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Experts review on Sumitomo ice edge winter tire

Sumitomo ice edge

To provide you with the ultimate ice grip in winter and the best handling in the hot pavement, the Sumitomo ice edge tire uses an exclusive rubber compound that won’t wear down as quickly as ordinary tires. The tires have special tread patterns designed to cut into the ice when you need them most.

Also, they have a special design that minimizes rolling resistance, so you can drive longer on every tank of gas. The Ice Edge tire was designed to be a year-round, all-season tire suitable for very light trucks and cars. Although this tire is winter rated, it performs well in hot weather.

Sumitomo Ice Edge Studable-Winter Radial Tire products offer a variety of benefits for your winter driving. They are designed to provide an even distribution of load, so you can get the most out of your tires while driving in difficult conditions. Additionally, they feature a snow grip that keeps you safe on icy surfaces.

This tire is known for its excellent ratings for traction and braking on wet surfaces. Ice Edge tires are great touring tires since they resist hydroplaning and deliver confident handling.

In addition, the ice edge tire is a new generation category of ultra-high rating performance capability in winter tires that provides superior grip in severe driving conditions. The tire is researched, developed, and tested by Sumitomo through its snow test facility and independent testing centers.

Indeed, it is a perfect tire to purchase for drivers who desire a high level of safety, confidence, and control on wet and snowy roads. Furthermore, it has a super-low temperature resistance, ice bulge structure, and strategic placement of multi-groove tread with a large block pattern to provide a stable winter driving experience for you and your families.

What makes Sumitomo ice edge tire unique?

Sumitomo ice edge review

The ice edge tire differs from other truck tires because of Sumitomo’s rubber compound technology. Advanced technology focuses on producing drier and firmer compounds. The Drier compounds make the tire cool down faster after driving, and they allow for dry, faster, and longer-lasting turning control.

Also, from this user’s experience with its ability to deliver better handling, it also provides improved wet grip and steering response for quick maneuvering with light loads in off-highway applications.

What Types of Winter Tires Are Best for You

As mentioned earlier, the Sumitomo Ice Edge Studable-Winter Radial Tire can be used in a variety of different types of winter tires. These include summer tires and snow tires, so you can find what works best for your vehicle and season. Some people find that using a winter tire in summer conditions isn’t as good an option because the rubber will not grip well on concrete or other snowy surfaces. However, many people find that using a winter tire in winter does indeed provide better traction and stability on icy surfaces than normal roads or pavement.

How to Choose the Right Winter Tire for You

When choosing a winter tire, it is important to think about your driving style and needs in order to get the most out of your tire choice. For example, if you primarily drive in city streets and drive slightly above average speed when traveling on these types of roads, then a summer-based tire may not be right for you. If you prefer higher speeds while driving on snow-covered routes or highways, then a winter-based tire may be better suited for you! By taking these factors into account, you can select an appropriate winter tire that meets your specific driving needs and wants.

Should you buy a Sumitomo ice edge tire?

The ice edge tire can bring a smooth and quiet ride and longer tire life. Puncture is the most common tire failure. In Sumitomo ice edge tires, the use of state-of-the-art technology to engineer tire treads with a built-in wire breaker belt makes them perform better than conventional tires in terms of initial driving stability and corner performance. 

Also, the ice edge tires are one of the top winter tire brands globally and are highly recommended by most professional race teams. They were the first to introduce a revolutionary new design that uses tread sipes to clear away snow from the wheel, allowing proper traction and control on the road. 

The sipes enhance the tire’s grip on ice, frost, snow, and slush compacted roads. The ice edge’s performance is based on its carefully designed tread pattern and siping pattern that works together to provide you with better traction without sacrificing comfort. 

Also, the Sumitomo tires benefit from a specially formulated rubber compound that is strong and highly resistant to all severe weather conditions.

Sumitomo ice edge tire features

Sumitomo ice edge review

What are the features of the Sumitomo ice edge tire? The features make the tire perform on different levels, and you must know them.

  • Triangular serrated tread

Sumitomo ice edge tire triangular serrated tread design is the new and revolutionary concept for the ice edge series. The triangles in the middle of the treads reduce noise when driving on ice and increase traction, especially when making a sharp turn. It also helps to give a better grip on slippery surfaces while providing a safer drive on snow, slush, mud, and other wet roads.

Also, the tire’s tread design with triangular serrated edges cuts into snow and ice, adding flexibility and grip when other tires slip. You’ll drive with confidence, knowing that your tires were engineered to perform even in tough winter conditions.

  • Sturdy sidewall construction 

Your tires are the only connection your vehicle has to the road. That’s why the Sumitomo ice edge tire sidewall construction is so important.

The sidewalls of Sumitomo ice edge tires are designed with a high-strength nylon composition and then reinforced with durable nylon cords to form a structure that keeps you in control, even in harsh winter conditions. It’s also just one of many features that make a Sumitomo ice edge tire the right choice for your vehicle.

Additionally, the ice edge has tough new technology that makes the structure of the tire sidewall construction more firm. It prevents the cracking of sidewalls in case of hitting a small obstacle on the road. Using Sumitomo ice edge tires, drivers can feel comfortable driving under all conditions because of double wear prices and longer mileage.

  • Bead apex complement 

The Sumitomo ice edge tire bead apex provides a wide contact area with the road for minimal resistance and creates an incredibly smooth ride. The outside edge of the tire bead apex features a series of multi-directional grooves that displace water from the bead area to help maintain traction in wet conditions.

  • 3D sipes technology 

The Sumitomo ice edge tires deliver real 3d sipes technology. It yields a more effective snow gripping surface that keeps you moving even in winter’s worst conditions. On top of that, they have a full a-symmetric tread pattern delivering high performance under all conditions.

Also, the ice edge tire 3d sipes technology uses hundreds of small slits around the circumference and width of the tire tread to disperse water quickly, so less water is carried into the grooves and increases the amount of traction on the road.

Sumitomo ice edge review

Sumitomo ice edge review

How does the tire perform on all road surfaces? What should you expect from the tire? Let us find out below.

  • Hydroplaning resistance 

The Sumitomo ice edge tire is designed to reduce hydroplaning. In the ice edge tread, the innovative water channel groove reduces water depth on the surface of the tire. It helps to ensure there is enough contact between the road surface and tire for adequate traction and grip.

  • Dry road performance 

Bringing control to the asphalt and backstreets, the Sumitomo ice edge tire is your weapon of choice when it’s time to take over. An optimized footprint with wide shoulder lugs offers better traction and drivability in dry and wet conditions.

This state-of-the-art tire is topped with a silica compound, tread pattern, and rubber compound designed specifically for all-around performance on dry surfaces.

  • Wet road performance 

The ice edge tire is specifically designed for extreme conditions, combining features from all-season and winter tire categories. The deep central grooves channel water, snow, and slush to deliver an excellent wet performance. 

Also, it features a special rubber compound that reduces tread wear and an innovative tread design that allows for straight contact with the road for minimal aquaplaning, so you can drive with confidence even when the weather is bad.

  • Snow road performance 

This innovative tire is ground-breaking in its ability to provide high winter traction while offering a quiet ride, long tread life, and precise steering. Also, the Sumitomo ice edge combines technologies such as snow groove edges for the excellent winter bite, a large contact patch for high cornering and braking traction, and a design that offers the comfort you need for a good ride.

Additionally, the Sumitomo ice edge tire is designed to give you ultimate control over wet and icy road conditions. Through silica tread compounds and block compounding, rubbers are formulated with a high number of solid crystals, which is 25% more than other similar tires.

The silica tread compound increases the compressive strength and gives it a firm face to help minimize stiffness. This can assist you in getting the right balance of flexibility, traction, and handling when operating your vehicle on snow-covered roads.

  •  Noise level

The Sumitomo ice edge tire delivers many advantages for consistent performance and minimal noise levels that extend for miles. Unlike every other tire that gives unpleasant noise, this tire is minimal to deliver a quiet ride throughout its lifespan.

  • Treadwear warranty

Also, feel secure knowing that Sumitomo ice edge tires carry a 70,000-mile tread warranty and are built to pass even the most rigorous safety standards.

The alternatives to Sumitomo ice edge tire

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 Winter/Snow SUV Tire

The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 tire is a mid-size SUV winter tire designed to reduce noise and provide exceptional traction even in the worst weather conditions. It comes with an advanced silica compound; this tire creates less heat in extreme temperatures, so it still has a tread life of up to 80,000 miles.

Also, the Blizzak DM-V2 tires are made for winter driving, with a design combining a Hydrocarbon Rubber Compound and special water-channeling sipes. 

The tires also come equipped with Snow Groove Technology and a special tread design that keeps your vehicle stable in icy or snowy conditions. Its exclusive compound is engineered to slide on snow and offer a strong grip on ice.

Michelin X-Ice Snow Radial Car Tire

The Michelin X-Ice is a winter-specific tire ideal for compact and mid-size cars. The X-Ice utilizes size categories as small as P185/55/R15 to cover many popular vehicle platforms. This tire gives drivers confidence in any weather conditions, whether on the highway or during commutes in the city, thanks to their snow performance index of 150 and increased grip levels.

Also, the Michelin X-Ice tire is built to help you conquer winter’s worst conditions. The X-Ice tire features an all-season tread compound, wide circumferential grooves and biting edges, polyester support elements to keep your ride steady, a snowflake tire shield, and an extreme winter cont grip.

Additionally, the Michelin tire is perfect for snow, ice, and slush driving. Its patented technology uses an extra-wide tread design to cut through ice and bite into snowpacks for better traction on slippery roads.

Mastercraft Glacier Trex Winter Tire

The Mastercraft Glacier Trex Winter Tire combines the ability of winter tires with the traction and long tread life of all terrains. The innovative tire delivers confident braking and handling in all road conditions.

The tire is specially formulated for cold weather conditions to deliver a superior grip on ice and slush. Its advanced tread compound is polymer modified, allowing it to be extremely flexible at sub-freezing temperatures for unsurpassed on-road performance.

Also, it’s made for drivers that know how to control their speed and direction in any weather conditions. It handles very well on wet roadways, delivering good traction and safety.

The tread clusters are wide, giving you a great grip on winter roads. So, if you are looking for an excellent all-around winter tire, this is the best choice.


The Sumitomo ice edge tires are designed with superior quality components, a wide assortment of miscellaneous technologies, and well-proven tread designs. 

Sumitomo Ice Edge Studable-Winter Radial Tires are a great choice for winter tires. They have many benefits, including staying warm and dry, which can sometimes be difficult to manage during the colder months. It’s important to use the right tire size for the weather, as well as to change your tire when it gets cold. Additionally, don’t overthink – just go with what feels best in your vehicle. Stay warm and dry – that’s Priority #1!

It offers a complete range of product solutions that can be used as original equipment on a much lighter truck service/delivery vehicle capable of handling the toughest or most extreme operating conditions.

Also, the Sumitomo ice edge is precision engineered for a quiet ride and excellent handling on snow, ice, and other slippery conditions. 

Its special ice edge tread design and advanced rubber compound provide the grip you need to stay in control on slippery roads. Plus, the innovative winterization layer absorbs vibration from rough roads so you can drive more comfortably. 

Additionally, the tires are made with eco-friendly technology, and the design minimizes rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency.