Is Toyo open country at3 tire better than at2? At3 vs At2

Are you tired of those pesky flat tires? Then it is time you switch to the Toyo Open Country AT3 tire. The tire was designed to provide drivers with enhanced performance, durability, and safety. The AT3 performs well on rough terrain, including off-road trails, due to its special four-zone, three-stage tread design.

The Toyo at3 is an all-terrain tire is made for fuel-efficient driving on paved roads, unsurfaced roads, and light off-road terrain. It also features responsive handling, stability, traction, and fuel efficiency. It provides longevity with the Toyo limited warranty, which covers defects in materials or workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle.

Also, the tire has a solid tread that boasts of continuous shoulder grooves that are uniform across the tire. These grooves fulfill several functions, including water evacuation, stone expulsion, and limiting tread flexing.

In addition, the Toyo open country at iii is a bold new style of All-Terrain tire. It has an extra-wide tread design with a three-rib pattern and a particular block in the center tread to enhance traction on wet or dry surfaces in various terrains, including gravel, mud, and snow.

Also, the wide asymmetrical tread pattern helps manage mud and loose dirt, while the deep design channels water away from the footprint for increased handling and progress.

A sturdy pattern with aggressive shoulder lugs helps maintain confident, controlled steering in low-traction situations. Its buildup helps in the tire’s performance, which makes it fit to deliver stable and balance performance on any road.

With its performance, it is pretty hard for drivers to overlook. Most drivers are confident with the Toyo open country at iii because they come with a full-synthetic rubber compound, deep sidewall lugs, and an aggressive tread design.

Getting the Toyo tire is never a wrong decision to make for professional drivers, and the features below prove it is a great one to have on your vehicle or car.

Toyo at3 features

Toyo open country at3 tire

The features of the tire are the vitals that make up the tire. The tire boasts of unique features which contribute to the outstanding performance of the tire in any condition.

  • Tread design

The Toyo at3 comes with an extra-wide tread design which makes it fit at handling all the road challenges without hassles. It is solid and durable at ensuring you get the best performance irrespective of the condition of the road.

The tread is responsible for the performance of the tire on any terrain. However, it gives the support it needs to ensure the tire remains responsive to cornering, handling, and steering for the best performance.

  • Aggressive shoulder lugs

Not all tires can perform significantly in low traction situations. Sometimes, it becomes so hard to maintain good balance and coordination with some tires, which is not the case with the Toyo at3. It works differently and all thanks to the aggressive shoulder lugs.

The shoulder lugs ensure that the tire can deliver the balance you need for proper performance on any road. It helps to ensure you get the perfect experience behind the wheels without you regretting investing in the tire for once.

  • Solid groove

You can never get enough of the tire, and one of the features that makes it unique is the tire’s groove. It is so good that it operates significantly to ensure you enjoy good riding performance and prolong the tire’s lifespan.

It helps evacuate water beneath the tire, ejecting stone and ensuring that the tire doesn’t lose its grip and traction. It thus helps to make the tire compete with premium tires. With the groove, it can handle off-road challenges in grand style.

Toyo open country at3 reviews

The review of the Toyo at3 tells us how the tire performs on different terrains. So, we have what you should expect from the tire when you take it on different terrains.

Performance on a wet road

The performance of the Toyo at3 on a wet road is the talk of the town. The tire’s features give it all that is required for the tire to handle any wet and slippery condition. It has a groove that helps evacuate water from beneath the tire to ensure there is proper contact with the road surface.

Also, the tire delivers the right or adequate grip and traction you need to be safe on wet roads. If you ever drive a car with a tire that can not handle a damp road, you get to understand the danger that comes with it.

The Toyo open country at iii gives you all the platforms to speed and still be in control when you initiate the brake while on wet roads. It has a system that makes it boasts of shorter braking period.

Performance on dry road

The tire is an all-terrain tire, and you could only expect it to perform significantly on dry roads. The tire moves perfectly on any dry road irrespective of the weather condition. It takes any challenges in grand style and ensures you move smoothly without hassles.

The responsiveness, handling, and movement thus give any driver the joy of driving their car. The tire keeps the car balance for better performance, and it ensures you don’t have to deal with any imbalance or issue.

Performance on mud

The tire has a tread design and pattern that can handle mud roads. It can move on gravel, loose sand, rocky and coarse road surfaces. It has a stone ejector, making it dispel any stone that wants to hide between the groove.

Also, it has a self-cleaning ability that most people don’t get to know about. It can handle muddy conditions without you putting pressure on the tire. It is such an excellent investment for any driver that loves good tire.

Toyo open country at3 load rating

The Toyo open country at iii with the 265/70R17 115T comes with a load capacity of 2679 pounds, making it so solid to handle the demands of light trucks. Its ability makes it an excellent choice for any vehicle. Also, it has a load index rating of 115.

Toyo open country at3 road noise

If you consider the tire’s features and its performances on different roads, you can tell that the road noise is nothing compared to some other tires. It thus gives noise, but it is minimal, which makes it comfortable to use for anyone.

Toyo open country at3 sizes

The sizes of Toyo at3 tires vary, and you must choose the one that fits your car rim. The size sometimes determines the performance. So, you should only get a replacement of the same size for your car.

Toyo Open Country AT3 vs AT2

The AT3 and AT2 are both great tires that serve very different purposes. The AT2 is a smaller, sporty tire ideal for jeeps with a 50/50 weight distribution. The AT3, on the other hand, can be considered a more ‘off-road’ tire because it’s a size bigger and gives a lot of off-road capability to a jeep or truck. Both perform fabulously in their purpose, so it depends on what you want to get out of your tires.

However, you can read more on the Toyo open country at2 to have more information on what to expect from the tire.

Frequently asked questions

How long do Toyo Open Country AT3 last?

Due to its performance at handling off-road challenges, gripping, and traction, the tire can last up to 50000 to 65000 miles.

Are Toyo AT3 good for towing?

One can easily consider Toyo at3 tires for towing as they can handle tough task. The loading capacity and the features of the tire contribute to its prowess in handling any towing job.

Are Toyo Open Country AT3 good in rain?

They are light and thus good in the rain. They can move on any road even if it is slippery. They have got the adequate grip and traction to perform well in the rain.


This page expresses all that you need to know about toyo open country at3 tires. So, if you are looking for a tire with lots of things to offer outstanding performance on different roads, the Toyo at3 is the best to consider.