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Home » Winter season Sumitomo htr a/s p02 tire review 2022

Winter season Sumitomo htr a/s p02 tire review 2022

Sumitomo htr a/s p02 review

The Sumitomo HTR a/s p02 tires are very popular in winter because they are designed to provide superb traction in snow and ice conditions. They are not only good for winter driving conditions, but they also perform very well in dry road conditions.

Also, the Sumitomo HTR a/s p02 is a powerful performance tire that is perfect for sports touring cars and coupes. It provides good handling and traction, particularly in dry and wet conditions, and has a smooth, quiet ride. It handles well for various temperatures, as long as the speed is under 100mph.

The tire is a set of versatile and durable all-season performance tires to handle all types of driving conditions. It boasts a design with low rolling resistance and increased traction, braking, and handling. The tires come with a good treadwear warranty so you can feel confident about your purchase.

Also, the good side of the HTR A/S p02 is that it includes V-shaped grooves that provide strong traction on snow or wet roads, making it an ideal tire choice for drivers living in areas where inclement weather is common.

The strength of the P02s is how it quietly goes about its business. Compared to other tires in this category, the tradeoff is that it doesn’t grab quite as well when you toss it hard into a corner. But if smooth and quiet is your thing, we’d recommend you take the HTR a/s p02 as the right choice.

Sumitomo htr a/s p02

Why should you buy Sumitomo htr a/s p02?

The HTR  a/s p02 tire has a unique design, which improves traction and driving stability while reducing road noise. This tire’s tread pattern is designed to enhance performance in many different weather conditions.

Also, built with an ultra-strong, double belt reinforced casing that provides age-defying durability, HTR a/s p02 tire helps deliver confidence and consistent performance.

Sumitomo htr a/s p02 features/construction technology

Tread design

The HTR  a/s p02 tire tread design offers optimum traction and excellent handling in a wide range of weather conditions. The three main grooves provide a fine rain groove that cleans water from the contact area between the wheel and the road.

In addition, the full-depth lateral groove ensures effective braking and handling at higher speeds, while the circumferential groove offers high mileage performance while minimizing noise.

Also, the tread design of the tire helps to improve the finish and performance of your ride. It is ideal for all-terrain 4×4 and light truck use. Its wide footprint provides excellent road manners at highway speeds and enhanced stability during emergency manoeuvres while delivering low-noise and low-rolling resistance.

3D sipes technology

In addition, the HTR  a/s p02 features sipes that help to improve traction in wet and wintery conditions. It complements the tread design to deliver excellent traction in wet and wintery conditions. The innovative tread design consists of three different varying groove heights across the contact patch, each with its own unique function.

Also, the grooves with higher pitch angles enhance water evacuation, while grooves with lower pitch angles dig into the snow for better grip.

Therefore, with spines to maintain contact with the ground during wet road conditions, the tire is all you need to drive safely and comfortably in any winter condition.

Silica enhanced tread compound

This Sumitomo HTR a/s p02 tire silica compound is designed to offer superior traction and performance in all weather conditions. Its compact tread design keeps the footprint as small as possible, leaving limited visible tire wear. This tire helps to reduce noise and provide a smooth ride even on rough surfaces, making it ideal for everyday city driving.

Also, the silica compound helps to lighten the weight of the tire and improve driving performance. It has good wear resistance, enhanced durability, with excellent high-speed performance to deliver a good driving experience.

Full-width Nylon band

The Sumitomo HTR a/s p02 tire nylon band gives the protection and confidence you need to get on any road. It comes with an outstanding design, performance styling, and quality workmanship, and it is more fuel-efficient.

Also, the HTR a/s p02 tire band keeps the asphalt from dragging over the roadway. It provides a safe and smooth drive while reducing noise and improving fuel economy.

Sidewall construction

The HTR a/s p02 tire is an economical all-season touring tire designed with a strong sidewall for excellent handling in various weather conditions. The optimized internal structure provides superior cornering stability for improved wet performance.

Also, the tires are truly versatile. Use them on your SUV, van, pickup, passenger car, motorcycle, or almost any other wheel-drive vehicle to provide years of comfortable, smooth, and safe operation.

In addition, the new polyamide sidewall tire construction provides a tough-as-nails sidewall that is stronger and more puncture-resistant than a traditional sidewall. The a/s in sidewall construction stands for all seasons, which means you can trust Sumitomo’s all-weather tires to perform in both wet and dry conditions.

The p02 sidewall construction utilizes a unique 3-layer construction consisting of a nylon inner layer, a polyester middle layer, and an outer rubber layer. The rigidity of the inner layer helps to protect the sidewall of the tire from damage.

Also, the stiffness of the inner layer helps prevent delamination during mounting and minimizes the impact on the sidewall under load/stress conditions. An overall lighter sidewall reduces unsprung vehicle weight, which enhances overall handling characteristics and improves fuel efficiency.

Sumitomo htr a/s p02 review

What is the performance of the tire on different road surfaces? How well will they perform on different roads?

Performance on a dry road

The HTR  a/s p02 is perfect for keeping your vehicle moving, no matter what conditions you travel in. This tire is engineered to help you get where you need to be while providing an exciting driving experience.

The HTR a/s p02 tire’s eco-friendly compound delivers improved mileage, lower rolling resistance, and improved dry traction. The tires are designed with enhanced all-season performance, meaning your HTR a/s p02 tires are up to the task whether you’re driving on dry or wet roads or in freezing temperatures. The innovative tread design keeps the HTR a/s p02 tire driving smoothly through high-speed turns without slippage, at speeds up to 130 mph.

Performance on a wet road

The Sumitomo HTR a/s p02 tire delivers great wet road performance with extended treadwear and enhanced ride comfort with minimized uneven wear and larger shoulder lugs while inhibiting irregular wear for an even longer life.

Also, the Sumitomo HTR a/s p02 is designed for performance on wet roads. The tires’ directional tread pattern provides extra traction and helps the vehicle steer around obstacles. While the fine grooves of the tire’s crisscross sipes create a vacuum as the tire rolls, significantly increasing water displacement and reducing hydroplaning. All HTR  a/s p02 tires have received the highest safety rating from the United States department of transportation.

Performance off-road

The HTR  a/s p02 tire is a light truck pattern off-road tire with excellent stability and reliable performance. With features such as deep patterned grooves for increased traction, a compound designed to resist temperature, and flex/durability rated at 70 percent, you can expect a long tread life.

Also, it comes with an aggressive central rib design to provide confident, stable steering and straight-line stability off-road. In addition, the bold new sidewall enhances its versatility, while the new tread pattern disperses water effectively while having full coverage for off-road applications.

Sumitomo htr a/s p02 mileage

The tire is all needed to serve you for up to two years with a 60000 miles warranty. It can take you to any length, and you can use for more than two years under proper maintenance.

Sumitomo htr a/s p02 road noise

The HTR  a/s p02 is perfect for those of us who have to drive on the highway. It has super crack technology, which helps stop road noise, and has an original design that looks modern.

The new HTR A/S P02, with advanced technology on the silica-reinforced rubber compound, yields solid performance in surface noise reduction. This tire features all-season capabilities and provides great handling stability during cargo handling operations, even at higher speeds than other tires.

Sumitomo HTR  a/s p02 vs p03

The HTR  a/s p02 and the HTR  a/s p03 tires offer different tread designs and sizes. The main difference between these tires is the design, as they do have the same specifications.

Also, the HTR A/S P03 is a new generation winter tire with an inverted tread pattern that prevents slush buildup even in the worst weather. On the other hand, the HTR A/S P02 uses conventional channelling to channel away water effectively, helping prevent hydroplaning. Both tires have superb all-weather performance, meaning you’ll always have a great grip on wet or snowy roads.


Wanting to know about these tire reviews and features? No problem! We got you! This page has all the content you’re looking for. The Sumitomo HTR a/s p02 tire is an item or tire brand which is designed to perform in the worst possible weather conditions, including snow, rain, and sleet. For its reviews, it is a tire that has a great price and value to purchase and will give a perfect ride quality without having any problems. You’ll never regret buying or choosing this selection of tires. This best and recommended tire is ready for anything with features like traction grooves that provide traction on snow or wet surfaces and an all-around, catch-free design that gives it superior handling for enhanced control.