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What makes Nankang ns-25 tire better than ns1?

Nankang ns-25

The Nankang NS-25 tire is a full-featured SUV Tire suited to a wide variety of driving conditions. Owners widely praise the tire for comfort and safety in all weather conditions. Also, the ns-25 tires have a high-traction pattern with deep hexagonal grooves to reduce road noise, maintaining a quiet ride.

It has puncture-proof reinforcement belts that help prevent the penetration of nails, thorns, and other sharp objects for longer tire life.

Additionally, the NS-25 is designed to meet the needs of high-performance vehicles while offering outstanding value. It offers low rolling resistance, good traction, quiet ride, and high mileage.

Also, it has everything one would expect in a premium high-performance tire. Not only for sports cars, but the NS-25 is also the ideal choice for luxury sedans and hatchbacks.

In addition, the ns-25 tire has an advanced high silica pure silica compound, which helps the tire release heat quickly under high temperatures. With its special process called aggravating mold technology, the tire attains resistance to tearing and rupture under any steering conditions.

Whether you seek a dependable everyday tire or have a pretty specific type of terrain in mind, the NS-25 is right for you. With an aggressive tread design, NS-25 tires are designed to give you confidence in any kind of weather, including light snow or slush situations.

Furthermore, the tire is extremely stable when cornering, maneuvering through tight spaces, or even when braking.

With lots of features to its belt, you can tell that the tire has lots in abundance to offer. So, let’s check out some of the features of the tire.

Nankang ns 25 tire features

Nankang ns-25

Below are some of the features of the tire that you need to know. The features make up the tire and help you understand or know what to expect from the tire.

Tread design

The ns-25 tire tread design is a new generation of tread patterns designed to improve the overall performance of Nankang tires, especially for sport-utility vehicles.

Also, the new tread pattern offers many advantages over conventional tires, including better traction and grip on both wet and dry surfaces, a comfortable, smooth ride, enhanced steering response, and higher load capacity.

Additionally, the unique tread design of Nankang ns-25 Tires provides a higher specification of efficiency and long-term service life.

In addition, the sidewall tread pattern improves rigidity, delivering better contact with the ground for enhanced traction and stability control under braking performance.

Silica compound

The NS-25 tire is made of a new silica compound with an outstanding wet grip performance and endurance on the hot ground. Whether it is a long drive, a daily commute, a road trip, a daily run, or a journey on the track, the NS-25 is a true all-rounder that provides good dynamics and stability.

The silica compound with high tensile strength helps extend the tire life for everyday use while resisting shoulder wear that comes from everyday braking.


Nankang ns-25 tire sipes adopt a new kind of 3D pattern on the tire tread. It boasts a great appearance effect and long-lasting wearability.

Meanwhile, more air absorbed from the deep grooves can generate better grip and enhance driving stability. Moreover, with a big part of the macro-designed skeleton tread, NS-25 has good wear resistance and good heat dissipation.

A strong adhesive force of the micro-sipes forms a synergistic effect on the macrostructure to increase drilling resistance and stability in wet conditions.

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If you are curious to know the tire’s performance, below is all that you should expect from the tire. The tire performance is unquestionable, and you can see that below.

Performance on a dry road

The ns-25 Tire dry road performance boast of the following four aspects: high mileage, good oil saving, safe and reliability, environmental protection.

Nankang ns-25 tire was designed for high-performance driving in dry weather.  The tire has a unique tread pattern design to improve vehicle grip, braking, handling, and fuel efficiency.

Also, it comes with enhanced durability and longer tread-wear life (up to 50000miles) than other competitor products.

With special bead construction design of ns-25 tires thus ensures more uniform pressure distribution, reduced heat build-up, and effectively controls the tire deformation. It is easy for drivers to control their car performance with this tire because of its responsiveness.

Performance on a wet road

Are you looking for superior wet road performance? The ns-25 is the tire you need! The tire boasts of advanced manufacturing techniques and is designed with grooves to avoid hydroplaning.

Also, the tire features an advanced design for comfort and safety with intricate grooves to avoid hydroplaning. Without a doubt, it is a durable tire that will help increase your balance and control on rainy nights.

Performance of for-road

Additionally, the ns-25 tire is specially designed for off-road use. It is featured with asymmetrical groove cutting, which helps prevent uneven wear when using off-route exploration.

Also, it has special cutting spacing technology of Nankang ns-25 tire makes it stronger to resist cutting and wear of stone impact noise, which effectively lowers the noise.

In addition, the superior design of tread provides a stable grip on extremely hard ground conditions of extremely muddy or icy, especially in the condition of anti-skidding.


The ns-25 tires are specially designed to help individuals reduce noise pollution. Also, it has a design that helps reduce the chance of puncture.


The tire boasts of 40000 to 50000 miles warranty and can cover lots of distance irrespective of the weather conditions.


The Nankang ns-25 tire can bear any kinds of pressure, which is one of the great features. It has good hardness, high-temperature resistance, anti-vibration, oil resistance, retarded crack growth, and excellent self-cleaning performance.

It also features low noise and excellent control feeling. Meanwhile, it is economical and reliable, making Nankang ns-25 a great replacement for the economic type of car tires.

Furthermore, the ns-25 tire is a full line of tires dedicated to meeting unique customer needs by providing enhanced performance, unique aesthetics, and reliability. The innovation and leading technologies design philosophy has resulted in a complete product line from compact car to heavy-duty work trucks.