacuation, smooth ride with no irregular wear, exceptional grip levels for quick handling responses, excellent grip levels in wet weather conditions, and confident braking performance.

Performance off-road

The tire boasts of rugged shoulder and serrated sidewall, which helps to deliver off-road grip. It also has three-ply sidewalls that help with protecting the tire from abrasion and puncture whenever you drive on rough or muddy terrain.

Off-road terrains are filled with objects that can cut through to the tire and damage it, and the sidewall design is there to give the protection that the tire deserves.

Above all, the tire has an aggressive look and aggressive tread pattern designed for the adventurous driver. The tires are designed to last, featuring Diamond-shaped tread blocks that increase the amount of biting edges, while long sipes create channels in the tread pattern to channel away water, mud, snow, and dirt.

Towing performance

The Conqueror AT-5 is an all-terrain light truck tire offering good traction on both wet and dry surfaces. It also comes with Nankang’s quiet revolution technology, which lets it run quietly even when heavily loaded, making it the perfect tire for daily drivers.

Due to its design and construction, the tire boasts of great load capacity, and its features contribute to why it is considered the number one choice for towing.

Treadwear Warranty

The Nankang conqueror at-5 is a performance-oriented terrain all-season tire that meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of industry councils siping, four-season traction, snow traction, deep snow traction, and mud traction. It features Nankang patented high strength steel belt technology for improved tread life and ride stability, a large contact area with super-tough polyester cord body ply construction, all-terrain tread block shape for grip on tough surfaces.

It can last 50000 miles and more. The lifespan all depends on how you get to use the tire and your maintenance schedule for it. Also, there are some other Nankang tires you might want to check out on our pages, such as the ns25, As1, noble sport ns20, and sp9.


The Nankang conqueror at-5 series tires use a high-quality rubber compound and solid steel wire-wrapped bead to achieve high-performance levels and deliver handling and comfort that is among the best in its class. Nankang conqueror at-5 tires also feature a special tread compound formulated to help maintain a grip on wet surfaces for safer driving.