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Home » What does the l mean on a gear shift? – Find the answer here

What does the l mean on a gear shift? – Find the answer here

What does the l mean on a gear shift

Low gear is the perfect setting for snow or mud and when you need to turn off traction control for a better wheel spin. To shift into low gear, first, you’ll need to disengage the clutch. Next, put the car in neutral. Now press and hold down the traction control button to switch to low gear. So, what does the l mean on a car gear shift? 

The L stands for low. That is where the lowest gear is in a car, truck, or SUV. For example, on a manual transmission, it would be 1st gear. An automatic transmission would be first, second, or third, depending on the application.

The L (low gear) position on a shift knob or gear shifter is meant to allow the driver of an automatic car to caution the transmission to remain in low gears and not shift into the high gears. The driver uses this feature when driving up steep hills or slippery roads.

What does the l mean on a gear shift

What does l mean on gear shift?

Between Reverse and Drive on an automatic transmission car shift lever, the L stands for Low. In vehicles equipped with this feature, it is useful for temporary or emergencies where the desire to slow down temporarily is greater than the possibility of doing so with the friction brakes alone, such as driving down a steep hill laden with cargo.

It will reduce fuel economy when driven in this gear for any great length of time. However, L is used to select the low gear, which gives your car extra power when climbing a steep hill or pulling a heavy load.

When should you drive in low gear?

Low gear is helpful when you are driving down a steep hill. Using low gear will reduce the load on your brakes and help avoid overheating, which can cause damage to your brakes and slow your vehicle.

Also, If the engine is lugging or there is lots of engine noise, shift down to a lower gear. Driving in low gear gives your tires more traction on slippery roads and steep grades. So, if you find yourself driving up a steep hill or pulling a heavy load, low gear will help. If you’re unsure how to use this feature, check your owner’s manual.

Can I shift from d to l while driving?

As a general rule, no. You should only shift from D to L when the vehicle is not moving. It’s ok to shift from D to N and D to R while the vehicle is in motion, but you should come to a stop before switching between any other gears.

The most transmission will not allow a gear shift from D to L unless the vehicle is stopped and/or the foot is on the break.

How to use l on gear shift?

When you want to go faster, you shift up higher gear. You shift down into a lower gear when you want to slow down. To use the gears that allow you to move slowly and steadily, such as when you’re backing out of your driveway and turning around corners, you must use the l (lower) function.

The gear shift is a lever that allows you to choose between various gears on your vehicle, and it is one of the most important parts of your car. However, new drivers can wonder how to use l on the gear shift, which can feel like a strange option. In reality, you will only use the L gear when moving up or down very steep hills.

What does the l mean in prndl?

PRNDL is a mnemonic device that stands for Parking Reverse Neutral Drive Low, used to remember the progression of gears in a manual transmission vehicle.

The L refers to low gear that helps prevent over-revving during deceleration, commonly known as engine braking or compression.

The L in PRNDL stands for “low gear.” Park is to hold the car still when you’re not in it. The reverse is for moving backward. Neutral is for coasting. Drive makes the car go forward. Low gear also moves your car forward, more slowly than “Drive.”

What is l gear in honda civic?

L gear in honda civic is manual shifting gear. If you want to start your car with L gear, press down the clutch pedal and shift into neutral gear. While releasing the clutch pedal, switch on the ignition. You can start your engine by step on the accelerator or press the starter button.

Also, the L gear in the honda civic is the first gear when shifting from D4 to D3, D2, or D1. The transmission will not shift into the desired gear until you hold the shifter to the left and use the first gear temporary override. This protects your transmission by starting in second gear in either city traffic or parking lots.

What is l gear in Toyota accord?

L gear means that the automatic transmission is in the low gear. The L gear will compensate for higher RPMs and lower mileage per gallon. It is like driving a manual transmission in the lower gears.

Toyota automobiles are manufactured and engineered to the highest degree of quality. This is why you notice that when you put your vehicle into L (Low), it slows down after a certain speed. The purpose of this is to allow for safe navigation up and down steep inclines.

When you place your vehicle in L (Low), you are telling your transmission to shift gears at a lower point than normal, so if you were to go on a steep incline, the car would make more use of its low-end torque so that it doesn’t have to ride the clutch as much.

What does the l mean on a gear shift

What is the l gear in ford fusion?

Ford Fusion is a gorgeous sedan. It also has a gear called l, which looks like l, which means you can go out with no problem. Also, you can use another gear called d, and range between 1,2,3.

The L in the Ford Fusion stands for Low. The car will automatically shift into L when going down an incline or towing a hefty load. When sitting still, it’s all electronic, with no actual gears in the transmission.

Also, the L gear setting on your Ford Fusion is the low gear setting. It should only be used when extreme engine braking is needed, such as while driving down steep, long hills.

What is l gear in Toyota corolla?

Your vehicle has an automatic transmission. The L stands for low gear. This position is used when traveling down steep hills to limit your speed from getting too fast without riding the brakes. It will hold the car in a higher gear than just regular drive, thus making it less likely to rev up and go faster.

L gear is the lowest gear in the automatic transmission. It is equivalent to first gear in a manual transmission. When driving on slippery roads or during engine braking, the L position offers greater brake pressure, making it easier to handle slippery roads. However, it cannot be used for starting the vehicle.

Should an expert driver use l on the gear shift?

If you are an expert driver, you should know that you shouldn’t use ‘L’ on gear shift as it is used to save fuel, and you should use less fuel when you are going downhill.

It is not right because if the car is in ‘L’ on goes it, the wheels become locked, and you are bound to skid. So unless you are an expert driver, it is very dangerous to use ‘L’ on gear shift while driving.

Frequently asked questions

What does the l stand for in a car?

In a car, the letter L usually stands for “luxury.” So if a car has an L in its name, it usually means that it is loaded with features that make it more comfortable or upscale than the base model of the same car.

What does l mean in an automatic transmission?

L is the first gear in an automatic transmission. L stands for low on a manual transmission and is useful in certain conditions. L means you are in the lower gears of your transmission, and the shift points occur at higher RPMs. The best time to be in L is when climbing hills or driving on icy roads.

Is l on gear shift the best for beginners?

Yes, it is. An automatic won’t teach you to accelerate smoothly or downshift and brake into a corner. However, you will be a better driver after learning to drive a manual transmission car. New drivers have a lot to think about when learning to drive. It’s best to focus on just one thing at a time and master it before tackling the next thing.


This page on What does the l mean on a gear shift gives the answers to all that you need to know. The “L” in the shift pattern stands for low gear. It’s for when you need extra power to get you up a steep hill or if you’re going to be driving slowly on dirt roads.

The car automatically downshifts into 2nd, 1st, or even 1st gear with the clutch in, then when the revs come down enough, the speed rises automatically upshifts into 2nd again, etc. This is all done without any input from the driver.