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How Primewell ps890 touring tire delivers top touring performance

Primewell ps890 touring

The Primewell PS890 Touring Tire is great for those who want a quality tire with a sport/touring appearance. It’s designed with an ultra-aggressive tread pattern that gives you excellent traction, as well as a balance of smooth ride and handling grip.

The PS890 Touring Tire is available in several sizes to fit most sport/utility vehicles, minivans, compact cars, sedans, coupes, crossovers, vans, wagons, and trucks.

Also, the PrimeWell PS890 Touring tire has a unique tread pattern that offers exceptional grip and cornering stability. The tread features distinctive groove and lobe patterns and sipes that significantly help with a solid grip on a wet road and enhance the tire’s wear resistance.

In addition, the ps890 touring tire comes with long-lasting durability in mind. It also comes with a puncture-resistant belt to prevent cuts and flats while on the road. With its unique tread pattern, a primewell ps890 touring tire is a great choice for a powerful and safe ride wherever your travels take you.

Additionally, the PS890 Touring tire combines wearability, handling, and consistent performance at a low price point. Featuring a tread compound designed to perform in wet or dry conditions, this all-season touring tire is the best value on the market.

Also, the PS89 touring tire provides great traction and smooth ride quality to suit your style of driving. The PS890 features a smart bead design that improves its performance and a double groove tread pattern that increases the tire’s stopping power and helps it grip on dry and wet ground.

It is designed to be stable and reliable in all kinds of road conditions, providing a smoother drive for your car. With all said, some special features make the tire deliver great performance.

Primewell ps890 touring features

Primewell ps890 touring

The features of the tire help with supporting the construction to ensure it delivers the right performance on all roads.

Asymmetrical groove

The primewell ps890 tire is specially designed for the best driving experience of your life. The asymmetrical groove of the ps890 touring tire provides great wearing property and more wet cornering ability even on a wet surface. Its high-low nano compound will give you longer wear and more safety on the road.

The asymmetrical groove of the tire is designed to reduce the probability of inner tube puncture caused by foreign objects. So this makes the tire highly efficient, versatile, and long-lasting.

Tread design

The primewell ps890 touring tire focuses on quality and durability for long-lasting performance and comfort. So, it comes with a tough tread design that makes it resistant to irregular wear patterns, with intelligent tread blocks that provide a long life span.

The durable touring tire is one of the most powerful and rugged tires out there. It has superior traction and an excellent tread design. It is ideal for driving on poor road conditions such as mud, rocky roads, and terrains with high impact. So, you can drive with confidence, knowing that your tires offer outstanding grip and performance.

Sidewall compound

In addition, the Ps890 Touring tire has advanced tire compound technology to ensure lifetime strength and endurance. The Touring tire boasts built-in long-term flat resistance, even in low inflation pressure for longer tread life. The special tread compound offers all-season performance in all weather conditions.

Silica compound

The ps890 tire features unique tire silica compound rubber to provide balanced performance on wet roads. These tires can maintain balanced performance on rough road surfaces, which greatly enhances the comfort of riding.

The tread of the tire comes with a silica compound to provide responsive handling and long tread life. Itssilica compound helps to sustain a smooth and quiet riding experience on the highway. At the same time, the rubber compound of the tire allows ease in control while cornering.

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Primewell ps890 touring review

How well can the tire perform on different road surfaces? Let’s find out below.

Performance on a dry road

The PS890 Touring is designed with advanced materials and technology to provide maximum performance for dry road conditions. Each tire features an optimized tread design that provides higher mileage, reducing fuel consumption and road noise.

Also, the touring tires are designed for stability, handling, long tread life, low rolling resistance, and reduced noise.

In addition, the PS890 touring tires provide a short braking distance for safety when driving on dry roads. They are particularly suitable for passenger vehicles, taxis, mini busses or trucks, semi-trailers, and buses.

Performance on a wet road

With a wide, silica-rich rubber tread, the primewell ps890 touring tire delivers excellent wet road performance to provide safety and comfort in all driving conditions.

You can always enjoy unparalleled wet road performance with the Primewell PS890 tire. It features anti-puncture technology, a super large water absorption rate, and a special-shaped bead, ensuring a bumpy-free ride no matter how rough and wet the road may be.

Also, the tire can provide an optimal balance between treadwear and performance on wet and dry roads. With an emphasis on touring performance, this tire is mild in handling noise and has silica accelerators for enhanced traction in wet road conditions.

Performance on a snowy road

Also, the new touring tires PS890 is designed for torsion, comfortable driving on snow mountain highways, with excellent level performance for safe driving.

The PS890 Touring tire uses a unique blend of rubber compounds to offer excellent wet and dry handling and superior comfort, and a smooth ride. It combines a premium high-stability contact-road compound with a semi-soft, extra wide tread for efficient mileage and performance in all types of weather.

Performance on off-road

Indeed, the PS890 Touring tires hit the mark with off-road performance and all-season traction. It is a true all-purpose tire that can handle anything that Mother Nature may throw at you.

The primewell Ps890 is made for SUVs and light trucks with rugged off-road performance. It relieves stress on the vehicle with its enhanced shoulder blocks that extend throughout the tread pattern to help prevent irregular wear due to aggressive driving.

Treadwear warranty

The PW-PS890 Touring tire boasts an asymmetric tread pattern for improved high-speed stability, robust steel belts for added strength, and wide circumferential tread ribs to aid in water evacuation during wet conditions. It also includes Primewell’s Durakool center ply technology, which keeps the center of the tire cooler, and an Anti-Slip Side Edge (ASSE) compound that ensures supreme stability and durability.

All these contribute to why the tire lasts up to 50000 miles under considerable usage. It sure gives you rest of mind that it will last you for a longer period before the need to get a replacement.


The Primewell PS890 Touring tire utilizes a specially designed tread pattern to provide remarkable traction at all speeds in various road conditions. The special tread pattern effectively grips the surface of the road, preventing your vehicle from skidding or sliding when turning or braking. The Primewell PS890 touring tire is an excellent choice for any driver to have enhanced control in all weather conditions.