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7 ways on how to make tires black again

How to make tires black again

How to make tires black again? Making tires black again is the easiest thing to do by washing the tire, leaving it to dry, and applying tire polish to revive the appearance and make it glow. However, the process seems easy as it sounds, but the procedure takes time and many efforts to get the right result.

To make car tires black again, you should get all necessary tools such as polish, jack to lift the car and wheel spanner to remove the tire. Wash dirt off the tire and ensure it is dry and free of dirt. Cover the rim and then use the polish spray on the tire and make it even to get the tire completely black again.

If you are among those that don’t like the fading appearance of their tire, you might want to consider reviving the color instead of opting for getting a new one which could cost you some bucks. So, on this page, we will take you through the process without leaving anything behind.

How do you make your tire black again?

1. Get the tire polish

Some use oil, but it is not as effective and efficient as using tire polish. There are many tire polish products out there in the market that you can consider. They vary in quality and price, and you should choose the one with lasting effect and one that fits your budget.

Once you’ve got the right polish for the task, you can get other tools for the task and embark on getting the tire black again.

2. Get the lift jack to remove the tire

It is best that you have an even color on the tire and the right way to do this is to have access to all the areas of the tire. To get access, you need to remove the tire from the car, and a jack will make it easy for you to do.

Use the jack to lift the car while you loosen the bolt with the spanner and detach the tire from the car.

3. Wash off the dirt from the tire

The next step is for you to wash off dirt from the tire. It is never appropriate for you to Polish with dirt on the tire. It can affect the overall performance or appearance of the tire.

Get the tire closer to your outdoor faucet and wash off dirt thoroughly to ensure it doesn’t have any trace of dirt. Once you have washed the tire, you can leave it to dry off.

4. Cover the rim of the tire

To keep up with a professional job, you have to be creative to keep another guessing you just got a new tire. If you spray the tire without covering the rim, you will without doubt stain the rim, and anyone can get to know you just sprayed the tire.

So, to achieve this task, you just need to cover the rim before any spraying. To do this, you can get tape to cover every area of the rim. Sure it will consume lots of tapes, but it is worth it.

Use the tape to cover every part of the rim and ensure no place is left untouched. Once you are sure the rim is properly covered, you can move on with spraying.

5. Spray the tire

You can now pick your tire polish to revive the appearance of the tire. The method is of different types. Some polish comes with a spray gun, and some you have to touch the tire with a foam or a device.

The bottom line is that whichever means, you should ensure that the polish is evenly distributed on every part of the tire. Once you are done with one part, you can move on to the other part to complete the task.

6. Leave the tire to dry

You must leave the tire after spraying the polish to dry off. Once you are not satisfied with the appearance, you can repeat the polish process. Once you get satisfied, you can leave it in a position to allow it to dry off.

7. Return the tire to the car

After you’ve become satisfied with the appearance of the tire, the next thing is to return the tire to the car. Once you are sure you have fastened the bolt in place and the tire is intact, you can then lower the car to free the lift jack.

Is homemade tire shine good for tires?

Yes, homemade tire shine is an alternative way to keep your tires shiny. It is recommended as a replacement for commercial tire shine products because it does not only keeps your tires gleaming effortlessly but also soothes them with its moisturizing properties.

Moreover, they are incredibly easy to make and only need the right ingredients that you most likely already have at hand. An additional benefit of homemade tire shine products is that car wheels are protected against UV rays as well.

Benefits of polishing your tires

Polishing tires is a great way to keep your car looking new, and the benefits go far beyond just making it look good. Here are some of the reasons why polishing your tires is so important:

  1. It’ll give your car an overall look that’s more appealing
  2. It’ll protect the tires from sun damage and fading
  3. It’ll extend the life of the tires by helping prevent oxidation, cracking, and drying out
  4. Polishing makes your tires look new again. It takes away all of the scuffs and scratches that come from daily driving and replaces them with a gleaming shine that will turn heads at every stoplight!
  5. It’s an inexpensive way to add value to your car.
  6. It’s environmentally friendly. No harsh chemicals or chemicals means no waste going into landfills or our rivers or oceans.
  7. It’s quick and easy to do yourself. There are plenty of tutorials online showing how to do it properly like the one above.

Does tire shine hurt tires?

Tire shine is a liquid coating to protect your tires from dirt, mud and daily wear and tear. When applied it works like armor for your tires to block out any external elements. Also, tires that have been coated with a tire shine product will last longer and look better.

Additionally, tire shine won’t hurt tires as long as you use the right products and follow a few safety precautions. The question of whether or not tire shine hurts tires is not just dependent on what product you are using but also how often you apply it.

Can you apply tire shine with a rag?

It not appropriate that you apply tire shine on a tire using a rag. The process doesn’t require dirt at all and since you washed the tire and ensured it is clean before applying the shine, it is a bad decision to wipe using a rag.

Can you apply tire shine with microfiber towel?

Yes, some tire shines can be applied with a microfiber towel. However, if you choose to use a microfiber towel, put on 3 layers of tire shine and let it fully cure for the best results. You should use a clean damp microfiber towel with tire shine. Towels shouldn’t be used to wipe off the tire shine but instead used to apply it.

With a fresh, clean microfiber towel, apply the tire shine in a circular motion on the sidewall. Make sure to completely cover the sidewall with each circle of your wheel, then wipe off any excess wheel with a dry section of the same towel.

How often do you apply tire shine?

As a rule of thumb, most tires should be dressed every other week or after 4-500 miles. You’ll know your tire shine needs to be reapplied when you notice your tires fading or the shine begins wearing off. This varies based on driving conditions and the frequency of use.

Tire shine can be applied at any time, though typically the best time is 2-3 months after it fades or doesn’t look new anymore. Also, you can apply tire shine to a previously applied coat it will not have any negative effects.

To apply tire shine, simply spray the product onto your tires, hold the can about 24 inches away from the tire (closer for smaller tires) and apply in overlapping and circular strokes. After applying, allow the product to dwell for 2 minutes and wipe off excess with an absorbent cloth or towel.

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How to make tires black again could be a mountain to climb for those who can’t go through the stress. However, for DIY lovers like myself, you’ve just found yourself the right information to get the task done easily.

With the information on this page, you can always confuse people with the appearance of your car tire as some will argue it is a new one and some will say it is not. The secret is only known to you.