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Home » Who to call when you have a flat tire – 7 Roadside assistance companies

Who to call when you have a flat tire – 7 Roadside assistance companies

Who to call when you have a flat tire

Who to call when you have a flat tire? This Is the first question that will pop up in your mind whenever you find yourself in such a situation. It is never a good thing, especially when it occurs in places where help is quite far from you. What should you to do?

You should call emergency tire service unit, roadside tire change centers and flat tire service center whenever you have flat tire. You can get the numbers of those ones closer to you from google and you can always call those you are familiar with if you belong to one club or another. 

Who to call when you have a flat tire

What do I do if I have a flat tire?

Having a flat tire is a pretty minor inconvenience that we all have to face from time to time. But what exactly are you to do once you have a flat tire? The right thing to do is pull over the car and find a smooth surface road to park the car.

You shouldn’t drive with a flat tire. However, you might eventually have to do that if your help center never shows up. But in such a scenario that help fails to come, you just need to drive slowly as you never want to damage the tire’s rim.

Also, if you have a run-flat tire in your car, you can slowly drive some miles to a roadside tire chance center. It is quite difficult to do that with a regular tire. It shows the benefits of having a run-flat tire in your car. You can check out pages also for run-flat tires and non-run flat tires to consider for your cars.

Who can I call if I get a flat tire?

The person to call if you have a flat tire depends on your current situation and your location. If you are at home and experience a flat tire, you can easily pick out the air pressure machine to inflate the tire. On the off chance that the damages are beyond inflation, you might just have to remove and replace it with a spare tire.

You can do that if you have all the whole resources in your car, such as your jack, stand, air pressure machine, and wheel spanner.

In another situation where you experience a flat tire on your way far away from your home, you can also follow the solution to the first scenario above. However, if you do not have the tools or have little knowledge of removing and replacing tires, you just need to call for help.

Who am I to call in such a situation? There are many people you can call in such a situation. All you need is just your phone and the number to call.

Before sharing those you should call, you can also wait by the roadside while you wave at other cars going with the hope of getting someone to pull over and help. It has worked for me several times, and I am living proof that it works.

However, the danger is that you do not know the person to help you, and anything can happen that can put your safety at risk. So, it is not a very good option to consider except if you don’t have any other options.

Emergency roadside assistance

The very first to call for flat tire is the emergency tire service unit. Most state and local areas have one or two emergency tire service stations where you can easily call for help. You just need to pick your mobile device and dial their number.

Also, getting the right number is never a difficult task to do. You just need to ensure you have your network connection in a good state while you surf google for emergency centers around you. You can search for queries such as “roadside tire repair near me.”

While doing that, you need to keep your GPS location on so that the suggestions you get are very close to you. You are sure going to get one or more numbers out there on google. The best option is to get on google map and check some emergency tire service google my business listing.

Get the number and call. You can describe your location or rather share your live location with them so they can find it so easy to get to you quickly.

Roadside assistance flat tire

Also, apart from the emergency option, some are called roadside tire change centers. Take note that any roadside tire service doesn’t come cheap. Once you call on them, they locate you with the description you have given them.

They have to ensure that the car gets back in good condition for you to drive. So, on that spot, they will try to fix the tire so that you can get to drive yourself home or to your destination. However, if they can not fix the tire, they will have to tow it down to their workshop to fix the issue.

A good roadside assistance service covers the following: Changing a flat tire, jump-starting a battery, Towing, Delivering gas, oil, or a new battery, and Retrieving keys locked inside a car.

Who to call for a flat tire on the highway? – Roadside assistance companies

Many roadside assistance companies you can call if you have your tire go flat on the highway. We save you the stress of surfing for who to call. Some of the companies you can trust are:

1. The American Automobile Association [AAA]

2. Good Sam Roadside Assistance

3. Allstate Motor Club

4. National Motor Club

5. Paragon Motor Club

6. AutoVantage

7. National General Motor Club

Some of these companies require that you are a member, which means you have to register and be a member to call whenever you find yourself in any situation. They are called roadside assistance clubs. Also, you don’t have to be a member for some, as you just need to sign up to get the roadside assistance number and make the call.

Roadside assistance flat tire cost

Requesting flat tire repair come to you is the best option if you need help. However, it doesn’t come at a free cost. You have to pay for their services. You can get your car fixed with tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars.

The cost for the repair depends on what they fix in your car. However, you are to ask for their charges before you get them to fix your car. It only helps you be aware of the amount you are paying before they start working on your car.

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Who to call when you have a flat tire

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to change a flat tire?

The cost to repair a flat tire varies. It depends on many factors such as the degree of the damages, the companies, and sometimes the location. The price in A state will be different from B state. So, you must get to know that some factors affect the price.

However, you should plan to spend hundreds of dollars to fix your flat tire, and below that, only if all that is required is just to inflate the tire and not to replace it.

Does insurance cover flat tires?

Insurance does not cover flat tires. The damages are under users’ defect. So, you are to bear the cost of fixing the tire. For instance, insurance will never pay for you to drive over a sharp object that pierces into your tire to cause damages. 

Roadside tire change – is it safe?

It is safe and the best option to get you out of any situation. The only thing is that you should opt for the ones that are well known in the community. Top companies are trusted and reliable to do the best work to ensure you are safe.

How to get roadside assistance near me?

The best way is to check online for some nearby roadside emergency centers. There are many you will find out there online that are closer to you. You just need to ensure you have your location on your mobile device while searching.

Using a search query like roadside assistance near me will give lots of options for you to consider.


With this information on Who to call when you have a flat tire? I am sure you can find it easy next time to handle your situation. A flat tire will never stop occurring. Sometimes, they are ticks we can not get rid of easily. So, whenever it happens, you have the solution with you on this page.