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Home » Experts review on Nankang noble sport ns-20 tire 2022

Experts review on Nankang noble sport ns-20 tire 2022

Nankang noble sport ns-20

The Nankang noble sport ns-20 is a high-quality tire that offers safety, durability, and cost performance. It is a summer season tire that works well in wet and dry conditions. It can help you to drive safely in various road conditions or environments.

The noble sport ns-20 tire is a summer radial that delivers exceptional handling and performance without sacrificing comfort.

You must know that the original Nankang NS series was developed to meet the specific requirements of SUV, 4WD, and other off-road vehicles. With its extensive range for various applications, the strength and quality of NANKANG NS20 can’t be overlooked.

Noble Sport ns20 is mainly for SUV, 4WD, Truck, and Motorcycle; suitable for the dry road; features include:

  1. Comfortable ride
  2. Wear Resistant
  3. High Speed & Long Time Driving
  4. Good self-balance
  5. Great wet performance
  6. Original steel wire design for stable driving experience

Nankang noble sport ns-20

Additionally, the Nankang NS-20 is a high-performance tire that delivers outstanding wear resistance while still providing an acceptable level of low rolling resistance.

The NS-20 features a unique dual-angle tread pattern. Also, the outer tread has stepped ridges, while the inner tread has shallow triangular projections that flex to conform to the road’s surface.

Also, its wet grip performance is enhanced by the special tread pattern, while durable construction ensures that it will last for years. While providing great durability and control, this tire is also lightweight and comfortable to drive on.

On all grounds, the tire has proven to be a great summer performer. Its unique high-stiffness sidewall enhances stability, allowing the driver to feel safe and confident in all weather conditions.

In addition, sport ns-20 tires are low noise, low temperature, and high mileage tires, providing you more safety than before.

Furthermore, the tire design and construction show it focuses on handling, lateral stiffness, and grip on wet surfaces to achieve a masterful balance of comfort and control. The unique tread design also allows for better traction on wet, dry, and even icy surfaces.

So let’s check through some amazing features of the tire that you need to know. The features are the composition that makes the tire unique and performs at a higher level.

Nankang tires ns 20 features

What are the features that make the tire so unique and stand out among other summer tires?

Straight wide grooves

The noble sport ns-20 tire groove helps reduce sliding and hydroplaning, which provides you with a feel of security and stability when driving. The tread compound helps keep the tires flexible during the summer months. Also, it offers an outstanding cornering response, ensuring that you can get around turns successfully.

In addition, the noble sport ns-20 tire’s unique four groove design delivers excellent traction and wears performance on dry and wet roads. With a specially formulated tread compound, these tires provide the ultimate wet weather grip with minimal noise.

Tread design

The Nankang ns-20 is designed with a wave-shaped tread pattern. Its special design on diamond-shaped tread pattern is to enhances the pavement biting effect on wet conditions. For this reason, even if it rains on the way, you will be safe driving. Also, the noble sport ns-20 tire tread design gives good traction and precise handling.

Moreover, the strong and durable tire offers high performance for all seasons and handles well in dry and wet conditions. In addition, with its high-pressure design, it has excellent wear resistance, smooth running characteristics, and excellent stability. This Nankang noble sport ns-20 tire offers even tread wear and long mileage for your car.

Tiny lateral kerf

With the unique Radial Kerf Design technology, the Noble Sport ns20 offers greater safety and stability for every driver on the road. Its construction enhances the tire to utilize its radial kerf design groove to deliver superior wet-running performance while reducing curbing noise.


The Nankang NS 20 is a high-performance tire with solid sipes which effectively reduce the possibilities of hydroplaning and provides excellent traction and handling characteristics.

In addition, the Ridges on the tread depth help to displace water for improved wet traction. Also, the principle of operation of the shoulder lugs is to enhance straight-line stability and handling by controlling lateral forces under braking with acceleration conditions.

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Nankang ns-20 review

The Nankang ns20 review shows you how the tire performs on different roads. How does it perform on wet, dry, snow, and off-road? Let’s find out below.

Performance on a wet road

The noble sport ns-20 tire is a great one that delivers comfort driving in wet conditions. The traditional groove arrangement is based on the function of 3D grooves with efficient water drainage performance.

Also, It provides drivers superb handling and high levels of grip, delivering optimum performance on wet roads. The new tread pattern utilizes a road-oriented center rib, offset shoulder design, and large open channels to optimize wet weather handling and braking performance.

In addition, with a grand touring tread element, the tires give you the confidence you need for safe and fun driving in wet conditions.

Performance on dry road

The noble sport ns-20 tire is a great choice for all-year-round driving in harsh winter conditions. With the intelligent pattern design, the pattern improved in better even traction and noise reduction.

Also, the improved traction pattern provides improved dry road grip for improved safety when cornering, braking, and accelerating.

Performance on snow

The noble sport ns-20 tire offers superior cornering stability, strong grip on pavement, excellent acceleration, braking, and handling on the snow surface. It is the perfect choice for driving in snow areas.

Additionally, Sport NS-20 comes with specially designed uneven surface siping that provides superior grip in rain, snow, and ice.

With wide grooves, these tires work perfectly in winter to slip safely through the snow-covered roads. The tire has a multi-level flexibility system coupled with the rubber compound, which reduces noise and makes it comfortable.

Performance off-road

The noble sport ns20 tire is outfitted with unique tread patterns to provide reliable traction off-road and in light snow conditions.

The tire’s directional tread pattern, along with an advanced two-polymer compound, enhances cornering control.

Also, its uniquely designed side knobs provide traction for off-road travel by maximizing the footprint area of the tread under straight-line speeds for better highway performance.

Nankang ns20 vs ns25

Nankang ns20

The ultimate performance on dry roads, the Nankang noble sport ns-20 is the right tire for you if you are looking for a smooth, quiet ride with superior traction.

Additionally, the ns-20 offers both excellent traction and solid braking ability under ideal conditions while also featuring precise handling and outstanding grip while cornering.

It all comes together to make this tire an ideal choice for daily driving while also providing plenty of room to get around when it is time to take that trip through the countryside.

Nankang ns25

The Nankang ns25 is the new semi-slick tire for competition and sports cars. The revolutionary running profile of up to 1mm less than conventional tires allow driver achieve lap times up to 2% faster than with other similar products.

Also, the noble sport ns-25 is perfect for both street and track. The ns25 is a successor to the successful ns23. It has an updated profile and 3D shape for enhanced road capabilities such as cornering and steering response.

In addition, the noble sport ns25 is designed with a zero-degree steel belt and reduced sidewall height for excellent handling characteristics with high levels of traction and grip.


With the Nankang noble sport ns-20 tire, you will feel comfortable steering your car at high speeds with enhanced steering control and reduced noise. These tires are made of high-quality materials with an emphasis on safety.

Their better grip makes it easier for you to prevent accidents or emergency braking. They provide excellent traction in rain or dry conditions, and they have a long lifespan, so you will not need to replace them frequently.