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What professional mechanic reveals on patriot tire 2022

Patriot tire reviews

The Patriot tire is a preferred choice among many American drivers today. It has garnered recognition among seasoned drivers and upcoming ones. The influence the tire has on driving performance is second to none. This page on patriot tire reviews will reveal all that you need to know and beyond.

Most Patriot tires are the product of great technology, skills, and top-quality materials. The patriot tires MT all-terrain radial tire is one of the points of pride of the brand as it boasts an excellent block design, deep tread with solid pattern with adequate handling and traction, which makes it deliver the best driving performance.

There are many more you can consider too. We have about seven of them on this page, and we are sure you will find one enticing you.

If the all-terrain tire is all you need, one that can handle both dry, wet, muddy, snow and ice surfaces, a patriot tire is where you should turn your attention to.

Top Pick

1. Patriot Tires MT All-Terrain Radial Tire

2. Patriot Tires 33×12.50R20LT 114Q

3. Patriot Tires AT All-Terrain Radial Tire 

4. Patriot Tires HT All-Season Radial Tire

So, without wasting much of your time, let’s check out the lists of patriot tires you should consider below.

Best patriot tires

patriot tires

1. Patriot Tires MT All-Terrain Radial Tire

The Patriot Tires MT All-Terrain Radial Tire is known for the coding 40×15.50R24LT 128Q, and it is one of the most reliable for rugged usage.

The tire is built with high-quality materials, and the design shows it has a deep tread and a great pattern that can give the proper grip and traction needed. 

The tire comes in grand style, and it is worth investing your money in if you consider the affordability, reliability, and functionality without overlooking the durability. It is strong and tends to last longer than any other tire because it doesn’t wear quickly.

Also, the tire has a rugged hooked-shaped tread block design that enhances the level of traction the tire delivers with less block movement. This has a significant influence on the tire’s performance, which is why many drivers choose the tire. 

The reinforced tread compound in the tire helps boost the tire’s tread life and enhance its resistance to chipping and cutting. To enjoy the best of this tire, you must install the same size, load index, and speed rating of the tire, or you use anyone similar to its specification. 

Furthermore, the centre groove pattern design helps deliver adequate handling and traction needed on slippery and muddy surfaces. All the features and the build-up of the tire make it an all-terrain and all-season tire.

It performs significantly on dry, slippery, and muddy surfaces. 


  • Perfect for slippery and muddy surfaces
  • Increased traction with less block movement
  • Cut and chip resistance
  • It improves one’s driving performance.
  • It has a good tread pattern with a reinforced tread compound.


  • You might need to run a wheel spacer to perfect fitment.
  • Quite expensive


2. Patriot Tires 33×12.50R20LT 114Q 

The Patriot Tires 33×12.50R20LT 114Q is an all-season tire that is specially designed for muddy conditions. It is ideal and effective at handling complex off-road challenges. The construction, design, and performance make it an excellent choice for the off-road enthusiast. 

You can always rely on the tire to handle various surfaces such as gravel, snow or ice, rock, mud, or dry pavement. Its efficiency and handling of those surfaces give the car or truck the balance and stability needed for good driving performance. 

Also, the tire is perfect for SUVs and light trucks and it can handle everyday operations. It will fit perfectly into any rim size from size 16 to 24. The tire’s rugged look and appearance are enough to tell you it has all it takes to handle heavy use.

It has a reinforced tread design that delivers excellent grip and traction, boosts the tread life, and ensures good chipping and cutting. The tire is perfect for slippery conditions, which means you can use it on ice and snow without any hassles. 

Whether you are getting the whole set of tires or a replacement for a damaged tire, the installation of the tire on any compatible rim is smooth and effortless. Of all the features that make it unique, the tread block design, which offers maximum traction and less block movement, gets our attention.


  • Strong and durable
  • Highly functional and reliable
  • Excellent handling and traction on muddy and slippery surfaces
  • Improves’s driving performance
  • Less block movement with excellent traction


  • Quite expensive
  • Noisy when on the highway


3. Patriot Tires AT All-Terrain Radial Tire – LT265/75R16 123S

Few tires can handle all kinds of terrain the same way the LT265/75R16 123S patriot tire handles terrain. It is specially built for handling rough, smooth, and slippery surfaces. It is ideal for light trucks and SUVs, and you have to ensure you’ve got the correct rim size for a perfect fitment.

The tire has a great design that makes it perfect for off-road performance. Its stability and balance are one reason its recognition among seasoned drivers is increasing day by day. It is smooth on terrain, but it thus makes noise when in motion.

If you can overlook the noise and channel your attention to the tire’s performance, functionality, and reliability, it is worth investing every penny. The resistance to cutting and chipping is one of the qualities that you can’t find with some other tires.

It sure boasts improved driving performance with its shoulder block that offers excellent movement and balance on snow and mud terrain. The installation is smooth and fast when you have a compatible rim available. 

The tire’s shaped block design is also one of the secrets to its efficiency in handling different terrains with maximum traction and less block movement. It is one you should invest your money in if you love class with performance. 


  • The solid and great tread pattern
  • Delivers good handling and traction on muddy and slippery surfaces
  • Enhances driving performance
  • Reinforced tread compound
  • Resistance to chipping and cutting


  • Limited user warranty
  • It is a bit noisy


4. Patriot Tires HT All-Season Radial Tire – LT265/75R16 123Q

This Patriot Tires HT All-Season Radial Tire – LT265/75R16 123Q fits on SUVs and light trucks. It is a preferred choice for drivers that love excellent driving performance. It offers all that you need to enjoy every minute you spend behind the wheel. It is one of the best from patriots that you can always find interesting to use.

The tire has an aggressive tread pattern, and the design ensures it can comfortably handle any rigour or pressure from any terrain. It is stylish and alluring, and there is more to that with its functionality, reliability, and durability. It comes with a good tread design which ensures it lasts longer. 

It is the kind of tire you can use all season. It moves smoothly on snow, ice, dry, wet, slippery, muddy, and all types of terrain. So, it is an excellent investment for its price. The tire will fit perfectly on any 18-rim size, and its installation is straightforward to do. 

It also boasts good handling as it commands a center groove pattern design which offers maximum traction needed on muddy and slippery surfaces. The staggered shoulder blocks give a solid performance of the tires to ensure every driver enjoys driving.


  • Robust hooked-shaped tread block design
  • Enhances driving performance
  • Cut and chip resistance
  • Perfect for muddy and slippery surfaces
  • It delivers a longer tread life.


  • Expensive


5. Patriot R/T All-Terrain radial tire LT285/70R17 121/118Q

The Patriot R/T Tire All-Terrain radial LT285/70R17 121/118Q is a dynamic style of tire that delivers the best performance on the road. It is all-new, and it is designed to provide both on-road and off-road performance. So, if you are getting this tire, you make a wise decision. 

The tire has about 3195 load capacity, which makes it perfect for trucks and SUVs. The tire is not selective as it comes with a universal fit, which means you need to get the correct rim size to enjoy the best tire. It doesn’t wear quickly as it boasts of good tread life.

For on-road application, the tire offers drivers the proper traction and grip needed for superior handling. It provides a smooth ride; the tire doesn’t make noise, and it can match up with whatever you exhibit MT tires. 

The tire’s design and style, which boasts a flaming demon design on one side and mud penetrating dagger on the other side, shows it is indeed designed for challenging applications. Also, maintaining the tire is much easier to do, and it takes a longer time before you see any trace of wear and tear.


  • Ideal for on-road and off-road
  • Sophisticated design
  • Durable and functional
  • Offers superior handling with great traction


  • It is reasonably expensive.


6. Patriot R/T All-Terrain Mud Radial Tire-275/55R20 117T

The Patriot R/T Tire All-Terrain Mud Radial 275/55R20 117T is specially designed for drivers that get involved in lots of off-road activities. It is designed with the pattern and style needed to handle muddy surfaces and ensures you move smoothly without any hassles. 

The tire saves you the stress of changing a tire during every climate change. It is an all-season tire that has everything to perform during dry surfaces and muddy surfaces. It has a tread pattern and grip that ensures your car or truck doesn’t get stuck in the mud. 

It easily beat off the mud with its rugged and robust tread. The traction of the tire is also never to be overlooked. All that the tire stands for is class and performance. Its performance is surely above the tire’s price range, which makes it an excellent steal for anyone who purchases the tire.

The manufacturer does not reveal the tread life of the tire, but it thus lasts longer. You must get the correct rim size for the tire to enjoy the best for it whenever you drive your car or truck. It is ideal for trucks and SUVs.


  • Good traction 
  • Offers great riding performance
  • Ideal for all-season usage
  • Vast and Rugged tread pattern


  • Tread life span not revealed
  • Expensive


7. Patriot Tires AT All-Terrain Radial Tire – 275/60R20 119H

The Patriot Tires AT All-Terrain Radial Tire – 275/60R20 119H is one of the cheaper tires that offer excellent performance than some premium tires out there on the market. It is suitable for all seasons without any issues. It is stylishly designed to give all drivers the joy and excitement they desire whenever they drive around with the tire.

It is smooth on any surface as it boasts a design that performs exceptionally on mud, snow, ice, and slippery surfaces. With its performance, you can easily use it both on-road and off-road. The tire has four wide longitudinal grooves with a staggered block pattern that delivers the best performance.

It gives steering stability for balance, and the optimized shoulder block design provides the traction needed both off-road and on-road. The tire has a strong rib and block design that gives strong traction on muddy surfaces and a firm grip on dry surfaces. 

So, if you are looking for a tire that comes with an abundance of features that works together to deliver the best performance, this tire is the best choice for you. You don’t have to stress yourself on the installation either once you get the correct rim size and good tread life. 


  • Strong rib with a block design for excellent steering stability
  • Improved traction on dry and wet surfaces
  • Delivers all-terrain performance
  • Adequate cornering grip
  • Delivers all-season performance


  • It is reasonably expensive.


Why patriot tires?

Every driver needs the best tire to enjoy driving, be it for minutes or hours. Patriot tires come with an abundance of resources to ensure you remain comfortable and convenient with a stable car whenever you are driving.

It offers lots of balance which is required for a great driving experience. It has lots of unique features, making it fit to handle both wet, dry, ice, snow, and muddy surfaces. Its handling, grip, traction, heat diffuser, sipes, and many more all contribute to any patriot tire’s performance.

The tread design and block design of the tire are also why most people opt for patriot tires because you’ve got a long time to use the tire compared to some that wear out quickly with you having to buy a tire now and then.

Are Patriot tires any good?

The goodness of patriot tires can never go without being recognized. It isn’t just the preferred choice of drivers in the USA today because of the hype, but basically because of performance. The tire thus gives the rest of the mind. However, you can try Hankook Ventus V12 tire too. 

It doesn’t wear off quickly, and it has less chance of puncture, it doesn’t get hot unnecessarily to the point that it can get damaged, and it can handle anything thrown at it. Due to the performance and build-up, it is referred to as an all-season tire, and most of them thus pass through several tests before being sent to the market.

How do they perform on wet surfaces?

Patriot tire for wet road

The grip and traction on wet surfaces are convincing enough to make you opt for any of the patriot tires. It has a centre groove pattern design that helps keep the car in the proper condition whenever you drive on slippery surfaces. 

How do they perform on dry surfaces?

patriot tire on dry road

The patriot tires also perform exceptionally on dry surfaces. Some of the tires are even designed with off-road features, which means you can use them for all kinds of applications without worries.

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In this Patriot tire review, we have shared with you some vital information you need to know about each of the top selected tires. The only way you can miss out on the benefits of using a patriot tire is by not getting one of them. 

The Patriot tire is compatible with SUV, van, light truck, trucks, minivans, and some light vehicles. It is a tire with a high-performance and can be used in all-weather, including winter and summer kinds of weather. If you are considering getting a replacement for your tire, you should look into any of the tires from patriot as you will be doing yourself lots of good than ever before.